The Hungarian Parliament – An Englishman Tours the last Democracy of Europe – Budapest, Hungary
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The Hungarian Parliament – An Englishman Tours the last Democracy of Europe – Budapest, Hungary

February 1, 2020

Hi! Welcome to another one of my videos! I
am Alex “The Wondering Englishman” and today
I find myself back in Budapest at Budapest’s number-one tourist attraction.
What is that tourist attraction? You may ask! Well, that’s the Hungarian Parliament
that building right there! Why is it Budapest’s number one tourist attraction?
Well as I’ve never been inside it before I really wanted to find out. Although,
having been outside it many, many times. Having walked among the river banks.
Having cycled past it, having been passed it on scooters, having simply just dawdled
past it! And just admired the beauty and the aesthetics of the building! I figured
I was long overdue a visit. So, “wondering” what was inside I decided
to wander over. Obviously, it’s late in the afternoon, so, “The Darkness” is fast
approaching. I do “wonder” could this be Europe’s greatest Parliament? Although, if
you believe the BBC and you believe the globalist propaganda, you would think I
was nuts! But in my mind, this is possibly Europe’s greatest Parliament! Right here!
Because unlike my country where I come from “The United Kingdom” – home to
the oldest democracy in the world. I don’t believe democracy exists there
anymore. I believe democracy in the United Kingdom has been taken over by
the globalists. I believe the… democracy in the United Kingdom has been
controlled by corporate interests. And this was illustrated in the 2016
referendum where the vote went back to the people. Sadly, we were shown: we have
no power, because our leaders that think they know better!
Decided to stop Brexit at all costs! However, the leader of Hungary – “Viktor
Orban” – he’s hated by the globalists! He’s standing up against the globalists! And
because he stands up against the Globalists. He is smeared by the mainstream media. This is why the BBC think it’s appropriate to produce segments
smearing him. Hungary’s ruling party have rejected the
Liberal Democratic model that has shaped much of Europe since the second world
war they see themselves as defending Hungary for being bullied by the big
powers of Europe and by Brussels into complying with liberal policies that
they see as hostile to Hungarian values. They talk of Hungary as though it’s
facing a real existential threat and the need to defend the Christian heritage
upon which Hungarian identity is based. They want democracy in Hungary for sure
just not liberal democracy instead they want what the Prime Minister himself
calls “illiberal”. And this is why George Soros, despite the fact that he’s
Hungarian, goes out of his way to topple Viktor Orban. But thankfully Viktor Orban is a wise man and he’s banned George Soros and his globalist corrupt NGOs
from Hungary. And as an Englishman who pines for democracy. I
look to the Hungarians and I think “Wow”! these people are lucky they have someone
that’s standing up for their interests. Standing up to protect their country,
standing up protecting their borders, standing up to protect the law and order!
Keeping the Hungarian people safe! Because I don’t think that has been a
leader in the United Kingdom since “Churchill”! That has really stood up for
the interests of the British people so to look across the channel and then to
look east towards Central Europe. And now I found myself in Central Europe, in the
capital – “Hungary – Budapest” possibly the greatest Parliament in Europe.
I found myself wandering around this place in awe, and with intrigue to see what was inside. So, join me on that journey This is that journey!
Western Europe through the higher life standard became a post-modern system…… “Nation”
is not so important. Identity is not so important. The
private freedom is a much bigger value than traditions. In our territory, this is not a Hungarian issue. This is an Eastern European Issue. For us! Identity is very important. (NATIONAL IDENTITY?) National Identity and Our culture is very important! Which we want to preserve. Orban’s main appeal is not to Democracy but to the idea of the nation. The campaign was dominated by anti immigrant sentiments. The fear that
Hungary is at risk of being overrun! Orban asked for and won an overwhelming mandate to preserve Hungary. Its Heritage and culture for the Hungarians. In Europe, if you speak about Christianity. You speak not only about the church. You speak about the cultural heritage of Europe. And we would like to represent these values and be known for this cultural heritage…. Migration will be one of the most
important issues in the next decades……. We have to have a policy about the migration and that we can respect the other opinions for other countries because it belongs to
the national level in the European Union.
But we expect that the other countries have to respect our Views…..
The work the president and his government are doing serves the defence
and stability of the European Union. And at home Hungary continues its public
relations onslaught. Attacking George Soros
the philanthropist who funds refugee help groups. Alleging 99% of people are
against illegal immigrants. Painting them all as violent! In all of this Hungary
is deliberately goading the European Union. “Take us on if you dare!” Viktor
Orban has won a third consecutive term his retreat from the open society values
