The trial begins | Impeachment This Week
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The trial begins | Impeachment This Week

January 19, 2020

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  1. Why do we even have a President if he's not in charge of the Law's…..
    because last time i checked….
    that's the only reason they keep us in panic mode in fear of war….just so we have to listen to the President

  2. I’ve gotta tell you, the Washington post is very persuasive and they’re very good at it. But Donald John trump did nothing of that matter. This is the Democrats last chance to do something to possibly make the president loose the 2020 election. This is their last shot.

  3. Trump said the Republicans were the dumbest people on the planet and that they would believe whatever he says so this is the time for him to prove hes right. Sad to be them.


  5. (Spoiler Alert)

    Act 1: Senate Republicans close ranks and aquit Trump

    Act 2: Trump gets re-elected because the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot again

  6. Democrats: how can we lose the faith of the brainwashed slaves we still control?

    Nancy Pelosi: hold Elizabeth Warren's beer.

  7. We need more progressives in Congress. I’m tired of the politics from corporate democrats and republicans. We need more members of Congress that truly represents their constituents and the American people as a whole.

  8. Such a waste of taxpayer's dollars. They need to stop and realize he's done nothing wrong and let him finish out his term…. so he can get another one.

  9. A county that punishes someone for doing a good job is about to roll over and die.
    Now that Trump has fixed stuff be honest and run on Make America Suck Again liberals. You want free stuff that costs someone trillions of dollars.

  10. The Emperor With No Clothes is failing in fabulous fashion,
    His enabling cultists blind to the naked truth before them.

    Country over Party. Country over Cult.

  11. The do nothing Democrats can impeach the moon for all we care! Donald J Trump is the President! He ain't getting removed from office! Joe Biden bragged on camera about holding up aid to get what he wanted. Where's Hunter?

  12. It's just a Democrats vs Republicans clown show. Bring out the popcorn and watch them act like fools in the U.S. Supreme Court circus.

  13. I am old enough to have watched our media defend a rapist and his corrupt wife to the death and now punish a man who has done nothing.
    The fact that there are so many stupid people that listen to you is what scares me. Stupid never heals up.

  14. I'm just waiting for that other Simpsons episode to come to past… The one where Homer walks up and pulls the skin masks off the politicians faces and the two alien dudes are underneath… Lmao!!! 🖖👽

  15. I am not a trump supporter, but why is the government wasting so much time and energy impeaching a president that has one year left. This is coming across as a egotistical battle rather than something to better our country. Why has political action become something that resembles two sports fan bases going at it.

  16. The aim of this is diversion. They know they will loose but still go to the process to waste everyone time and divert the attention so they have a shot at winning the election

  17. Trying to make this a dramatic event…its a joke, Americans see it. Dems have opened up a world of hurt for future presidents

  18. Maybe we should stop electing Catholics and restore our Protestant idea that promotes individualism and self determination. Not fraud and popery and bringing this Protestant nation to chaos

  19. Trump embarrassed his potential political opponent, Joe Biden, by investigating his son’s business dealings in Ukraine. And that’s all that was necessary for these democrats to impeach. Democrats will dismiss this fact. But it is exactly why there is no republican support.

  20. If we do not have the Elector College we will get China (or ?) super populating blue states with voters and USA will be GONE!

  21. Biden did everything that democrats are accusing Trump of doing, and they don’t understand why people call them hypocrites.

  22. Will GOP survive? Yes, as did Massachusetts after the same condition: “A drab of state, a cloth-o-silver slut, To have her train borne up, and her soul trail in the dirt". And Yes, the Republic will survive – but will it ever recover its its honour enough to again lead the world? Might is not sufficient.

  23. Don't know what stinks worse….the feces on the streets of San Francisco ( Pelosi's home state) or the stench of Pelosi and her cronies. Pathetic. SMH.

  24. What does the Constitution say about the president?
    The Constitution explicitly assigns the president the power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces, ask for the written opinion of their Cabinet, convene or adjourn Congress, grant reprieves and pardons, and receive ambassadors.

  25. Not ONE Republican voted for impeachment in the HOUSE! Why wouldn't you republicans dismiss this abomination of our system!

  26. Under the Constitution, the president is the federal official that is primarily responsible for the relations of the United States with foreign nations. The president appoints ambassadors, ministers, and consuls (subject to confirmation by the Senate) and receives foreign ambassadors and other public officials.

