The Senate in the Canadian Constitution Explained: Insights into Reform
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The Senate in the Canadian Constitution Explained: Insights into Reform

August 26, 2019

The British and Canadian form of government was inspired by Aristotle and other philosophers. They recommended a
mixed system in a three way balance. First, the historical form representing tradition and stability. Second, an appointed counsel representing values and experience. Finally, an elected body responsive to
the sentiments of the general public. Each part of a mixed government has pros and cons. A balanced Constitution give the benefits of the three while avoiding the worst of each. In Canada this is our Monarchy, our Senate and our House of Commons. Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy is like other successful countries. The Monarchy stands guard over the whole system, connecting to the past. The Senate is meant to comprise people respected for their values,
accomplishments and devotion to the public good. In Canada, Senate appointments are made by democratically elected people. While good people have
been appointed there has been too much partisanship. Merit based appointments
without the help of elected politicians could take the partisanship out and
honour the ideal of the Philosophers. Democracy has been a great blessing, but
Plato and Aristotle identified weaknesses. Plato warned that democracy
would prefer popularity and rhetoric over knowledge, image over substance. He believed democracy would make desisions based on naive, subjective opinions or emotions and hearsay. and thought money would have
too much influence on policy. Aristotle cautioned that democracy would lead to government by emotion. Politicians would mislead to get votes and the majority would terrorize the minority. When the US imposed democracy on Iraq,
the Shiites use their majority to gain government and persecute the Sunni
minority the result is Isis. In Syria, minority groups support the Syrian Government as do many secular and urban Sunnis. They worry the majority
fundamentalist and rural Sunnis sympathetic to Al-Qaeda and Isis would
persecute them in a democracy. Could Aristotle’s mixed government be an answer? Adolf Hitler used legal democratic
processes to gain power. In 1918 Germany abolished its Monarchy. The National
Socialist German Workers Party received 2.6% of the vote then 18% and 37% 33% and 44% Only after Hitler abolished the German Senate could he take complete control. There was no counterbalance to preserve
the system. The US. embraced democracy with their Revolution. 3 main ethnic
groups were: Europeans, North Americans and Africans. The Europeans used
democratic processes to enslave the Africans and ethnically cleanse Native
people from their lands. The Canadian form of government has created a society that is the envy of the world. If Canadian Senators were appointed only
for their values and commitment to the public good and not their partisan
credentials could we get closer to achieving the
ideals of the Philosophers?

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  1. Thanks for this video. Very informative.Do you think having ministers in the Senate, like they do in Australia, would give the Senate a greater accountability?It would seem like a good opportunity to have specialists and experts in certain areas

  2. An establishment founded by One Terror Organization in generations to come, conquers and establish another ISIS to make war with it! There are many reason why it is SO embarrassing to be an American for Me!

  3. Nice jab at the U.S., there. The U.S. has this system too, the presidency and the Congress, made up of Senators and Representatives.

    The people elect the President and House of Representatives (which weighs more populated states more), but originally didn’t elect Senators, who were appointed but are now elected as well. (The Senate also weighs all states equally).

    If anything, the U.S. has a more robust system, because it has a stronger Constitution with more protection from change than the Canadian Constitution.

    Furthermore, all societies have practiced in slavery at some point, including Canada.

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