The Kanhaiya Kumar Interview (Part1): Anti-National menace or a rising National voice?
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The Kanhaiya Kumar Interview (Part1): Anti-National menace or a rising National voice?

August 25, 2019

We want…freedom You must have watched a lot of interviews But since we have Kanhaiya Kumar here, it should be a different kind of interview So let’s not keep it between just two people We asked our YouTube friends to ask questions and we were flooded with questions from Patreon, YouTube, Twitter So we have a discussion round where we accumulated all the questions It will also have a part two: the rapid fire He’s dealing with a lot of rapid fire already by the way! But lets find out what the people have to ask him But the most asked question was about the leftist ideology “What does Kanhaiya Kumar think about joining the left and why?” When we look at history, I have studied that it is easy to go with the majority, the powerful. The challenge is to stand up for the weaker section and an Indian poet has rightly said The easy way out is to join an established political party, lick some boots, and become a politician I don’t like this and that’s why I quote an english phrase here.. OK. So a lot of people have also asked..since your mode of protest has been quite controversial See, we should always refer the Constitution of India when we talk about ‘mode of protest’ and ‘democratic rights’ because we always refer our Constitution when it comes to governing the country Our constitution does not allow any violent forms of protest and in this context, I can give you one more clarification.. weak people never get violent Have you ever heard about the sheep attacking a wolf? It is always the wolf that attacks Powerful people attack the weak But Vivek Agnihotri will say “Naxals are weak and yet they attack” If naxals are strong enough to attack and Mr. Vivek Agnihotri is still able to speak freely, this is a contradictory statement in itself. If we are violent and we kill people, then how is he able to speak his mind freely? This is a lie History has taught us that every time the weak people organize themselves to protest, to demand their rights, they always try to make such movements violent by provoking the people be it any movement. I was present in the movement against Nirbhaya incident on 16th December in Delhi And we saw how the people from the administration , dressed as civilians, started throwing stones on the police. I am an eye witness and haven’t been able to forget it yet. An old police vehicle was parked among the crowd and the people were provoked to hit it and burn it down. While these anti social elements were trying to provoke the crowd, the genuine protestors stood around and tried to prevent any violence or damage. Finally when nothing worked in their favour the police used water canons and sticks. Everyday we see in the newspapers, people start protesting peacefully.. but then the movement is converted into a violent one by sending their own people. And somewhere between all this, the actual issue disappears. The Nirbhaya incident happened during the Congress regime and then came the BJP regime So what is the difference between these two? I repeat the same thing again and again. We will have to understand the character of the Indian politics and administration. We cannot simply divide it into left,right and centre. We want us to be a democratic nation But we are not an ideal democracy yet, although we are gradually trying to strengthen it. The problem is that no one is doing their designated work The government is asking questions from the opposition ,instead of the other way These two parts of a democracy have to function in a particular way The opposition should ask questions if the party in power is not fulfilling its promises And then it is upto the people to decide in every five years There is no dictatorship All the non-performing governments have been changed in the past- be it left, right or centre So my question, as a common citizen, regardless of my political affiliations.. is that should the civil society, opposition and the common citizen have no right to question the government? The problem today is that even our questions are divided into left,right and centre Yes, it is a valid question and a lot of people are asking this from you as well.. This question will be asked a lot. What is the plan? A lot of people have asked me this before and I have answered it openly India is primarily an agricultural economy. Unless we fix the agricultural sector, address the agricultural crisis.. the issue of migration cannot be solved Unless we support the small and medium enterprises, they won’t be able to compete in the global market And the third important thing, which is Bihar-specific is, that human is considered a resource today All the population in Bihar is a resource but this resource becomes a burden when the government has no plan to utilize it. So your plan will be agrarian focused? Our plan is..I repeat our ‘Common Minimum Programme’ all the time We cannot transform the society without focusing on education And all the popular leaders have said the same thing.. be it Gandhi, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Bhagat singh or Ambedkar. Ambedkar said “Educate, Organise, Agitate” My PhD is on Nelson Mandela on which I have submitted the thesis. Nelson Mandela says “Education is the most powerful tool through which you can transform the society” You’ve submitted your thesis, right? ..Yes. JNU is over, right? ..Yes. So tell this to all the people
It’s done! The degree is still pending, right? I feel sorry when people say I’ve failed 11 times in PhD They would not have asked this question if they had even the basic knowledge of PhD because there is no exam in PhD, we are only supposed to submit our thesis But Kanhaiya ,you will have to answer these questions Let me explain our Common Minimum Programme first. Education Firstly, everybody deserves education because it is our fundamental right secondly, employment, as per a person’s eligibility Thirdly, farmers should get proper return, they don’t even get enough to recover their costs We cannot solve the agrarian crisis without fixing this Processing, storage, distribution,organic farming can play a major role in this If Bihar’s lychee can get famous globally, It’s other products can too So, MSP for farmers Also, minimum wages for labourers, which is provided for in our constitution as well. But… And, along with that.. India is a diverse country and there are a lot of differences among us But we are all Indians. We all have rights as citizens of India Since we are all Indians, irrespective of our caste ,community, culture, creed, religion, etc.,.. we deserve equal respect This is my Common Minimum Programme It’s