The treaty between mafia and Italian government (la trattativa) – english subtitles
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The treaty between mafia and Italian government (la trattativa) – english subtitles

November 27, 2019

TWENTY YEARS OF “THE DEALING” ( Pay attention to the dates.
They will appear in the upper left corner ) The cassation court in Rome confirms the sentences of inprisonment for the defendants of the maxiprocesso (“the mega-trial”) against the mafia. the life sentences and the other condemnations for Cosa Nostra’s (the sicilian mafia) bosses are confirmed. Calogero Mannino, a minister from Democrazia Cristiana (aka DC, a political party), secretly tells Giuliano Guazzelli, a marshal of the army, that>. In Mondello, two mafiosi (members of the mafia) on a motorbike shoot and kill Lima who is a Member of the European Parliament close to Giulio Andreotti. Vincenzo Pasiri, the chief of the police, writes on a secret note that, “according to a secret witness, someone threatened to death the prime minister,” ” that is, Andreotti,” “and also threatened to death the ministers Carlo Vizzini and Mannino.” “From March to July it is expected terrorism campain against politicians from the parties DC, PSI and PDS” “the campain also includes public bombs attempts”. Vincenzo Scotti, interior minister, tells the constitutional affairs committee of the Senate that>>. However, according to Andreotti, the warning by Scotti is just a bluff. Vito Ciancimino meets Bernardo Provenzano in Palermo.
The boss tells him that he does not like Salvatore Riina’s (a boss of Cosa Nostra) behaviour, and that “someone filled Riina’s head with bullshit”.>. Nicola Mancino, the DC’s minister, tells that in Montecitorio, the chamber of the deputies, Mannino told him:>. Nowadays Mannino claims it is not true, and that he was more worried for the magistrates. Marshal Guazzelli, whom Mannino told his secrets, is killed during an assault, whose mechanics are still not clear today. Giulio Andreotti’s government falls. Mannino informally meets several times the police chief, Vincenzo Parisi, the 3rd chief of secret services agency (SISDE), Bruno Contrada, and the chief of ROS (a police task force), Antonio Subranni. According to the magistrates, this is the point when the italian top officers tried to make a deal with Cosa Nostra, in order to stop it from killing more politicians. An anonymous letter, written by “Corvo Due” (“The Crow n°2”) claims that Riina and Mannino met twice in a church in San Giuseppe Jato village. According to the repented boss Giovanni Brusca, that was the time when a commando of Cosa Nostra’s got prepared to kill Mannino. the commando is ready to strike both in Palermo and in Sciacca, the birthplace city of Mannino. The magistrate Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and three of his bodyguard are murdered on Capaci’s Slaughter. The event generates such chaos that Andreotti’s nomination to Presidency of the Republic fails. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro is elected President of the Republic in place of Andreotti. The minister Scotti pushes the nomination of Paolo Borsellino as chief of the super-attorney anti-mafia
designed by Falcone.>,
says Borsellino to Lt Carmelo Canale. Giuseppe De Donno, who at that time was chief of the ROS, meets Massimo Ciancimino on a plane and asks him if it is possible to have an informal meeting with his father (Vito Ciancimino). La Trattativa (“THE DEALING”) begins. (The so-called Dealing is a secret treaty between Cosa Nostra and the Italian authorities. It started in 1992-1993, and many Italians fear it never ended). Vito Ciancimino (aka Don Vito) tells Provenzano about the carabinieri’s (policemen) request.>, says the boss. Then he asks Don Vito to play as the mediator of the Dealing, to keep in touch with Totò Riina, Antonino Cinà (another boss) and the carabinieri, to see what happens. The minister of Justice, Claudio Martelli, enact a decree that turns the imprisonment conditions much harder for the mafia bosses. The first meetings between Vito Ciancimino and De Donno need political assurance, then Mario Mori also join the next meetings. Riina is told about the dealing with the ROS:
he is super happy!>,
he says to Giovanni Brusca (his right-hand man). So the mafia bosses meet and together
write the Papello (“the Cheatsheet”), That is a list of request to be fulfilled by italian government (in order to have the mafia stop murdering politicians). De Donno tells Liliana Ferraro, director of penal affairs from the ministry of Justice, about the meetings with Vito Ciancimino. Ferraro tells Carlo Martelli the whole story. Mori and De Donno secretly meet Borsellino. Later the two policemen will explain that during that meeting they talked about the report
