The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party
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The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party

October 15, 2019

Racist. Sexist. Republican. These words are virtually interchangeable—at
least, according to most professors, journalists, and celebrities. So, are they right? Let’s take a look at history. The Republican Party was created in 1854. The first Republican Party platform, adopted
at the party’s first national convention in 1856, promised to defeat, quote, “those
twin relics of barbarism: polygamy and slavery.” Those “twin relics” were spreading into
the western territories. Republicans feared that as those territories
became states, polygamy and slavery might become permanent parts of American life. Polygamy—the marriage of one man to multiple
women—devalued women and made them a kind of property. Slavery, of course, did the same to blacks. Literally. The Democrats were so opposed to the Republicans
and their anti-slavery stance that in 1860, just six weeks after the election of the first
Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, South Carolina, a state dominated by Democrats,
voted to secede from the union. The Civil War that followed was the bloodiest
war in US history. It led to the passage, by Republicans, of
the 13th Amendment, which freed the slaves; the 14th Amendment, which gave them citizenship;
and the 15th Amendment; which gave them the vote. In 1870, the first black senator and the first
black congressman were sworn in—both Republicans. In fact, every black representative in the
House until 1935 was a Republican. And every black senator until 1979 was, too. For that matter, the first female member of
Congress was a Republican; the first Hispanic governor and senator were Republicans. The first Asian senator? You get the idea. Republicans also kept their pledge to defend
women’s rights. In 1862, the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act was passed
by the Republican-controlled Congress to put an end to polygamy. In 1920, after 52 years of Democratic
Party opposition, the 19th Amendment was ratified thanks to the Republican Congress, which pressured
Democratic President Woodrow Wilson to drop his opposition to women’s rights. In the final tally, only 59 percent of House
Democrats and 41 percent of Senate Democrats supported women’s suffrage. That’s compared to 91 percent of House Republicans
and 82 percent of Senate Republicans. There certainly was a “war on women”—and
it was led by the Democratic Party. But while Republicans had won a major battle
for women’s rights, the fight for blacks’ civil rights had a long way to go. In the 1920s, Republican President Calvin
Coolidge declared that the rights of blacks are “just as sacred as those of any other
citizen.” By contrast, when famed sprinter Jesse Owens,
a staunch Republican, won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, he was snubbed
by Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt only invited white Olympians to
the White House. Two decades later, it was a Republican President,
Dwight Eisenhower, who sent the 101st Airborne Division to escort black students into Little
Rock’s Central High when Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus—a Democrat—refused to honor
a court order to integrate the state’s public schools. The Civil Rights Act of 1960, which outlawed
poll taxes and other racist measures meant to keep blacks from voting, was filibustered
by 18 Democrats for 125 hours. Not one Republican senator opposed the bill. Its follow-up bill, the Civil Rights Act of
1964, is one of the landmark pieces of legislation in American history. That, too, survived a filibuster by Democrats
thanks to overwhelming Republican support. But, you might be thinking, all that’s in
the past. What have Republicans done for women and blacks
lately? The answer you’d hear from professors, journalists
and celebrities is… “not much.” And this time, they’d be right. They’d be right because the Republican Party
treats blacks and women as it treats everyone: as equals. The Democratic Party never has, and it still
doesn’t. Today’s Democrats treat blacks and women
as victims who aren’t capable of succeeding on their own. The truth is, this is just a new kind of contempt. So, there is a party with a long history of
racism and sexism…but it ain’t the Republicans. I’m Carol Swain, for Prager University.

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  1. I hope you know that the parties shifted when the white men took over black politicians in government because white men didn’t like black men in power. The Republican Party today IS NOT the same Republican Party back then. I wish they were.

  2. Everything was right until the last bit. The Republicans since the 60s have become the more racist and sexist party. But everything before that was accurate.

  3. Wow! This video really opened my eyes! Republicans are saints and are 100% correct. Wow! How can i just now have realized this. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. Democrats are the devil. they are evil and Republicans are the good people! Thank you!

  4. Why is it so hard for people to understand that the parties, over the course of the latter 20th century, switched. The name is a just a name, in the past the Republicans were the progressives and the Democrats the conservatives. If you were a Democrat then you'd be a Republican now. I'd you were a Republican then you'd be a Democrat now. I don't see any flag toting white supremacists voting for Democrats.