not in our hands to legislate that but we’ll have to handle another question.. These are two separate issues I have never supported Afzal Guru As far as hanging is concerned, capital punishment is being questioned not just in India More than 100 countries have abolished it Capital punishment is a debatable issue But where did the point of Afzal Guru come from? “Kanhaiya supports Afzal Guru” This has been created. You are from media, you know everything TRP matters too So somebody has to be made “the punching bag” Some of the established media houses today are in the government’s pockets And they’re also getting rewarded for the boot-licking Some of them have become Members of Parliament, others have become Governors or members of UPSC And you never said that India will be divided into pieces, and never demanded separation from the country? Never. No chance OK. We have clarified this again Funding and use of social media: How? Did I pay you to come here and interview me? No People like what I say, and that is why they watch them My Twitter followers are much less than Mr. Modi’s.. but the likes I get are sometimes more than his likes It’s not necessary to pay for every social media campaign If one raises public issues honestly, people will listen and reach out to him But you will need election funds I am not contesting elections right now Our party hasn’t even decided on the candidature and its possible allies yet 2019: Yes or No? The process of 2019 hasn’t begun yet I am only visiting different parts of the country as of now We have started a new campaign called “Save the constitution, Save the country” under which we are interacting with the public directly We speak to them, address their questions and help them resolve their issues locally.. by speaking to the administration or by protest So the question of funding is irrelevant because the election process hasn’t even started yet. I have been asked a question many a times.. They say i use an iPhone, however it’s an Oppo that I’m using It’s not my fault that they look similar And as far as air travel is concerned, it’s the organisers who pay for the flight tickets So it’s not my fault And if, say, I’m getting funds, then what is the government doing? What is the income tax department doing? What is the Enforcement Directorate doing? To accept foreign funding, an FCRA certificate is required And this FCRA has been used to exploit many NGOs who criticize the government You know about the Teesta Setalvad case So if Mr. Modi is taking an action against them, why would he spare me? Even Mr. Lalu Yadav is behind the bars They can try to defame me but truth needs no support. The next question is about defamation Your image has been formed as an ‘anti national’ How are you going to beat that? It is improving with time. I once wrote one Twitter.. that we should speak truth, and with time people will find out that we were right Like the people who wrote about the British A very famous article of Dadabhai Naroji called “Poverty of India”.. explained how the British were robbing our country. People did not believe him at that time Then Gandhi ji and Bhagat Singh joined in and finally it was found out that the British were actually robbing our country So as people find out and understand, their dislikes change into likes This is what he feels I have never divided things into urban, non urban, semi urban Since I have lived in an urban area, I know and understand their problems I wanted to become an engineer but I couldn’t, because of the recession I prepared for the UPSC.. So I know about the disadvantages that the non-english medium students face in CSAT Unemployment is the biggest problem for the urban youth today They work hard and become engineers and MBAs But they do not get any jobs after that and as far as the rural areas are concerned, Since the communication is getting stronger, the issues of rural areas are reaching urban areas and the urban ethics too, are reaching the rural areas And because of this relationship, unemployment is not just the question of rural youth, but also of the urban youth. But what is the biggest problem? Let me tell you another thing about migration Its not just people migrating from Patna to Delhi They’re also migrating from Delhi to Bangalore The student from Patna goes to Delhi and the student from Delhi goes to Bangalore for his The migration today, is not rural to urban, it is also urban to urban And the reason is the decreasing number of job opportunities So this is the biggest challenge that the country is facing Poverty is relative. The graph of poverty is different in rural areas from the urban. So, relatively, the economic disparities are increasing in the country And if we want to fix this gap, we will have to focus on increasing the job opportunities and when we talk about that.. The small business should get the same protection and bail out that is being provided to the big business houses. But Mr. Modi has introduced “Start up India”. It’s easier said than done A capitalists takes a loan of 9000 crore rupees and goes bankrupt Imagine that amount being given to an IIT student which he uses to start an agricultural start up He will perform much better He will use the opportunity in a better way The problem of NPAs.. You know the amount of NPAs has shot up to 10 lakh crore rupees Now imagine,.. what if that amount was spent on the skilled workforce of this country Again it is a scam.. when they “Skill India”, it is actually meant to “Kill India” Why I’m saying so is because.. Who would be more skilled than an engineer? The country is generating more than 5 lakh engineers The total number of jobs being generated are somewhere between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh Which means around 4 lakh engineers remain unemployed every year They are not targeted under Start up program They are not getting any assistance All these big names of the schemes.. it is a scam in itself I’ll explain. The government is only in power till 2019 But the target year that has been fixed is 2022 It’s a ‘Digital India’. Things happen fast Then why is there no pace in the implementation of these schemes? The goal post has been shifted from 2019 to 2022 to scam people. They’re pretending to be honest As they say, you can wake someone who’s sleeping But how can you wake someone up if he is pretending to sleep? This government is pretending Had they been honest, good policies would have been made and the impact would have been visible There is not a single thing they’ve done properly So it’s important to be honest, have a healthy viewpoint There is no problem in the world which doesn’t have a solution So no matter how many questions you raise Inspite of all the allegations, but the point is that his time has come. We’ll be back soon for a short rapid fire round

