The Lateran Treaty Prefigured by the Decree of King Cyrus – Short Summary
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The Lateran Treaty Prefigured by the Decree of King Cyrus – Short Summary

November 16, 2019

Remarkably, the entire history of the Catholic
Church is prefigured by the entire history of Israel in the Old Testament, in chronological
order! The Lateran Treaty is part of this
amazing story, and is prefigured in the Old Testament by The Decree of King Cyrus. For a complete
video with Scriptural references and other source documentation please refer to our video
: The Lateran Treaty Prefigured in the Old Testament. Here is a short summary of the parallels between
The Lateran Treaty and The Decree of King Cyrus The Prophet Jeremiah prophesized that the
Jews would be in exile for 70 years. This was fulfilled and they returned to Jerusalem
at the appointed time. The Papal States surrounding Rome were first
confiscated in 1860, and then finally in 1870. It wouldn’t be until 1929 that the Church
would be granted land again. This is a time span of 69 years….. Almost 70 years! The Jews were almost all taken away as prisoners
to Babylon. Babylon was a city filled with strange and
profane customs and beliefs. The Popes between 1870 and 1929 didn’t leave
the Vatican, and were referred to as prisoners in the Vatican. After the Church lost control of
the city of Rome, She lost control of the laws and
happenings in the city. King Cyrus financed the return of the Jews
from Babylon to Jerusalem. He also paid for the materials to rebuild
the Temple, and for the sustenance of the leaders of Jerusalem. The Lateran treaty gave 750,000,000 lire to
the Vatican, along with bonds providing for future revenue. King Cyrus mandated that at the Temple sacrifices,
the Jews pray for him, his family and the preservation
of the Persian Empire. The Lateran treaty mandated that on Sundays
and Feast Days, the Churches of Italy pray for the King and
the welfare of the Italian State With the decree to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem,
by King Xerxes, the Jews gained complete sovereignty of the
city state of Jerusalem. They
no longer had a Kingdom, but just their Holy City. The Lateran treaty gave the Vatican complete
sovereignty of the newly constituted Vatican City. The Church no longer had any claim to any
of the papal states, but just had control over the
new Vatican City State. Even though the Jews had sovereignty over
their city state of Jerusalem, they were a vassal state of the Persian Empire,
and had to give the Persian Empire their allegiance. They weren’t autonomous
to operate outside the boundaries of their city. the Church had sovereignty over Vatican City,
but upon taking up a diocese, a bishop had to swear an oath of
allegiance to the Italian State. The treaty also mandated that the Vatican
stay out of International affairs, and just concern itself with spiritual
matters. Nehemiah and Ezra read aloud, the book of
the Law, which had been discovered prior to the Edict of King Cyrus. Nehemiah and Ezra
promulgated and upheld the Law of Moses, so as to make it a way
of life for the Jews after their return from exile. The Lateran treaty established that the Catholic
Faith would become the state religion in Italy. It recognized the feast days of the Church,
outlawed divorce and provided for religious instruction in state run schools. It made specific mention to Canon Law, that
would regulate the civil laws. The first ever codified book of Canon Law
was published in 1917, just prior to the Church returning to some of Her land. In the Book of Ezra chapter 6 verse 15, it
states that the Temple was finished on the 3rd day of the month of Adar. This was the day that the Jewish people
finally got their Temple back, after having it destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar. The Lateran treaty was signed on Feb 11th,
1929. This treaty gave the Church
her land back, and also gave her back the buildings on that land. From 1870
to 1929, The Church didn’t even own the buildings they were residing in. If you convert the date of Feb 11th, 1929
into a date on the Jewish Calendar, it comes up as the 1st day of Adar…… almost
the same exact day that the Jews got their Temple back as well.

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