  5. WAY! Way back in the 1860's the Democrats were the conservative party and the Republicans were the Liberals! Really makes me laugh when right wingers try to justify their own racism by dragging up things that happened so long ago! But the hell with all of that! Who does the KKK, Neo Nazi and White Supremist support today? In 2019? You don't have to be a Klansman to vote Republican but in 2019, all Klansmen vote Republicans!

  6. This, the current Republican party succeeded the original Republican party formed by Thomas Jefferson to oppose the Federalists (which I believe in spirit and ideology preceded the Democratic party). It was never the "Democratic-Republicans", as Democrats today would have you believe, they conveniently hitched their moniker "democrat" to link themselves to Jefferson. A gross historical revision. Jefferson in ideology was much a Republican than as he would be today, limited govt, paying down debt, minimal expendiitures, strong federalism (state sovereignty), larger military, strict consititutional originalism, and original abolitionist and manumission.

    I think the biggest distinction today between Democrats and Republicans today, is that Republicans merely want to continue (conserve) the traditions of American insitutions and spirit bequeathed us by our forefathers, and being a party of Godly values and morality, Democrats are a party based in worldy sinful values an debasing, circumventing and destroying all sacred American institutions.

  7. However one might view polygamy as practiced by the Latter-day Saints in Utah in the 19th century, it did not devalue women. No woman was required or coerced to enter a polygamous marriage against her will. It was a religious principle that preserved freedom of choice, including the option for some women to marry when that option otherwise would not be available to her. Utah was one of the leading states in the women’s suffrage movement, due to support from women in polygamous marriage. The Morrell Anti-Bigamy Act was pure religious oppression.

  8. Guess now you can also add that a Republican President, Donald J. Trump brought the lowest unemployment in history for all races in Americans

  9. The parties changed when Woodrow Wilson took over the Democrats. That's right around the time Republicans started showing their true ideologies….and also right around the time when most voters who had liberal views switched parties….this videos argument is irrelevant because it doesn't pertain to the climate today

  10. The republicans at one time were a dirty people who were the cause of the civil war which they were but as the dumborats went more communist the republicans have became the only party that try’s to be American party

  11. The funny part is that when I was a Democrat I was racist, sexist, and homophobic. As a Proud Black Republican now I’m against all of that.

  12. This bitch aint talking about the current Republican party or the current democratics. The souther dems that pulled all that racist shit are now republicans. This dumb ass whore to politics

  13. The republicans has it’s best area and popularity in 1863-1969 now “some”dirty Democrats criticizing some civil rights republicans

  14. I'm sure you all know that between the 1890's and 1940's the political parties slowly shifted and little by little the Republicans and Democrats switched political views, so technically the origiginal Republicans were in reality Democrats and vice-versa.

  15. But look at the Republican Party as it is now. The fact that the Republican party was once the party that fought for the freedom of slaves just makes their current state sadder. Once LBJ chose to go the equality route and make the Democratic party the party for the racial minority, all those prejudiced folks had to migrate somewhere. Now GOP is loaded with an underbelly of racists, religious fundamentalists, con-artists, robber barons, and some of the dumbest political pundits that side of the political scale. It's now a tribal cult of personality and Tronald Dump is the god-figure, with not enough reasonable party members that are either too quiet, too complacent, and sometimes just too damn willfully unseeing.

  16. So I guess what we can take from this is that the democrats haven't changed scince 1850s . Still against the constitution.

  17. I don’t understand why so many democrats are doing what they’re not supposed to do. As a liberal, I always want racial equality and fight against sexism but things like affirmative action make no sense to me and they don’t need something like that which is a sort of insult to the blacks. And it also worries me that socialism is gaining popularity among Democrats. That’s nuts!!!

  18. I don't care about racism it's not MY problem anymore.What ever problems that black people have THEY can solve them.

  19. We have to Teach our children the truth.
    They have to know their own country’s History. Republicans have always been the Party of Freedom. The Democrats are the Party of Authoritarianism. They want to control and have power over you. Why do you think they want to destroy the 2nd Amendment by using the excuse of… “but think of the children.”
    Yes, your children, the ones they want to control by stippling away their ability to defend freedom or fight back against tyranny. The Democratic Party are becoming communists. If you Love Freedom, you may have to fight for it in your life time. Literally.