“Mafia and procurements”. That same day, in the evening, Borsellino makes an announce during a convention:
>. A new government takes the power, its chief is Giuliano Amato. Scotti’s office at the Ministry of the Interior is taken by Nicola Mancino. Nowadays Mancino says he asked Scotti not to leave the Ministry of Interior, Scotti replies it is not true,
>. the DC deputy, Giuseppe Gargani, tries to influence Bettino Craxi in order to have Martelli replaced at the Ministry of Justice, yet without success. At the Fiumicino airport, Liliana Ferraro tells Borsellino about the meeting between the ROS and Vito Ciancimino.>says Borsellino,
who is not surprised at all. Borsellino, crying, secretly tell the magistrates Massimo Russo and Alessandra Camassa:
>. Borsellino is in Rome, at the DIA (Antimafia Investigation Directorate), and he is interrogating a pentito (a repented mafioso), Gaspare Mutolo. Suddenly the phone rings: Borsellino is summoned to
the Viminale (the Ministry of Interior’s palace), where the office has just been assigned to the new minister Mancino. Borsellino meets Mancino, but in the next 20 years Mancino claimed it was not true. When Borsellino came back, says Mutolo,
he was super-nervous and he was smoking two sigarettes contemporarily. In the ministry palace he met Bruno Contrada, the 3rd chief of SISDE, later condamned for collusion with the mafia. Contrada told Borsellino a joke about the repentance of Mutolo. But that fact was supposed to be a secret (!). That night Borsellino told his wife,
>. Vito Ciancimino is given the papello.
It contains 12 request which, according to Cinacimino, are “inadmissible”. Among these, there is the suppression of “41 Bis” (an antimafia act), and the “Dissociation” option, (that is, serving oneself’s sentence on mafia crimes without revealing the crimes of other mafia men). In palermo someone denounces that a Fiat 126 (car) was stolen. vito ciancimino shows the papello to the carabinieri, who argue that the requests are unaccettable. The dealing roughly stops. Borsellino go back home, he feels sick, he throws up.
Then he confide his wife:
>>. A Fiat 126 filled with TNT burst off in d’Amelio street (Palermo), the explosion kills Borsellino and
five of his bodyguards. Vito Ciancimino and the ROS get back in touch. The ROS’ request is to arrest hidden mafia fugitives, especially Totò Riina. The ROS give Vito Ciancimino some maps of Palermo city and some phone records. Massimo Ciancimino gives the maps to Provenzano. The next week, when he gets the maps back,
he notices Provenzano has marked some spots. The front page article of the “Corriere della Sera” (italian famous newspaper) announces: “Riina is on the ropes. Mancino swears:>”. Vito Ciancimino, who just asked for the passport, is arrested.
>, he complains to his son. In Novara (Piedmont), the police arrest Balduccio Di Maggio, the driver of Totò Riina. Di Maggio immediately swears to general Francesco Delfino that he will confess all the information needed to arrest Riina. Delfino, who works as official in the military secret agency (SISMI), is also involved in many “Italian Misteries”. Later he will be condamned for aggravated fraud during the “Soffiantini kidnapping” trial. In the end of a press conference, a journalist
interviews Mancino, and when asked about fighting the mafia, Mancino firmly answers:>. Captain Ultimo (aka Sergio De Caprio) arrests Totò Riina just a few meters off his hideout. Many days go by, yet the police does not search the lair. When the police break into the hideout, it is totally empty (and even fresh painted). Only many years after, speaking in front of the president of the Court of Assizes of Florence, Mancino said:>>>. The jurist Giovanni Conso takes the office of Claudio Martelli as Keeper. This replacement direcly comes from an order of the President of the Republic: Scalfaro. The right-hand men of Totò Riina take action: in Fauro street, Rome, a car bomb burst when the car of the journalist Maurizio Costanzo is passing by, nobody gets injured, but there is a coincidence: The car of Lorenzo Narracci is parked just
a few meters off the place where the bomb exploded. Narracci is the secret agent whose phone number was written on a slip of paper retrieved among the wrekage of Capaci’s slaughter. Another bomb burst.
It happens in Georgofili street, in Florence. Five people get killed.
