The Money Pit (7/9) Movie CLIP – Chain Reaction (1986) HD
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The Money Pit (7/9) Movie CLIP – Chain Reaction (1986) HD

October 9, 2019

## [ Ranchero ] Walter. l wanna askyou something.
You’re a lawyer, right ? Lastyear my father
was hit in the head
by a golfball. ## [ Radio: Pop ]
Oh, can l unplug– Now, he seemed okay, but last week
we were watching TV… and l put on
the Bob Hope Desert Classic
from Palm Springs. He goes friggin’ nuts ! My father, not Bob Hope. So he kicks in
the friggin’ TV screen.
Now– ## [ Pop Continues ] l’d have to study it,
but l’d sayyou got
a great case against Bob Hope. Thanks, man. [ Saw Buzzing ] Aaah ! ## [ Opera Continues ] ## [ Bluegrass ] ## [ Continues ] ## [ Opera ] ## [ Opera Continues ] [ Shouting, Screaming ] ## [ Opera Continues ]

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  1. I laughed so hard I was crying! Loved the irony when both the hillbilly and the black worker thought Tom Hanks was a KKK member on the roof. Five stars for the whole

  2. who the fuck are you to put a watermark on media you had no part in producing?
    I don't mind people sharing, but profiting off of others' hard work is evil.
    Share it, it's a great clip; but inserting your personal advertisement on top of every frame makes you a scumbag.

  3. Oh man, the way he falls at first makes me laugh so freaking hard. Look at his arms on the way down!!! Hahahahahahahah

  4. Ahahahaaha you noticed that too? The whole scene is funny… but the part you speak off had me dying!!! hahahaha! 0:42 ok i'm crying!

  5. This is freakin' hysterical!!! hahahahaha I havn't seen this movie in years, now I must go out and buy it!

  6. I agree Juan thank you this is the best one Ive heard on here too . You have great taste in music. Bravo!!

  7. lol I saw Tom Hanks in an interview. He said people still come up to him and tell him THIS one is their fav movie of all he's done! He said he thinks it's b/c it's so relatable to most of us!

  8. i want to find just the clip where shelley long finds out they have water from the faucet again, cuz that is how I felt when I got a new working kitchen faucet the other day. lol 

  9. I love this scene so much. It popped in my head while I was at work today and I had to fight to keep from laughing! 2:13 – 2:16 gets me every time!

  10. i love the part when hanks is going down the hill in the cart and you see the guy running down the hill holding up his pants. Tom HAnks was hilarious in his movie.

  11. 2:12 when he zigzag slides down the collapsing ramps… gut busting laughs!!!!!!!!

  12. Hanks is in my mind. If you want to see Hanks' head superimposed on an alien coming out of someone's stomach, check out:

  13. Please don't ever cut a board sideways against the grain on a table saw. Like in this scene. Unless you want to lose a hand. Use a miter saw.

  14. What is the name of the opera song in this scene?? I'm a classical singer, I would love to learn this piece 🙂

  15. And thats why you should never bring someones wife to a building site. Someone will get hurt, no matter what.

  16. This is One of the funniest physical comedy scenes of all time. I remember laughing so hard when I was a kid at I pissed myself. You know it's funny when just mentioning it to someone and they laugh from remembering. I Kinda miss this Tom Hanks from big, the burbs, one red shoe. But Captain Phillips hanks is good too, just not as funny.

  17. One of the most classic comedies of all time; definitely up there with '84 "Ghostbusters" and "Caddy Shack". A couple weeks ago, I was tellin' some young aspiring comedians to watch these three films. The SHIT they pass for "comedy" these days is nothing more than toilet humor. True comedy just…F-L-O-W-S; you can't TRY to be funny (ala 2016 "Ghostbusters"). If you TRY, it's forced and comes off as very immature and just…lame. Ergo, you're either BORN WITH IT, or you're not. It's all in flow, timing, and knowing when to ZING vs backing off. Some of the best comedy comes purely from facial expression and body language…sometimes words just get in the way. Another one to check out: "Love Stinks" with French Stewart. I fricken CRY laughing at that very underrated "fatal attraction" flick.

  18. 2:19 – This part is just gold. Tom Hanks rolling down the hill looking like a ghost with the workers in total panic around him one even holding his pants up.

  19. Dear God!!! THIS is an OSHA nightmare!! Client allowed to walk around and occupy the work site, not a hard hat or safety harness to be found, the bundle of extension cords…I do not envy the fines levied against the Shirk Brothers on this job.

  20. This would go down well at a health & safety training event! Some early inspiration for a few Final Destination scenes too!

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