The New American Dream (Ep 34) – Weekly News 12/14/19
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The New American Dream (Ep 34) – Weekly News 12/14/19

December 16, 2019

Hey again everybody! Welcome to The New American Dream. I’m Nathan Clay and – as part of my congressional
campaign – I make new videos every Saturday to let people all throughout the nation know
how I feel about what happened throughout the week. I try to talk about a wide variety of topics
on these episodes, so I want to say thanks to everyone who has reached out and suggested
interesting stories over the last few weeks. Alright, let’s get started: History was made this week when House Democrats
unveiled two articles of impeachment against blundering billionaire Donald Trump – one
for “abuse of power” and the other for “obstruction of Congress.” I’m extremely disappointed that the Democratic
leadership opted not to pursue a third article related to Trump’s constant emoluments clause
violations, but let’s break these two articles down and discuss exactly what they’re all
about. First, abuse of power. This one should be pretty obvious and straightforward
to anybody that’s been paying attention – it hinges on the charge that Trump abused
the power of his office by withholding $400 million dollars of US security aid from Ukraine
and preventing diplomatic White House meetings from taking place unless the President of
Ukraine agreed to publicly announce an investigation of his political rivals. It couldn’t be more clear that this amounts
to Trump soliciting interference from a foreign government to help him win reelection. This behavior directly compromises the national
security of our nation, and our allies, by signaling to the entire world that the allegiance
and loyalty of the President of the United States can be easily purchased by any foreign
power that’s willing to play along and help him remain in office. Trump isn’t just selling himself out – he’s
selling out the entire country because he knows it’s the only way that he has a chance
at winning in 2020. The second article of impeachment – obstruction
of Congress – centers around the charge that, after getting caught abusing the power
of his office, Trump personally directed the unprecedented and indiscriminate defiance
of subpoenas issued by the House of Representatives in relation to the impeachment inquiry. To most intelligent, objective observers – there’s
no question that Trump is guilty of all of the charges the Democrats have laid out. However, the Republicans in Congress are neither
intelligent nor objective and have spent the entire week distracting, deceiving, and shouting
down any information that challenges their incredibly fragile worldview. These political hacks have treated the entirety
of the impeachment hearings like a Fox News segment – rambling nonsensically about discredited
and debunked conspiracy theories in a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the truth and wear down
the viewers and the American people. While it’s unlikely that these childish
tactics will prevent a successful impeachment in the House of Representatives – the prospect
for a conviction in the Senate, and removal from office, is quite bleak. Senate Republicans will always choose party
over country. They wave the flag and call themselves patriots,
but they are the first in line to sell out this nation’s values and disgrace the Constitution
for their own self-interest. That’s why it was so alarming this week
when Donald Trump “joked” about not leaving office after he loses an election – or after
his second term. He claims that he makes statements like this
just to antagonize the media, but the reality is that these statements are what’s known
in politics as “trial balloons” – or statements made to see how a new idea will
be received. Trump is being deadly serious when he discusses
not leaving office because he knows that – without the office of the Presidency to protect him
– his decades of illegal and fraudulent behavior will quickly unravel and send him
to jail faster than you can say tax fraud and money laundering. But! Trump’s impeachment isn’t the only newsworthy
event that happened this week. In an absolutely shameful atrocity, the House
passed the 2020 NDAA which authorized over $700 billion dollar in defense spending for
– among other things – the creation of Trump’s “Space Force.” This is a perfect example of why we need congressional
leadership with a backbone. How is it that shoveling over $700 billion
dollars into the military-industrial complex has bipartisan support while critical investments
in healthcare and education are derided as “free stuff”? The 2020 NDAA is 700 billion reasons to vote
out any representative that supported this disastrous legislation. But this week wasn’t all bad! Recently sworn-in Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear
signed an executive order restoring voting rights for over 140,000 former felons in the
state. This change leaves Iowa as the only state
in the nation that permanently strips the right to vote from anyone convicted of a felony. Changes like this are a great example of what
the future of American politics will look like. Young people are paying attention, getting
involved, and demanding progressive policies from our leaders and institutions. Just look at this recent poll that shows that
Bernie Sanders has more support among Democratic primary voters under 35 than ALL OTHER CANDIDATES
COMBINED. After decades of complacency and corruption,
America finally has a generation that actually gives a damn. Before we end this episode, I just wanted
to give a big shoutout and say thanks to everyone at the Denver chapter of Our Revolution. Earlier this week we spent an entire night
creating a bunch of holiday cards for the people that are in immigration detention at
the facility in Aurora, Colorado. Even though the circumstances are depressing
and infuriating, I had a wonderful time with the entire group showing that – while the
system may be cruel and heartless – the American people are not. Thanks for watching this episode of The New
American Dream! Let us know what you thought in the comments
and feel free to reach out at any time with any stories
that you’d like to see us cover!

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