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  1. The Tories should be ashamed of themselves. John Bercow has been a great Speaker, and a former Torie. Threatening to run someone against him, breaking the norm and attempting to force Bercow to run a partisan campaign for re-election, was the sort of childish behavior that should be beneath them.

  2. Here’s the funniest one: go to 6:00 on 🤣😂😂🤣
    “ORDAAAAH ORDAHHH! Veddy, veddy rude! I say, when he turns up at our children’s SCHOOOOL, he’s a veddy well behaved man.” “BE A GOOD BOY! BEHAVE YOURSELF!” 😂
    I’m American and I’m laughing so hard, I can’t believe this is real government.

    I was waiting for him to shout “If you don’t eat your meat, ya can’t have any pudding! HOW can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!?”

  3. “OOOOOOOOOOORDAH! The Right Honorable Gentleman has put forward the proposition that the show-runners of Game of Thrones, Benioff and Weiss, should be burned at the stake as Witches and Dark Apostates of Hell. Do I hear a second on that?”
    “The motion is carried!” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Parliament under Boris Johnson has segued from 'law and order'
    to the more rancorous and odious 'lore and ordure'…
    A stain on democracy.

  5. John Bercow, well educated, extremely articulate, witty and outspoken. A true Brit, and a national treasure. He will be sorely missed!

  6. How the HELL is Rosemary Church 56 years old? Makes zero sense. I would marry that woman with the quickness, God…she's gorgeous.

  7. To think that a man with such strong command of english; well-spoken with many colourful words, will mostly be remembered for one word – ORRRDAAA!!! Thanks for the memories John Bercow and for making watching Brexit tolerable.


  9. The hero America needs, but certainly doesn’t deserve. I think he would be bored over here anyway lol. Enjoy your retirement Mr Bercow!

  10. We'll never have a speaker as good as him again. He stood up to government and for the rights of backbenchers. He might have been a conservative MP but that didn't stop him standing up to a conservative government. What they didn't like was that he was impartial and didn't side with them on everything. That's why they've forced him into going.

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