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November 16, 2019

Liberty Prime is a giant badass robot, backing up
the Brotherhood of Steel’s dealings. Prime is basically the pinnacle of American
Patriotism. He was programmed to eradicate all communism
from the Anchorage front line just before the great war, and was supposed to be the
weapon to flip the switch in the fight against the Chinese invasion of Alaska. Sadly he never made it out there, due to the
lacking of combat subroutines in his code. He appears in fallout 3 and 4, as a spearhead
to the final stages of the Brotherhood of Steel’s plan in each game respectfully. AND he is an ass-kicking machine in all appearances. But I’ve got an interesting question that
I’m going to ask and hopefully answer… Is it real? Or more importantly, could we build our very
own Liberty Prime right now, using already crafted pieces of technology. I’m sure with the right amount of funding,
time and the best folk for the job, the human race could probably craft Liberty Prime from
scratch, exactly like he is in the game, within the next 10 or so years. But right now, we have bigger priorities. However some awesome nerdy folks all around
the world have made us proud, by proving that there is still some hope for humanity and
building some seriously cool stuff. Before I get into that, let’s take a step
back and take a long hard look at the big fella. Quite a sight, isn’t he? Well Mister Prime has a total of 5 million
Hit points… Yup! You heard me correctly, 5 bloody million. It’s gonna take a lot to take him down. His armor must really be something else, but
we’ve covered some armor already and it’s not the armor that’s really going to be
the unrealistic factor, it’s the scale of him. And not only that, the functionality at said
scale, it’s certainly difficult. In 1979, a company known as Sunrise Anime
-based in Tokyo- created a mega franchise that I’m sure most of you are familiar with… The Gundam Series. It has been a global success, with numerous
anime, Manga and merchandising spin-offs being released worldwide. Company ‘Gundam Front’ introduced the
world to the real world Gundam project. It was apparently a part of a national stunt
to aid in gaining the bid to host the Olympics earlier this year (in 2016). Obviously this failed, but it’s certainly
an interesting attraction, that has seen many tourists gazing up at it. After being introduced in 2009, it was shown
off at numerous locations throughout Japan, with some minor alterations as the years went
on. As of 2012 -to this date- the giant Gundam,
or RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.GFT Statue, stands at 18 metres high in front of the Diver City
Tokyo Plaza mall. That’s all fine and dandy, but what can
this bloke do? Well, that we don’t exactly know. And by that, I mean it could be a fully functional
Gundam that was supposed to take the world by storm by being activated on the world’s
stage, during the Olympics. But since Tokyo never got the 2016 Olympics,
all the world has witnessed is head movement, steam coming out of it’s vents and lots
of bloody lights. I really doubt, they would have left it this
long to show the world they mega advancements, but if anyone is going to build a real world
Gundam, it’s probably going to be Japan. So, we’ve got the scale to a tee, as it
stands at a pretty similar height to our buddy Liberty Prime. However, with our ignorance to it’s full
potential, it’s not looking like it’ll be our real world robot. But I’m sure most of you would either find
it pretty cool or just darn terrifying, if you woke up to find out that Japan had actually
developed a fully functional Gundam. Maybe they’ll up their game, the next time
they bid for a global event. Knowing that the majority of our audience is American, you will probably be a little annoyed that I’ve been something that is Japanese and not from — America, FUCK YEAH! Let’s take a look at something that is almost as patriotic as Liberty Prime a little more battle-ready then the Gundam statue. TeamUSA of Megabots have developed a massive
robot, that they have called the MK2. Considering it was designed as a Giant version
of something you would see out of the Robot Wars television show, I think this is gonna
be a close best for our liberty prime right now. TeamUSA have recently been testing it out
for weaknesses, because in its current state, it is a manned robot ,meaning somebody will
be inside of it, controlling how it fairs in the fight. The main reason for this, is because they
have challenged a Japanese company, for a battle with their robot. Yup, Japan did it first. I’m not going to deviate, but just remember
the name KURATAs in the future. Back on track. The MK2 moves on treads, which solves one
of the the biggest problems, I saw with most other robots that I found, which really use regular wheels. And they probably wouldn’t be able to move very easily on tough terrain or just uneven surfaces. But the MK2 has endured some testing, that
proves it has VERY good balance, taking many G’s of energy within hits from a small wrecking
ball with nothing but aesthetic damage. Well, the driver would probably be pronounced
dead aswell, but that can be worked around with somewhat remote controls or when we get
it, semi self-aware AI. Uh…starting to get scary now. The Mk2 is also at a similar height but maybe
a little bit smaller, to what we see Liberty Prime at, in the game. So overall, if the gun arm, was turned into
a semi-fast moving arm with a hand on the end, able to grab his nukes. I’m confident the MK2 could work in a similar
manner to Prime after some minor upgrading. So far we’ve had three robots, that in their own right, are pretty cool. However none can easily produce quite the same result that Liberty Prime can when he throws long and demolishes his foes with nuclear fire. I’m talking about his throwing arm, that he uses to hurl nuclear projectiles at any threat. For this, we can’t just have a silly slow robotic arm, like we’ve seen already. For this, we need to have something fast, like REALLY fast. In come the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. They have developed a robotic arm that will be used as a safety measure in the future. It’s main aim, is to have fast reflexes, and to halt as many fatalities as possible. For example, it could push a human out of the way of a collision, saving their life and probably destroying its own existence. But you’d rather a robot die in your place. It’s a little farfetched and still a work in progress, but it could be the future of safety. The arm has 3-6 times faster reflexes than the average human, depending on the circumstances, and has been trained up on catching items being thrown in it’s general direction. So it can move pretty fast, meaning it can throw things fairly fast. In it’s current state, it most likely wouldn’t be able to hold a nuke the size that Prime throws however this is early days yet, the technology is there, all we need is some upscaling and we can use this pacifist, life saving robot for some real good… Killing reds! Hell yeah! So this big fella -the MK2- is packing some pretty powerful paintball guns on him, that are the equivalent of a minigun. They can be lethal in the right range, but Liberty Prime doesn’t have these sorts of weapons, does he? He’s got his limbs for stomping and bitch slapping people with. But his main source of fire-power comes from his eye. Liberty Prime shoots “fricken lazers”