of which the European Union has been built is for his critics a retreat from
democracy itself. But, that retreat has been endorsed by the people at the
ballot box is the paradox at the heart of European Populism. Hey!
So, here I am! Stood right next to the Hungarian Parliament! Seriously very
impressive building! Built around about the time we celebrated 1,000 years of
Hungary existing. I think around 1895 it was around about then it was built! However, I’m
gonna correct that if I’m wrong! But it was originally based, well it was inspired on Westminster! The difference between this and Westminster is significant in 2019
going on to 2020. Why is that?!? Westminster – The home of democracy. There is no democracy no more! The British people voted to leave the European Union. We’ve been denied that! Here, this is a man, the man
who was (is) president is Viktor Orban! He’s a man who’s standing up for the people of
Hungary. He’s standing up for the values of Hungary, he’s standing out for the
Christian values of Hungary, he’s standing up for the national identity of
the Hungarians. And he’s basically saying no to the EU! Despite the fact that
Hungary is still part of the EU and there are claims that if Hungary was the way it was when they attempted to join the EU they wouldn’t……supposedly be
let in! Of course, they would be let in! But this is the claims that European
dictators are making on Hungarian government. Viktor Orban is clearly
working for the people. He has banned…… about 20 NGOs that are working
against the Hungarian people. Those NGOs are attempting to import people illegally
into Europe. Working with George Soros and many, many globalists! Trying to basically erase borders… Erase Identities of the people…. …..Just being in sort of presence of the Hungarian Parliament…. When one’s
democracy has ceased to exist! Is actually quite a pleasure! I envy the
Hungarian people because they actually have a strong leader! If you get your
news from the BBC – The fake news media! The BBC also known as The “Brussels
Broadcasting Corporation”. (You’ll) probably believe that Viktor Orban is this bad
character…. this… character that…. is not making things good
for Europe…. but complete opposite in my mind he’s probably was strongest leader
Europe has right now he’s the leader that Europe needs! And….. notice there’s no European Union flag there! Notice that! It’s probably a reason
for that, I’d imagine. And it’s a good thing! So, I’m inside the Parliament building.
I’ve just booked a tour. Can you believe it! There’s no English tours available so
just booked myself on the Spanish tour! So, hopefully, my basic Spanish can pick up
on a few things! But I highly doubt it! I’m hoping there’s gonna be, sort of,
information along the way. Otherwise, it’s gonna be Alien for myself! Come
again? You know I don’t speak Spanish! In English please! The only way to see the Parliament; is
via a Tour… You will get one of these little devices which you can hear the
Tour Guide “person” with… Through this ear… Obviously, it’s gonna prove a little bit impossible with for myself! My Spanish is Pretty Bad! …. Make sure, make sure
you, make sure… There speaking in my ear!! Make sure you book on the right tour! So, once everyone’s lined up and ready, we went through this very regal stairway and
into the Parliament. As you can see very lavish decoration. Everything seemed to
be gold. Red carpets, very regal in fact! And if anything; reminded me of a
palace more than a Parliament! Interesting fact: This building is
actually the biggest building in Hungary So, clearly making a statement to the
Hungarian people and also to the countries and dignitary people that
visit Hungary. And as we head down this corridor you can imagine some of the
powerhouse figures that have walked down this corridor! But it’s very clear
the current president isn’t very well-liked! Certainly by the globalist establishment.
Angela Merkel and Viktor Orban met and discussed amongst many things the
topic of migrants and borders. They couldn’t agree on the responsibilities
Europe has towards refugees seeking sanctuary on the continent.
That’s probably what separates us. That humanity is the soul of Europe and if we
want to protect this soul. If Europe with its values wants to play a role in the
world then Europe cannot simply close its eyes from the need and from the
suffering. But Hungary’s anti migration prime minister says Europe special of
humanity is by removing incentives for refugees to go to the continent. Orban believes the heavy stance works better. We consider it unfair that often we’re being accused of having a lack of solidarity in Germany. And I want
to tell you that 8,000 guards are stationed along the border 24 hours a
day protecting a border that would let migrants into Germany if they passed it!
If armed Hungarian guards did not protect the Hungarian-Serbia and
Hungarian-Croatia borders – 4,000 to 5,000 migrants would come to Germany every day!
We are protecting them! This a solidarity, a pretty good solidarity!
This is Hungary’s border with Serbia which was built specifically to keep out
illegal immigrants during the crisis in 2015 after saying the EU was too slow to
act. It is amazing how the globalists leaders of the world and Angela Merkel
being the biggest globalist leader of the world followed by Macron. I can’t say
Donald Trump because he’s not a globalist! All seemed to have real
dislike for Viktor Orban’s policy where he wants to protect the Hungarian people.