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  13. AAP also focuses mainly on education. No matter left right or center, you can be on the same page in some aspects

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    Mr.Banerjee I really appreciate your reporting. Best of luck for future endorsement.

  20. If kanhaiya challenges modi to give him PM power for 24hrs I’m sure modi and his all fellow bjp goons will commit suicide and india will again run towards the actual NEW INDIA. Modi is dividing us if he’s chosen as PM again he will make india like “THE DIVIDED STATES OF INDIA”

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  29. I don't know about the allegations against kaniya voh anti hei yani but jitta smj mein aara hei agr voh apni alg political party bnane see accha bjp ko hi joint krleta toh ussse bda dashbhalt is bharat mein ni hota or pappu ki jga si maene mein tum hote bhai naye yuvao kaa chehera getting my point 😂. Kyunki bjp ki andhbhakti ko bhi agree sii trike see sahi jga lgaya jae vahi yuva fir deshke lie ek behetreen as it bnke dash ko contribute krega. Log preshan hei berozgaar hei unne chaiye hei buss koi unki in pareshaniyo ko door krde buss. Or thanks toh modies cerasmetic persona hm naa chahate hue bhi unpe wishwaas krr hi lete hei.

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  32. Bihari’s are thief, rapists and simply,what is not good is bihari. I have observed a lot,every great and small crime are done by bihari but kanahiya is the person who make me think twice on this thaught. still they should behave well. There are some who work very hard but most are culturally cruel, not worth people.

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