  20. This is information that most people do not know! Thanks for getting the word out!! Let's hope that folks will
    open their eyes & their minds , so they can step away from the indoctrination that they have been subject to for far too
    long! Thanks Ms.Swain for educating folks with the truth! You must continue to do so because our young folks can no longer be lost in the
    fantasy world of their leftist
    professors &
    teachers ! As
    a retired teacher, it breaks my heart to witness the
    obliteration of historical facts & the biased instruction that is going on in education today! Thank goodness for folks like you & Prager University who insist upon professing the true facts
    especially when it comes to topics like this ! Please continue to oppose the false narratives fed to our kids & expose the truth as you do! It's the only way to destroy the toxic political climate brought on by the name calling & falsehoods of the toxic left!!
    We need to share this video!!! Thanks

  21. How Do we 86 the Democratic Party
    since all they wanna do is bitch n complain, and go AGAINST,
    ALL the GOOD shit the Republic wants to do for its citizens??
    WE need movers in government.
    Not haters holding us back from Moving Forward as A Nation. AS people of this nation

  22. I gotta tell you, aren't black conservative women just the best?! Love her or hate her, she spits straight facts. Suck it, liberals!

  23. Thank you Ms. Swain for teaching our history to us with facts. Why the professors of today’s colleges and universities seem hellbent on bending the truths to conform with their ill conceived views is truly shameful.

  24. When African Americans were Republicans we owned 500 hospitals across the country. Now only one remain. I left the Dem party.

  25. It was said to me. That I was brought here to America in order to vote blue and that since I'm leaning more Right, and supporting the 'racist' Republicans, what they've done for me was a waste! Yep, they said that literally!

  26. sexism: yes
    racism: no
    The conservatives believe there are 2 genders and each genders have their different function, but both should have equal human right. That the point. And that can be considered sexism, also the fact that human should accept it. Of course there will have some exception but those are minorities. To be honest, I'm against this a little.
    The conservaties believe human have many races, every race have both pros and cons but all races are human and should be treat the same. Liberals think that there is only one race and that is human. Both have different start but all end up at all human should be treat equally.
    Only the communist that disguise as Democrat party say these line: You are racist be cause you are white male, Black had been oppressed in the pass so they have more right now. Black are stupid if they choose republican party. I'm an Asian so I love to work…. Yes, all of those line was said by Democrat party.
    The communist have invaded both party from inside and exploit American diferences, that why Trump switched party constantly. You think Trump is unstable? His policies never change, he just realized there are communist ruining a party and he switch to avoid those shjt.

  27. Lyndon B. Johnson, a democrat, signed the Civil Rights act of 1968. His republican rival Barry Goldwater opposed it. This caused the parties to switch basically, all the white southerners started voting for Republicans, and those who supported equal rights became Democrat. Yes, Democrats were originally the party of slavery, but look at the demographics of each party today and it will speak for itself. This video is not technically wrong, but it is misleading.

  28. Why aren't these facts taught in school? If they are , why is there such an organization as the democratic party? Surely it would be outlawed for being unconstitutional?

  29. The Republicans did screw up with the married tax filing change. Before 1950 or so everyone paid the same tax rate whether married or not, but at the time most married people only one worked, the other stayed at home taking care of the children. To help with the tax burden on 1 income supporting 2 people Republicans changed the tax law to allow married people to cut their income in half for taxes. Married people are now subsidized by the single taxpayers.

    There was never any foresight and never fixed that code for when both people in the marriage worked, they now get an unfair tax advantage over single tax payers. This really hurts single parents. Sure their is the tax credit for kids, but married people also get to claim that tax credit, and that doesn't come close to getting to report only half your income for taxes. So this is one time that Republicans have hurt blacks and women since they are the two groups most adversely hit with this tax code.

  30. Democrats have to create a victim class, that's what keeps them in power. At the podium "We'll do for you", but after election, nothing changes.
    Blacks stay poor on the inner city plantations, and no job creation, but the Dems feign support for 'liberty' by giving sexual rights to homosexuals via homosexual marriage and "freedom" to "chose" an abotion. Then in the next breath tax the country to death because THEY know better how to spend OUR money.
    Where's the liberty in that? Seems the Dems are for the wrong kind of freedoms. (The irresponsible, immoral kind.) We can't have financial liberty, but homosexuals can have sexual liberty??
    Something is seriously wrong about the Democrats.

  31. Political history also shows that it was African tribal leaders who sold their own people to the White Man for money and power, so where is the outrage about that? Racism is wrong no matter who does it. History shows slaves in shackles boarding ships while their leader counted the money. Our history is filthy and disgusting… no doubt. But don't act like Republicans are the "saviors" today. Thankfully, Democrats have evolved to fight against racism while Republicans are still stuck in promoting Racism today. Tables have obviously turned against the Republicans with good reason.

