The Iroqouis Influence on the Constitution
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The Iroqouis Influence on the Constitution

August 24, 2019

i think because um… originally uh… the truth is that the constitution does
come from the iroquois confederacy it does come and the u_s_ congress acknowledged that not long
ago it does indeed influenced by the and you find out franklin and jefferson did go and spend at least thirty years before and
learned that the mohawk jargon the mohegan jargon all the Iroquois’ jargon of trade
and learned and sat with their councils and and studied and like wow these people had equality
men and women and they said how and at that time there
were a few million there wasn’t just a hundred thousand or so there were millions of native
people across this land that lived the same way the same principles so it was not just the
Iroquois but the constitution was in this part in philadelphia
in the northeast so so that’s where they talk about in fact Jake Swamp and Tom Porter who are
traditional chiefs this day of the Iroquois confederacy uh… have those stories that are not written
into the history books they may be referenced but when the Iroquois chiefs were asked
to come to the freedom hall independence hall in philadelphia they were put up stairs and
whenever the continental congress had deliberations they would go upstairs and ask the native people
what did you do when you got to this part and the thing that we don’t hear is that these chiefs
were locked into the upstairs they were only brought food and and questions and we don’t hear the other part of you know
how the founding fathers actually excluded the native people that’s a mindset
because this country needed an enemy and the women and children well they were property
of the rich white males and they couldn’t vote and the black man was
property also so they couldn’t vote women belonged uh… poor white people belonged as serfs
or serfdom in that in that thinking of it
and they were property they couldn’t vote they didn’t have power but then you had millions upon millions of
native people let’s not let them vote let’s not let them vote because that means
they’re going to be power here so from that time we were mentioned as far as governing
being governed by commerce and that the united states did have say in what they traded
with other countries and what not and that’s in the constitution and with the indian tribe yes and so they mention
indian nations within and that was about it today that’s still true but as far as giving us freedom of religion communal property which we were used
to sharing that did not fit privatization and ownership and monarchy
especially because as you see this country still adores a king and queen of england yet it’s
a country that’s not supposed to be upon those principles where everybody
is inalienable and is treated equally well it’s not true with native peoples even
today uh… it’s it’s it’s uh… when when you are
an evidence living evidence of that constitution and the crimes committed against native people
such as myself and knowing that and being able to understand inequalities well that’s not going to be listened to
because that’s the enemy talking to them so for your twelve year old i say you know look at what your reaping as an american and do you really think it in ownership terms do you
think about how americans any american foreigners who come here want a piece of the american pie metaphorically i say if you want a piece of the american
pie just don’t forget who owns the bakery

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  1. the man in this vid could say the sky is green and the grass is blue,,but that doesnt make it so. Besides that, this has nothing to do with the control the government and the globalist are trying to have on us today. Is that what you want ?

  2. It's true that the Founders didn't give women a national right to vote, but it's also true that the United States was the first republican government of its kind. The whole idea of popular voting was fairly revolutionary in and of itself, and the nation was developing, experimenting & adjusting its system in that era. Also women themselves were not demanding the right to vote until a generation or two after the founding era. It seems appropriate to cut the Founders some slack in this area

  3. The same is true with respect to property rights. Early American laws were deeply influenced and shaped by medieval English laws. Accordingly, property was held by households, with the husband serving as the legal authority and representative of the family. Also, Its funny the native american man claims that women were mistreated by the founders. But this man needs to learn TRUE history. The founders actutualy worte articles of concern of how the indians wer mistreating thier women!!

  4. The founding fathers did borrow ideas for the U.S Constitution…Europe had a system of upper class rule who used Government to get their way…The Colonist/13 States was divided and fighting with each other for power while being taxed and oppressed by England…After the revolutionary war, the Founding Fathers continued their studies of the Iroquois Nation and other Tribal societies and they couldn’t believe that Women was held in great status among Native People…They admired NA democracies.

  5. Wednesday, September 16, 1987 100th Cong. 1st Sess.133 Cong Rec S 12214
    REFERENCE: Vol. 133 No. 140

  6. @cherokeedoll1 Indigenous Tribal democracies operated on the belief that government authority should serve all people equally. Leaders were not seen as rulers but as advisors and speakers, who echoed the collective will of their people. The Indigenous government, which directly influenced the American Constitution, was that of the Iroquois Confederacy. .

  7. At the time of the founding of the United States, the Iroquois Confederacy of upstate New York represented a union of six Tribes. Benjamin Franklin and other founding fathers borrowed heavily from the Iroquois “federal system” of government when they planned the union which eventually became the United States of America.

  8. American Indigenous ideas permeate the constitution. These ideas include the concept that freedom is a natural right, that Government should operated by a system of checks and balances, that the best Government is the least government, that leaders are public servants who can be impeached, and that civil and military powers are best separated.

    The last three paragraphs was translated between the Iroqouis and the founding fathers during their many meetings. Andrew jackson gave credit to them.

  9. @cherokeedoll1 "The founders actutualy worte articles of concern of how the indians wer mistreating thier women!!" <—<<< that is a stupid and ignorant comment…Most Natives had Women rights for thousands of years…Some societies Women voted in the leaders and owned all the land in the town or village…You shouldn't call yourself "Cherokeedoll1" because you have disgraced native people…get over yourself!!!

  10. @cherokeedoll1 "The founders actutualy worte articles of concern of how the indians wer mistreating thier women!!"??? Now that is truly one of the most ignorant comments i've ever heard…I respect your passion for Liberty, but you know nothing about the history of my people…And you call yourself a "Cherokee"…Native Women were elected as Chieftess and Queens long before the Europeans ever did…When the issue of Native American sovereignty comes up the Feds spit all over it.

  11. Founders? They didn't find anything that wasn't already there and created by the One GOD…"The Founders" plan was to kill off the First Nation folks and have their way of which they did believing that the "founder's" knew how better to use this land and you know the rest of the murdering history of the "founders"..Sounds like you're trying to justify the First Nation Holocaust by the Founders.

  12. please watch this and see and learn how the genocide continues to this day. where are the good people of this world? where are you?

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