The Treaty of Versailles, Terms of the Treaty 2/2
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The Treaty of Versailles, Terms of the Treaty 2/2

November 19, 2019

the Treaty of versailles 1919 The terms of the Treaty of versailles can be divided into three groups Territorial military and Financial and economic Here are some of the territorial terms [alsace] Lorraine was returned to france Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria lands in East Germany Including the farmlands of Posen and the polish corridor between East Germany and East prussia were given to poland The Saar Which Had rich coal fields were given to France for 15 years All Germany’s colonies were taken and given to France and britain as mandates Here are some of the military terms the German army was restricted to [only] [100,000] men the [Navy] could now only have six battleships and no submarines and there was to be [no] air force allowed The Rhineland was demilitarized this meant the German army could not go to this area between France and Germany For the financial and economic terms germany would have to pay reparations which would eventually be set at an enormous 132 Billion Gold marks on Top of this germany was not allowed to join the league of nations and had to accept [responsibility] for causing all the damage and Loss by the war Overall the Treaty of versailles was unpopular with Germany and its creators Its terms would go on to be reversed by Germany in both secret and in the open by Hitler and help cause world war two Watch our other videos to learn more get your copy of simple history world war one available on Amazon now

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  1. Ok so one man the guy who killed the franz archaduck of Austria Hungary started basicly ww1 the treaty of Versailles and ww2 way to go dude

  2. But Germany Didn't start the war, Serbia did, and France should chill, they were spoiled to take all German colonies and 15% land of Germany

  3. Wait so Austria Hungary isn’t going to pay for ANYTHING?!!? That’s NOT FAIR! The reason why the war even started was all because of the incident between Austria Hungary and Serbia, which dragged Germany and the other countries into this mess.


  4. Interesting! I made an episode about this topic also but focusing more on the folklore of these regions.

  5. Ww1 was caused by a Serbian so if Germany never existed they will still be ww1 and don't forget to subscribe at my channel and I uploaded 2 New video

  6. People blame Germany for world war 2 and it is true but the cause is the first war.So everybody can blame Austria Hungry for the first war

  7. Germany was not blameless. It had violated the neutrality of Belgium which had been guaranteed by international treaty. But the reparations were disastrous and destroyed Germany's currency. Only way Germany could pay was to print money. Sound familiar?

  8. It's no wonder WWII happened…
    Thanks france and britian…

  9. i voted for american and british(french hit the rock botom of hatred by germans with versalies(no wonder why were axis germans brutal to french during occupation of france in ww2))

  10. "No Treaty of Peace Shall Be Held Valid in Which There Is Tacitly Reserved Matter for a Future War"
    – Philosopher Immanuel Kant, 1795

  11. so the english violated the Tordesillas treaty by invading and crossing the line west of it …..when you think about it the USA and Canada are on Spanish territory

  12. This treaty is a perfect lesson for those who try to undermine someone who is potentially capable but temporarily weakened…..

  13. It was actually £6600 million to pay. And saar was given to the league of nations and not france for 15 years

  14. It's sad that Germany had to take all the blame for the war when Serba started the war by assassinating the second in line for the Austrian throne

  15. Austria-Hungary Should've been blamed, and I like America and Britain's Type of punishments.

    Germany was involved because of Austria Hungary.

  16. Absolutely amazing video as usual! I watch lots of your videos and they really help me get better at my history GCSE so thankyou so very much 🙂

  17. Meanwhile in a Alternative universe in that the schliefen Plan was a succed and they see what happened in your universe hah such idiots wasted milion more lives than we and still another ww happened After that that cost 6 Times more lives

  18. I can understand the reason why Germany was blamed in WW2, that's obvious. But in the great war… they started the attacks but the atrocities done by both UK and France are equal to Germany's. It's the same "the winners write history".

  19. guys i need help . do you think the treaty of versailles was justifiable at that time ? why ? thank you so much pls reply asap !!!

  20. 0:17 shut up this is what france basically wants

  21. The attitude of Bosnian Serbs caused world war 1 and this caused world war 2 but Germany was blamed for starting both the wars

  22. france and brits were kinda jerk they helped italy in abbysinia even tough italy was killing civillians they treated germany and other countries just like their property THEY BLAMED GERMANY not serbia . GAVRILLO PRINCIP STARTED WW1

  23. Britain wanted Germany's economy destroyed as it was bigger, better and much more successful than Britain's. WWI was the result. The Treaty of Versailles resulted in 24 million Germans dying of starvation – the biggest scandal that Britain kept secret. This horrific consequences for the desperate German people gave rise to Hitler. He wanted to rescue this nation from the inhumane British political overlords. It turned ugly for the entire world. There are parts of history that Britain wants to keep secret. It will turn the perspective and truth on its head. They were the aggressors. To get the USA into the war, a secret deal was made with Jewish Americans to provide land for Jewish ppl if they can persuade America to join the war. It would lead to more than 60 million people losing their lives. Israel came into being, with never a moment's peace ever since. Not for anybody. More millions of people died since then. The Treaty of Versailles was done to destroy Britain's economic rival. Greed. That's all.

  24. i think the allies started the war.
    because the guy who killed franz ferdinand was a serbian man and serbia refuse to pay Austria for the death of Austria's heir.

  25. You know many people don't know what Germany was like back then the treaty of versailles was not a helping hand it was a thow a nation in the water and keep your foot on their head if they try to come up for air. Germany's people were a broken people for a treaty they had no say in. Honestly Europe's leaders are a direct cause of world war II. The moment WWI ended was the moment WWII started and the leaders of europe paid dearly for that.

  26. All started when Prussia ( a country that no longer exist loooll) attacked France because of jealousy , it is called KARMA 🇫🇷😘

  27. after i watched this i was about to go to great france and say dont you fucking dare piss of gremany again cause they will beat you.

  28. Germany:*signs Treaty of Versailles*
    Treaty of Versailles: I’m going to embarrass this country’s whole history
    Hitler: I’m gonna stop you there.

  29. Very useful and educational vids. But why didn't you mention the other countries affected? – Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria? 🙁

  30. A lot of things could be said about Woodrow Wilson I’m personally not his biggest fan, but I think WWII might have just been prevented if his idea were heard out.

  31. Studying history: well who should be responsible for the war is a complicated problem, I have to say it all started way long ago when Prussia and France declares a war. Wilhelm the 1st ,father of wilhelm the 2nd,sat at the throne of Versailles and announced that Prussia empire was built. Then french started to hate German. After wilhelm 2nd took over the throne he ignored Bismarck idea of keeping the relationship with RUS. Yah he pisses Russia off and kinda lead russian to join the allies. At 1907 Europe is divided into two parts, the centrals and allies. But the war still doesn’t occurred. During 1907-1914 there’s a lot of things goin on in Europe, German try to test brit and france relationship by doin things that will piss french off in Morocco, the serb and Austria relationship is going worse. So I personally thinks that Germans are not the one who’s responsible for the war. It’s the king of the Germans kept doin sth I considered as a little “stupid” but that king wasn’t punished at all. He ran to Holland and live way longer than the king of Austria or Nicholas 2nd , but what he done had cause his men to suffer.
    (My grammar sucks so don’t mind. And it might be a little offensive, I apologise if some of you feel so)

  32. I blame the Allies for WW2. Britian and France may act like they are the good guys, but both were hoping to ensure and secure their own domination over their empires and ensure the status quo was not challenged again by Germany. The treaty itself shows their true intentions.

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