The Secrets To A Better Photoshop Composition
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The Secrets To A Better Photoshop Composition

October 21, 2019

All right, what is up guys Today’s video is a little bit different so I’m gonna be talking about how do you actually create
a powerful composition well what is a powerful composition? it’s a composition where you get more engagement, more likes, more shares, and other other good stuff, so before we get into that I want you to watch this video and notice the timestamp underneath it and how long it will take me to create this composition all right, that was less than two minutes to create this composition so the point here is to focus on finding good images, high-quality images, there are a bunch of free stock websites
that have high quality images well there is a bunch of bullsh* t also so try to pick out the best quality images and use those for your composition and try to limit it to one or two maybe three images and focus on the concept itself
instead of all those effects and all the other stuff so focus on concept and high
quality images of course you can always spend more time on making
the image itself better so i’m not saying you don’t need to spend time on editing and all the effects but let’s see can you do little things here like add these stars to make it look more cool and you can even just duplicate this all make a layer out of it, flip it, and just little things that make it look better so I’m just gonna
add here some water replacement effect like that those are just little things
to make the whole composition better than it is but it’s less important than
creating a good composition itself so those are just little things
to make it better make this darker like that so this is just to finalize your image but
try to focus on this concept itself it’s a lot more important
than all the other stuff next thing you wanna focus on is lighting lighting is super important in
compositions you don’t always need to have a bunch of stuff in your composition if you focus only on lights and shadows and create something cool with that it will get a lot more engagement because people like to see things
that are natural I’m not saying you don’t need to spend time on all the other stuff but I’m just telling those two things are really important and the concept itself of course and you can always spend more time on doing all the
other stuff so especially if you enjoy it just create a lot of bunch of
cool stuff and try to focus on lights, concept and shadows so those are my secrets
to a powerful composition so if you like this content don’t forget to
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you the next one

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  1. У тебя 16 лет опыта (насколько я знаю) хочу сказать спасибо! Что делешся своим опытом с нами !

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