The haunted constitution drive in allentown .
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The haunted constitution drive in allentown .

August 24, 2019

For years the constitution drive road in Allentown Pennsylvania is been haunted by demons. the leyend says u need to go at night turn u head ligths off and drive slow u will be able to se demons or spirits and a heavy fog. and turn u stereo off u may had lucky and u can hear a train when is no trian passing by. so many peoples get to se this ghost demos or spirits how ever u want to call them but something is for sure if go u may se some spirits and demons. make sure u take a extra flash light whit u at night or u will regret it. u can hear a creepy screamings at night if u decide to go there take care u self and never go by u self. if u brave enough to go prepare u sefl for a what is coming to u after u elave the place what ever is in that place will falow u an try to hurt u and u family couples days after i visit this place my apartment got on fire and i lost everything so be prepare for what is coming. constitution road one of the big mystery of Allentown P.A.

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  1. im looking for a good location in pa near the Lehigh valley area thats haunted that I can challenge my fellow car change;ls to go to

  2. Don't take children here! Forget the paranormal stuff that DOES exist. There's an insane amount of crime there!

  3. You better watch out for the cannibal one legged albinos and their ghost dogs. They ate what was left of the dude that got hit by the train. Ate his dogs too, raw.

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