outta his eyeballs. Well, actually it’s not lasers at all. It’s apparently the same as firing a tesla
cannon, in the fallout universe. But as Austin has proved on many occasions,
the weaponry, especially the more sci-fi weaponry, *makes no fucking sense* The best we can do right now, unless some
military agency has some cool robot visor under wraps is this (X-men) Cyclops styled
pair of laser goggles. They’re not on the market, for obvious reasons,
lasers are very dangerous that close to the eye. But still they are darn cool. Creator, AnselmofanZero, has a large variety
of cool inventions he has amassed or created himself, just out of his love for geek culture. He has based these laser goggles on cyclops
from the x-men series to a certain degree, and guess what? They work! Moderately at least. He could only go so far with the power of
the laser, considering they could be used whilst wearing them as glasses. He has taken as many precautions as he could,
when crafting them, to make sure he wouldn’t damage his own eyes when using them. Maybe somebody with a lot more funding could
produce a laser beam to the extent of Cyclops, or a tesla blast from Liberty Prime. But I’m still doubtful it’ll be in the next
couple of years. Anyway, it won’t instantly turn a raider into
a pile of mush or goo, but it can burn very slowly into things, and probably cause a fire
to erupt if not used with caution. One prominent thing the creator showcased,
was the fact that the laser can pop balloons. So imagine wearing these goggles, and all
you would have to turn the laser on and look at a balloon for a few seconds and it would
pop. Assuming it wouldn’t permanently damage
any tissue, you could probably pull a really dark prank and burn through one of your friends
shirts. Probably safe to just stick to whoopie cushions
to be honest. Don’t want to risk your own friends life. So with a combination of things we sort of have a Liberty Prime. just a very underpowered and, well, a Liberty Prime that needs a lot of upgrades to say the least. But we’re getting there. As for the nukes, well, we all know that nuclear bombs are real and they have them in small sizes. I mean the mini nuke was inspired by a real thing, the davy crockett which is just a small nuke on a recoil-less gun so that’s pretty real. As for holding this fella up, we do always have the option of using the treads that the Megabot (built by TeamUSA) offer. Although, some people pointed out a glaring flaw in use treads, in the comment section of the Bastion TECH! Video. We open up one massive weakness. STAIRS! Sure, treads allow for better traction on multiple different terrain. However, we may have some form of stairs to climb, and also Liberty Prime himself had legs, probably for this exact purpose. Hajime Sakamoto has developed a project to actually build a functional Gundam, not just a giant statue with a functional head, an actual fully functional gundam. He has actually publically stated his disapproval of the giant gundam statue. Anyway, his vision is to create a 13 foot (3.9m) functional robot, and that isn’t even it’s final form! After that, Sakamoto is going to polish it up and expand to a 59 foot(17.9m) sized robot. It’s going to take a long ass time, for him to develop and perfect, but I take my hat off to him, for taking on the challenge.
So far, sketches of the first prototype have been drawn up, alongside one of the later stages for the 13 foot robot. What about physical gear? Well, he has developed heavy-duty legs, that are built to support a heavy load, that he expects to come from the torso and arms. On their own, they can be manually driven and have somebody ride atop them. But imagine when the final form is completed Pretty awesome stuff, it’s essentially if Liberty Prime bargained his weaponry away for a large sum of cheeseburgers. So, yup. He’s gained some weight. So we’ve got the legs, the arms, the torso and the weaponry sorted out… What about the brain behind this behemoth. We could always have him remotely controlled, assuming we can circuit all of this gear together without fail. But this would require some fella back at home base controlling him, when we would want all of our attack available when we’re storming the institute. I know it’s scary territory, but we’re going to have to venture into artificial intelligence. Spooky stuff. We’re not talking, fully self-aware AI. Because, that’s still not completely plausible. I’m talking about the sort of AI, that has certain programs that it sticks to, and does exactly like it should. Kind of like if you trained a dog, that had bloody massive weapons at its disposal, really well. There is a beta stage AI that is still being worked upon, that can input commands from voice recognition software. Though basic, it is still a giant leap. It has even been used alongside a vocal imiter to produce basic conversation, answering questions it picks up, in a rudimentary way. So not only can we get Prime to demolish our enemies, we can get him to spurt out anti-communism propaganda… AND even have him sparking up basic conversations with the lads on the frontlines. Not that it would benefit us much, when we just need him to through a few nukes their way. So that was my video on some tech behind Liberty Prime in the real world. Yet again we are still behind the video game features. but not anywhere near as much as we think. Give it a decade and we will all have Liberty Primes to do our bidding. I really hope you all enjoyed this episode, and if you did make sure to drop a like, drop a comment and subscribe if you’ve not done so already. If you have any questions, you can shoot them over to @shoddycast OR if you wanna have a chat with me, go to @Stallismilitia. It would be appreciated if you gave us a follow. ALSO, Alex the brains behind psycho is going to be doing a charity stream for extra life and we need YOUR HELP! Get your ass over to the Asynchrocast page on Extra life and send over some love to your local children’s hospital. Link is on screen, or in the description. Also There is sweet goodies to be won aswell, so go. Go NOW! Anyway, thank you very much for watching, My name is Andrew or Stalli111 and I’ll see you on the next episode! Bye-Bye!

