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  1. Sovereignty (so advanced by Thomas Hobbes) is not Social Contract Theory. Popular Sovereignty is an oxymoron, like "Army of One." One what? One popularity? That's more like fascism than populism. We the People is nationalist, not despotic, or rather not absolutist (absolutism being the character of the socalled "Old World Order"). "Popular sovereignty" is a much newer term than Social Contract Theory.

  2. IN 1985, my 8th grade class was required to memorize and orate the Preamble in order to graduate middle school. I didnt realize the importance then, but now, as I recall that experience, it obviously left a permanent resonance. Thank you for your informative and MEANINGFUL videos.

  3. Omg !! Why did y’all only start this now! Like don’t get me wrong I’m thankful and all, but I wish y’all would’ve done this topic a long time ago !😭😭😭😭Still… forever loving and giving support to Khan Academy !!!

  4. So why did they say people are given rights and justice when native Americans had their land stolen and women were still seen as second to men?

  5. Is it "insure" domestic tranquility? Is that a spelling that changed over time or were they giving insurance on domestic tranquility? Or did they want to ensure it?

  6. We the people of the United States are Moors who ordained and established the Constitution for the United States of America. The colonial settlers did not write the Constitution contrary to popular belief or conpartmentaly taught miseducation.

    The US Constitution 1871 is not the organic Constitution for the united States of America 1787.

  7. It was originally "Some of us guys", but John Adams suggested they change it to the more appropriate "We the people".

  8. Government is too big and too powerful. And license everything, you have to register everything, from the advent of the cell phone to the birth certificate, to the social security number we are slaves end of story.

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