  32. Slavery is one thing, but comparing its implications to polygamy where people enter freely into a relationship is nonsense. Read the journals of many women married within a polygamous union and you encounter the same kinds of advantages/problems that exist in a monogamous marriage. In fact, feminist have been arguing for years that marriage itself is a form of slavery imposed on women by the patriarchal order, so the complaints against polygamy really don't hold.

  33. Look at the voting lines from 1860 compared to today. The names of the groups have switched, but the ideologies haven't. Republicans used to call themselves liberals. Now Democrats call themselves that. Too bad she didn't name the cities these Republican Latina/Asian senators were from. New York, Chicago, San Diego, Sacramento. All liberal today. "The North" was the Republican Party and today it holds the same ideals of freedom that it held in the past. "The South" was the Democratic Party and the Confederate States which are all Republican radical alt-right today.

    I'm a conservative centrist but quit this idiotic stance that Abraham Lincoln would approve of Trump.

  34. The democratic party has changed dramatically in the last century, African Americans are no longer the property of white owners, they are now the property of Black owners, no change in the way of living though

  35. That’s nice. But what does this video have to do with the modern GOP?

    Meanwhile do a video on how the Whig Party is still basically the same today as it always was.

  36. What characterize socialists more than anything else, is lies. It goes right down to the name. Since the early part of the 20th century, socialists in America have claimed to be liberals, and the conservative-liberal right have let them. And the colours: Red is the internationally recognised colour of socialism, and blue of conservatism, yet in America it is reversed. It is all nothing but lies.

  37. For a video/institution that prides itself on logic, it makes quite a few logical errors in this video. First, it draws a false equivalence between the Republican Party that abolished slavery and the Republican Party of today. The Republican Party that abolished slavery was the LIBERAL party of that era, and the Democratic Party that opposed it was the CONSERVATIVE party. Second, the video tries to suggest that Republicans not passing laws on the subject race in recent years demonstrates that they see minorities as equals. By that same logic, wouldn't that mean that the conservative Democrats of the 1800s and early 1900s saw minorities as equals because they did not want to pass laws on the basis of race? I think, at the end of the day, the individuals who made this video want to make the conclusion that Republicans are not "racist," "sexist," or "bigoted," and will go through any logic to make that statement. While I agree with the overall conclusion that Republicans are not bigoted by the mere fact of being Republican, the video makes several false claims to reach this conclusion and is rather disingenuous.

  38. It doesn't matter, because the republicans now aren't the same republicans, a political party dont inherit being good/bad

  39. It's interesting how PragerU rails against identity politics yet plays it themselves by using minority pundits in order to make themselves seem less "racist" in getting their message across.

  40. Here is something that will blow your mind… Abraham Lincoln was friends and corresponded with Karl Marx. It’s not the party it’s the values. Everyone that ever pushed for progressive values was taken out. It’s about the political establishment vs us and that’s it.

  41. 4:45 she literally says they don't do anything for women, and people of color today. She excuses this by saying it's contempt to do anything to help, even though the whole video talks about the past accomplishments of the republican party helping people of color as a positive thing. Such a stupid video and it literally just proves the parties switched

  42. So how come the south which has a history of slavery and lynching is today completely Republican? I mean if the Democrats are the racist ones you would expect to see more of them where all the cases of racism actually happened (Honestly asking)

  43. It's so sad how more and more "sources" are burying the truth and trying to attach the Confederates and kkk onto the Republican Party whilst appropriating Lincoln.. I'm sick of having this type of conversations, I think I'm just going to have to save my breath and just cut people off..

  44. You know, I honestly am tired of this "Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1860's and he was Republican so therefore all Republicans in 2019 are wonderful people who never ever say anything bad about black people" argument. People change, and so do political parties. The Republican Party of 2019 is NOT the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln's day.

    And even if it was, Abraham Lincoln himself made it abundantly clear that he was NOT OPPOSED to the continuation of slavery in this country! Also, his "Emancipation Proclamation" only impacted southern states, but northern states where slavery was legal were untouched by it.

    I'm not saying that the Democrats are any better, but at least be honest about things instead of going back hundreds of years and using what the GOP was like in 1864 as an example of what the GOP is like in 2019. What Lincoln did is irrelevant to whether or not the GOP of 2019 is racist or sexist.

  45. And the first BLACK president….DUR Democratic. Y'all lost ur mindS. The Republican party has switched sides YEARS ago. They are manipulation at it's ugliest

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