The importance of diversity in Parliament – Meet Sonia, Londoner #316
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The importance of diversity in Parliament – Meet Sonia, Londoner #316

January 10, 2020

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I came to England in 1966 I left school after getting my A Levels I never stayed in a job for more than two years, so it was to my surprise when I was asked to come to the Houses of Parliament with somebody I’d worked with previously and said ‘Oh there’s a job going and I was thinking you’d be marvellous for it, you should apply for it’ So, I thought about it, thought about it, and then I applied and so of course I’ve spent many years in Parliament. My main role was to look after the house administration system and to also mentor new staff who come into the house Whilst I was there I did notice that there was, seems to be, very few people of colour who were you know, getting into managerial positions so that was my drive really, to see more people of colour going for jobs that they can do, and they’re suitable for doing and to, you know, to make sure that Parliament is actually representative of the people they serve. I was recommended for an MBE for my services to the house and for mentoring others and I collected my medal from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace and it was a wonderful day! I think I’ve always been a giving person, and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction, to see other people rising and now, when new people come into the organisation, they can see that there are people of a certain level that they can look up to and aspire to those positions as well. Click the videos to watch more Londoners And don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Thank you Ms S for a beautiful insight into your work history and your determination to see more people of colour progress into higher roles..

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