Among them, there was a 50 days old child. The top men of the penitentiary administration department get substituted. Niccolò Amato is expelled, while Adalberto Capriotti and the judge Francesco Di Maggio get his office. But Francesco Di Maggio does not meet the requirements to get that charge, so, first he has to be appointed as State Councilor. Afterwards, Conso asserted:
>. The party “Forza Italia” (“Go Italy”) is founded. Another bomb burst, in Palestro street, in Milan.
Five people get killed. In a report drafted by the DIA, it is hypotesized that there is a negotiation in progress. (between Cosa Nostra and the Italian State). The DIA analysts write that: “it is clear that a revocation, even partial,
of the acts substaining the 41 BIS law” “might be the first signal indicating that the State is prostrating itself to Cosa Nostra’s will,” “while weakened by the terrorist campain”. 343 mafiosi do not get their 41 BIS sentences renovated. When asked, Conso, the Keeper, will reply:>. In Milan, the Graviano brothers (Cosa Nostra’s bosses) get arrested. Plot twist!
Silvio Berlusconi wins the political elections. According to the pentiti, on the backstage of Forza Italia, Marcello Dell’Utri already made a deal with Cosa Nostra in order to share the power. The infiltrator Luigi Ilardo meets
Bernardo Provenzano at the “Mezzojuso Summit”. The ROS could catch Provenzano, because Ilardo is the informant of colonel Michele Riccio. Nevertheless, Mario Mori and Mauro Obinu rather prefer watching from a distance the meeting place, without taking action. Luigi Ilardo is shot before he could become
a pentito (thus obtaining protection from the Police). The senators Melchiorre Cirami, Bruno Napoli, Cesare Nava and Ivo Tarolli purpose a low to establish the official condition of
“dissociated pentito”. According to this condition, the mafiosi get their punishment reduced by simply declaring their will to leave the mafia. At this point, the people thought Cosa Nostra had finally been defeated (and disbanded). But actually, under Provenzano’s leadership, the mafia only became silent. Totò Riina speaks to the court:>>>Provenzano is caught while he was hiding in a farm nearby Corleone (Palermo). The night before, the center-left party narrowly won the elections. “Panorama” (a monthly newspaper) publishes an exclusive interview with Massimo Ciancimino, who, after a while, is summoned by the attorneys of Caltanissetta and Palermo. The investigation on “THE DEALING” begins. Gaspare Spatuzza, the right-hand hit man of Graviano brothers, repents and becomes a pentito. He confesses he was the one who stole the Fiat 126 and the one who filled the car with TNT, which blew up Borsellino. Ciancimino jr. (Massimo) starts revealing details about the meetings between the ROS and his father (Vito). Therefore, some men from the Institutions, who until that moment had been silent, also start to talk about the same meetings. The attorneys in Palermo and Caltanissetta start summoning the jailed mafiosi and the men from the Italian State who took part in the main facts from 1992-1993: Claudio Martelli
Giovanni Conso
Liliana Ferraro
Luciano Violante
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
Nicola Mancino
Niccolò Amato The attorney of Palermo orders the arrest
of Massimo Ciancimino, accused of slander against Gianni De Gennaro,
(one of the top chief of the Police). Mancino fears he will be put on trial,
summoned by the court of Palermo. So he starts phoning insistently and continuously Loris D’Ambrosio, who is the juridical colsuntant of Giorgio Napolitano
(the President of the Republic). It is the so-called “Romanzo Quirinale”
(“The Quirinal Novel”: it’s a pun to indicate the criminality reached the top of Italian government). Something happens into the secret chambers of the high places to save from the tribunals the men from the State who acquiesced the Dealing with Cosa Nostra. Sandra Amurri, a reporter from “Il Fatto Quotidiano”
(a newspaper), overhears a speech between Mannino and Gargani.>>, said Mannino. The attorney in Caltanissetta closes the investigation on the politicians, but it also writes a sentence which harshly criticize their behaviours. The General prosecutor of Cassation, Vitaliano Esposito, asks for the documents of the trial in Caltanissetta. Mancino immediately phones Esposito
to congratulate him. The enquiry in Palermo about the Dealing is also shut down. Twelve people are investigated.
Among these people there are: Marcello Dell’Utri
Calogero Mannino
Mario Mori
Giuseppe De Donno … …
Nicola Mancino – charged with false testimony
Giovanni Conso
Giuseppe Gargani
Adalberto Capriotti the 3 last ones are charged with false testimony to the prosecutor. Twenty years of “THE DEALING”

The End English subtitles:

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