The Making Of A Tiny A-frame Cabin Built In 3 Weeks With $700
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The Making Of A Tiny A-frame Cabin Built In 3 Weeks With $700

October 20, 2019


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  1. This is built from my design/plan set here-

  2. An azdale fold flate A frame with airalloy insulation with frameless windows and doors built right in. You could even add in a loft too. Fold it all down and stow it for protection. 😊

  3. Great build and video. What do you use the solar panel for? I don't suppose you generate enough juice for a portable heater since you can't fit a wood stove in?

  4. Can you please put the plans link in the top of the description since its my cabin plan/design and the photos were used for this video without ever asking permission? Thank you.

  5. This is our A-frame cabin and is currently available for rent through Airbnb. Please include this link in the bio.

  6. I am thinking of building a12x12 A frame tiny home. Do you think it is large enough for a single minimalist? Thanks again!👍👍

  7. Wow, that thing is going to be a fuckin icebox during the Montana winter. Outdoor solar shower too? lol that aint gonna matter when its 0 degrees outside.

  8. I bought the plans, but they do not include a materials list 🙁 And the one provided on relax shacks website is incomplete (for instance does not list poly-sheeting, metal roofing, or decking materials. Did you guys get a materials list? Or did you have to figure it out as you went?

  9. I wish you had shown how you constructed this design by Deek (Derek Diedrickson ) can you explain the highlights of your build? What is it like to sleep in? Where do you go to the bathroom?

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