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  1. I remember in fallout 3 the enclave got so pissed off at the bos for beating them with my prime that they air striked prime from above damn pricks could not handle the beating

  2. We arent behind fallout universe so to speak. we are currently in year 2017. fallout start about 2076…ish. so we still can catch up with them. we still have 50 to 60-ish years to develop liberty prime. so yea…😂😂😂😂

  3. What could his armor possibly be made of? A tungsten titanium alloy? Some sort of nano engineered carbon allotrope? American patriotism?

  4. This dudes trying to make Laser Glasses but is concerned with the safety of eyes!? You don't need to worry about eye safety when you make a Laser Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERICA FUC YE

  5. Anyone else think Liberty Prime sounds like Optimus Prime? Just replace every time he says "Chinese Communists" with "Deceptions".

  6. The us just made an high tech laser that is as good/better than liberty, but it's to big to be a eye laser, and the power source needs to be compacted
    Oh and you would probably need some sort of small fusion core

  7. the freaking laser beam is to energy intensive to be practical on a machine of that size. and how are we supposed to power those iron giants?

  8. Other than surviving a point blank low kiloton nuclear blast, it is entirely possible to build Liberty Prime today. Hell we can build a transformer if we wanted.

    The biggest issue is the power source. We currently have no way of using the raw energy of any type. We use the byproduct heat to run a steam generator. Hydro wind etc use those sources to directly turn a generator. Solar being the only exception (technically some satellites use a radioactive isotope as a power source but without a steam generator but this is a very small amount of power needed).

