The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, is Honorary President of the EUYO
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The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, is Honorary President of the EUYO

November 18, 2019

Dear young people of the European Union Youth Orchestra, as President of the European Parliament I would like to congratulate all the young talents who participated in the orchestra auditions, and in particular with the 80 young finalists. It is a pleasure for me to address this message to you, because your presence here indicates not only your passion for music, but also your intelligence in exploiting the means of the European Union, which offers you many opportunities, and you do this by acting as cultural ambassadors for the European Union. We are lucky because Italy is the home of great masters of art and music that the whole world envies us, maestros who have left their mark, like Claudio Abbado, Arturo Toscanini who have been a source of inspiration for figures such as Riccardo Muti, Daniele Callegari, Nicola Luisotti, Riccardo Chailly, names that the current Italian music scene can boast as the great conductors of our time. This intangible cultural heritage is essential to make us fully understand and make us reflect on what “belonging” means and on what our identity is: culture, music are among the most suitable and effective means of dealing with the debate on the future of Europe, are fundamental in maintaining cultural diversity, encourage mutual respect, intercultural dialogue, help us remember who we are, where we come from, how we intend to move forward. Your presence here today is not only a mere pride for you but also for us: for Italy, because you officially become ambassadors of this project by exploiting one of the most powerful and modern cultural media, music, with the aim of bringing people together, of bringing different cultures in an Orchestra, contributing to the promotion of European musical heritage, the circulation of European works, the mobility of you, young European talents, beyond your national borders. As President of the European Parliament and as Honorary President of EUYO I assure you that the European institutions will continue to support your work: the European cultural industry needs to evolve and to be better known by its citizens. Thanks to your commitment, we will succeed in creating a unique European cultural landscape. The future Orchestra that will form up will be precisely the projection of a European society: it is ideal. We want a great symphony that works together to achieve peace, understanding, to put everyone in a position to be protected, understood, while showing the richness and diversity of European cultures and of emerging talents. A European orchestra that transcends cultural boundaries and is composed of young musicians from all the member states of our European Union: this is particularly important to deal with the challenges that Europe is facing now, and will face in the future. We know that that we can count on excellence: excellence like you, which work in a landscape of shared values, and act as a bridge between different cultures: each of you contributed in an exceptional way to protect and enhance eccezionale a proteggere e valorizzare o or promote our rich cultural heritage. I therefore wish to extend to you, all of you, my most sincere gratefulness: thank you for your commitment and all the work you are doing. Moreover, of course, good luck to you all, with appreciation and salutations from the European Parliament.

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