The Movement For The North Korean People | Liberty in North Korea

February 22, 2020

It’s been called the “red box” A mysterious country infamous for its nuclear weapons and dictators It looks hopeless and unchanging, a ruthless regime ruling through fear and oppression unlike any other place on the planet But that North Korea isn’t the whole story anymore And that’s because of the North Korean people They’re shaking up the status quo and challenging the regime’s control They know that liberty will not be given, it must be won And so do we We’re a global movement working with the North Korean people This movement isn’t about high sounding words It’s about action and momentum It’s about seeing the North Korean people achieve their liberty Because every refugee we rescue, every North Korean empowered to speak up, and every person who demands freedom for the people, means liberty is no longer impossible, it is inevitable And together, we’re one step closer to the day when every man, woman, and child in North Korea is free Welcome to the movement Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe Check out the description below to get involved with the movement

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