Fair play to him! The guys protecting his country! There’s no terrorist attacks
happening in his country! And the people are grateful for that!
That they don’t have to worry about a “London Bridge” situation! They don’t have
to worry about a “Nice” situation and this is just how it is! I have to say I was
very impressed with where the… Ministers sat…. this is the room…. almost similar to
many Parliament’s around the world although certainly a little bit more
bling and a little bit more sort of old-fashioned, the woodwork, the panelling.
I had to sort of stand there and just sort of take it in. Another fact on the
place – about a hundred thousand people were involved in the construction of
this amazing building during which fourteen million bricks. Half a Million
precious stones. And 40 kilograms of gold were used! So, some of this gold that you
do see in this building is actually real gold! And also during the People’s
Republic of Hungary a red star was perched on the top of the dome but this
was removed in 1990 when we thankfully had the fall of communism! We almost had a
close call in the UK recently so thankfully that didn’t happen! Poor Jeremy
Corbyn! The hallways were amazing simply amazing! One of the nice features of the place were
these ashtrays which I saw everywhere These Ashtrays obviously not in use as
smoking is now banned in buildings in Hungary. But nice that they’re still
there. Beautifully designed! It was just nice to see them as you walked along the corridors. So, that was pretty much the tour…. Obviously difficult to understand with the lack of Spanish but
we’re left in this room now. Where there is historical artefacts… highlighting what it used to look like and what it now looks like The Architecture of the Building that we’re in…..If you look up here. It’s the quad that we were able to walk around. And in my mind
it may have been inspired by Westminster but I think he also found some inspiration in
the Natural History Museum in London. The guy… certainly would have seen
that back then Apparently, the man that designed this went blind before it was finished that’s a shame he never got see the true beauty of his original design… But Marvellous!!! I feel like i know you already! I’ve read so much! So much about you! I feel like I know you! Yeah, I know! Even Chuck Norris is a fan of Viktor Orban. An unlikely ally but Chuck Norris seems to like Viktor Orban! This is
pretty much the rest of the museum – How it was built….
This is the room I couldn’t go into.. Its shut to the public but it’s an impressive
library nonetheless. There were many rooms obviously you can’t go into… You can’t go into the offices … you can’t go to where people work…. Maybe one day! So, a little bit more insight – I
was able to….. my figure was slightly off…. The building was practically completed
in 1895 but the internals and everything didn’t really complete until 1902. But the initial design took off sometime around 1884! I Believe!
So, not a bad completion they did it, in just under, 20 years! So, I wonder if we’re gonna get Brexit done within 20 years!?! I don’t know! But would I recommend
it? Yes, I would! it was it’s a great “Tour”! It’s a shame I didn’t get to meet Viktor Orban! But maybe next time I’m here I will!
But…. I highly recommend it! Well, people have a lot of respect for this Prime Minister! He is a respected man! And I know he’s a tough man! But he’s a respected man! And he’s
done the right thing! According to many people on “immigration”. And you look at some of the problems that they have in Europe that are
tremendous because they’ve done it a different way than the Prime Minister.
But I’ll let him speak to that question Mr. Primeminister! From the People by the People! For the People! This is the basis for the Hungarian Government. So it’s a Government which is elected by the Hungarian people several times so we are happy to serve our nation. (what about Democratic Reforms?) We have a
new constitution accepted in 2011 and it’s functioning well! And now Hungary is
one of the most protected countries in the world because their president (PM) has taken a stance on George Soros and his globalist policies of open borders and
because of that Hungary feels like a safe place You know you’re all my friends! Thank you Sir! You know I have seen training all over the world. This is the best Demonstration! The best I’ve seen! Friends Forever!

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  1. Whatever people think of Viktor Orbán. At the end his country still a member of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement (borderless Europe). He knows he won’t leave the Union or Schengen because there is economic benefits for his country in being in it due to trade and money coming in. If Orbán was really nationalistic by principal he would get Hungary out of the European Union and Schengen. But he won’t because his country would lose out. At the end of it, money determines decisions rather than principles, irrespective whether you are left, centre or right wing.

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  3. Hello The Wondering Englishman good video showcasing your visit to Budapest Hungary and I’m subscribed to you so please do the same for me thanks and cheerio

  4. English tours are available, perhaps it's an issue of scheduling. There's a high demand for tours, people are supposed to sign up in advance.

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