    If we can overcome the power issue then the only thing stopping us is why do we need him? The cost and limited usefulness makes it a moot point however.

  9. If i had to make a robot that size! used for combat! i would not make it work with two legs tho, if it falls over… well shit! back to the drawing board 😀

  10. Brotherhood Of Steel (Fanmade) Anthem | By xPaciFicRaFe


    Ooooh say can you seeee? By the dawn's early light…

    What so proudly we hailed… At the twilight's last gleaming….

    Whose broad Gears and our Sword… To defend our great lord….

    Aaannnd Liberty Prime's big red glare…. Nukes bursting in air….

    Gave proof through the night… That our flag was still there…

    O'er the land of the Strong…. and the Braaaaavvveee……


    Thank you! If you want to copy and paste this, don't forget to mention it's created by xPaciFicRaFe!

  11. The throwing arm concept is quite silly. Not the arm, but using it to throw explosives. Range is far too limited over a cannon. A four or six legged combat robot of giant size would be far more stable and armor can be thicker. Liberty prime is cool for a game, but a real world version would be very vulneranlble to conventional anti armor weaponry. Though it would look cool. Small, human sized versions and even smaller could be very effective. Something like a terminator, but even better armored. Sure, it would be vulnerable to heavy weapons, but it would be completely immune to small arms.

  12. Actually prime never saw action before the great war because the government couldnt provide enough electricity to give life to prime & the T-51 B suit of power armour was finished first so they abandoned prime 200 or so years later they find prime under the ruins of the pentagon fix hime up and use prime to hand the enclaves ass to them

  13. pfffff if america ever decided to attack canada with a thing like liberty prime we will deal with it like we do everything else eh maple syrup

  14. You know Liberty Prime was originally supposed to be drivable by the player. But due to time and game engine limitations, Bethesda left off Liberty Prime as an NPC

  15. with ez we make his parts might have be a bit smaller over all thing is with r power he wouldn't run long and power out

  16. Why would we be annoyed that you were talking about Japan instead of america? We aren't narcissistic assholes.

  17. I wish they would have made a figure for liberty prime ! He was too awesome not to have his own three zero figure

  18. It just doesn't seem like Liberty Prime is a very logical use of tech… No matter how much armor LP has, a single well-placed rocket, missile, or grenade at the knee, ankle, or waist would effectively end LP as a threat. A helicopter or Humvee is cheaper, faster, at least equally maneuverable, and easier to mass-produce. I don't see LP ever being created as anything more than a propoganda machine to motivate troops.

  19. Forget liberty prime, let's try to make the huge 1000 foot robots from origins. Much bigger than prime, can have specific targets set, is heavily armored against any non-explosive weapon and can be designed to deploy and carry troops. Arguably better than prime in all ways. No nukes or eye lasers, but they could be added to the robot. The ultimate advantage over prime would be humans controlling the actions of the bloody big mech.

    1000 foot robots > liberty prime.

  20. We already have lazer weapons we don't have mini nukes tho the only problem would be to get it to auto balance itself when standing and the power plant to keep it running

  21. no because liberty prime runs on fusion power difference between fission power that we use in our power plants and tho we know its possible we havent got it yet only cresting the surface were long ways away from it we literally have no way to power it in that small of a package needed

  22. Nappa: Hey Vegeta, how many hit points does that giant robot have?

    Vegeta: 5 million!!!!

    Nappa: did you remember where we parked the pods?

    Vegeta: no..

    Nappa: we're doomed!!!

  23. well the lasers are made from radiation due to the fusion cells/cores being compact nuclear factories so its more like compact plasma based beams

  24. Ahem The Actual reason Liberty Prime wasn't operational is becouse they couldn't properly power him becouse he requires so much and they could not supply it properly. Until Madison Lee was able to fix his reactor.

  25. You know Japan has the 2020 olympics, right? I mean, I know this is an old video but that business was already sorted out long beforehand.

  26. You will need over 73 trillion dollars to build a full size with nukes and the battery power with the coils

  27. if we could fit a nuclear power plant into an area no bigger than a suitcase we could build liberty prime, all the other tech exists, it's just the power core holding us up. we could probably even make it function semi-autonomously.

  28. let me just say that i am 1 min into the video and i see a problem nope ya can't build him as seen in the game cause power either generation or storage is insufficient

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