The Treaty of Algeron
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The Treaty of Algeron

November 28, 2019

We can’t do it if we abandon the Enterprise they’ll come back here and get their hands on both ships it’s agreed Options captain I believe we could use the faces to cut our way out The asteroids internal structure is highly unstable any attempt to cut through the rock could cause the entire chasm to collapse Captain I have a suggestion. There’s a piece of equipment and Admiral Preston’s quarters under guard that might get us out of here. It’s a prototype for a federation cloaking device. You just ended your career will that’s what it’s about. a cloaking device in the Treaty of Al Jarreau the Federation Specifically agreed not to develop cloaking technology and that treaty is the biggest mistake we ever made. It’s kept us from exploiting a final area of defense that treaty has kept us in peace for 60 years. And as a Starfleet officer You’re supposed to uphold it now, that’s enough. I’m taking command of this vessel. Mr. Worf escort the captain to his quarters. I don’t think anyone’s going to come to your defense this time. How do we use the cloak to escape from the asteroid? It’s more than just a cloak It changes the structure of matter in theory a ship using this device could pass through normal matter See why you were so eager to find it. Can’t you see the potential here? The phasing cloak could be the greatest breakthrough in weapons research in the last 50 years. Except that it’s illegal. It’s in violation of an agreement that the Federation signed in good faith captain. I Think we could adapt the cloak for the Enterprise. Mr. Data Theoretically it is possible sir But it would take several hours to study the device and determine how to link it to our systems make it so.

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  1. April 5, 2063 Can you please upload Kumari Versus Dolim's Reptilian Warship, and Captain Archer versus Commander Dolim scenes from "Star Trek: Enterprise" Season Episode 24 "Zero Hour?" I would really appreciate it.

  2. If I was Picard, I would have used the device to pass through the asteroid – cleared the war birds sensor range, gone to warp and left the Romulans there waiting indefinitely.

    What were they going to do? Claim later they purposely trapped and endangered a federation ship in an asteroid? That could’ve been interpreted as an act of war/aggression.

    Fuck the Romulans, and keep that device!

  3. And shortly after this, the Dominion showed up, and the Romulans help the Federation with their cloaking tech to be used on the USS Defiant.

  4. I have to agree with the admiral. The treaty was a mistake. It forbid the federation to build clocking device.

  5. What the hell are they on about? That's not a "cloaking device", it's an interphasic travel adapter. They aren't "cloaked" in normal phase, they just aren't there to be seen. Easy breezy, no treaty violation. Just like when they took in those Romulan POW's, oops, I mean "disarmed combatants".

  6. I'm with the Admiral/Locke on this one. Romulans and Klingons have cloaking Tech that the federation has used in past episodes to their advantage. That dumbass treaty should have never been signed. Picard and Riker were being absolute tossers in this episode.

  7. I have to agree with Picard in the Treaty of algeron the Federation agreed not to develop cloaking technology

  8. "In good faith". Hogwash. Romulan Warbirds use their cloak to enter Federation space all the time. They kidnapped Georgi LaForge right next to Risa for god's sake. Pressman is in the right. The treaty has already been abused by the Romulans many times.

  9. The Treaty of Algeron is the sort of treaty you sign if you've just lost a war. Pressman was wrong to break the agreement, but the Federation was wrong to sign it in the first place…

  10. In my opinion the admiral was right. Letting your rival have a technological upper-hand because they "promise" not to use it against you is foolish. Only valid excuse could of been if the Federation was seriously getting it's ass kicked and needed to end the war ASAP, to the point they would be willing to take that hit.

  11. Better question is what happened to Pegasus after? Did the Romulans board and get access to some Federation tech or was it destroyed by the Enterprise afterwards?

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