  27. The defemation is on former client storm the lady who lawyer was on her case about the similar scandal of his former mistress like former scandal Mr. Bill Clinton and Al gore administration. Bill Clinton and Al gore administration impeachment should get overturned like other cases like Mr. Bleu davinci as a drug dealer and killer and extortionist and the 3 mmm of good hard working businessman along with Edgar Hoover building along with government hunger for a long diversion call. owe the Mr. Bleu davinci a reform man and guilty by association by entertainment association and not good purponderous of the evidence in my opinion like Mr. Williams family and artist Mr. Snoop Dogg family as well. Loretta Campbell. Paris Ervin daughter and uncle Clarke niece and Anton family. The other so called hell angels was defamed as well with the former cooperate Confidential information that shouldn't be immencable in court for conflict of intrest with the government evidence of here say. And media and documentary as well should get banned sued and pardon and reimbursed for deffmation and slander of what a meaning of brotherhood love of Harley Davidson bikes.Loretta Campbell and Paris Ervin. 10 12 1987

  28. This is just a damn waste of time, everyone knows trump will be the president in 2020. This is what democrats do when they don't have anyone to run against trump.

  29. It’s feels like watching soap opera and I think trump likes the attention, believe me. Moscow Mitch is the villain and the one democrats lawyer who gets the witnesses is the hero hopefully. Mitch is the bigly looser. All the characters are drama queens especially republicans who lied about trump ‘s guilt even after many people witness what Don John trump did. At the end trump leaves office and Pence get impeached next, Barr gets investigated. All the kings men fall! Don’t know if the would happen but I am hoping. Getting my popcorn ready.

  30. Katie case manager hi from the Samaritan house va beach va best counselor and friend and replace the black African American for good reason. Loretta Campbell. Paris Ervin daughter 1987 family forever.

  31. I've been watching various YouTube videos to get a fuller picture of what all is happening with the impeachment. I must Sat this Washington Post production is concise, clear, well written, well produced and so very elegantly photographed. Kudos to the team. Keep it up.

  32. Marty Sparks wasn't a liable witness in my case va Virginia Beach job incident report with Daphne Mendez with her aggressive behavior as prior supervisor oversee the rooms at gold key hotel former employee along with jr market convenient store as well. Loretta Campbell 10 12 1987. Paris Ervin daughter and uncle Clarke niece and Anton former peaches and baby girl love you Jada Kay strange mama loves you more than life along with you siblings Christina cheyanne crase and Curtis Charles crase. Mama loves you so much. Loretta Campbell 1987 empire ervin

  33. You guys are funny. Your making it this sham look important on here say. Witnesses or not trump still wins. Done by the law , truth wins.😹

  34. AMERICA knows that the democrats did everything correctly in the impeachment hearings.TRUMP REFUSED TO COOPERATE. The GOP wants to STOP AMERICA FROM OUR RIGHT TO THE TRUTH. It doesn't matter what the rules are. WHAT MATTERS IS THE TRUTH. LET WE THE PEOPLE SEE A FAIR TRIAL, documents and witnesses included.

  35. As the world awaits firts world wisdom it is its duty to eliminate the necropolitan so that kleptocracy will not be a worldwide evil.

  36. Please let the Bidens testify!! It would just clear the path for President Bernard Sanders #46. All day every day!! 👍

  37. USMCA DEAL DONE= Promise made promise kept
    CHINA TRADE DEAL DONE- Promise made promise kept…while democrats cant get over it

  38. Everytime I see Lindsey Graham, I just wanna throw-up. He represents the very definition of hypocrisy in politics as do several of them, and he has been that way for quite some time now.

  39. The Senate will acquit Trump no matter what. It's rigged by a party constantly moaning about things being "rigged"

  40. Mitch McConnell you are the head of the Senate do something about it… and Stop Lying to the American people… If you can't help Trump for all the Dems LIES well mind as well step down and retired…

  41. When will the rest of the republicans break out of Trumps trance. He flunked every school he ever attended and his stupid following think he is a genius because he says he is. Oh my.

  42. If the republicons succeed in blocking witnesses can the Managers/attorneys ask the judge to submit new evidence and call witnesses like in a court of law? As best as I can tell there is nothing stating that they can't. Blocking witnesses from testifying is unprecedented.

  43. ***MEDIA FAIL*** — Fascist reporter Amber Phillips, who works for the liberal Washington Post owned by the monopoly giant Amazon, which is owned by gazillionaire Bezos, thinks competing journalist's ideology is somehow relevant to their Pulitzer Prize-worthy journalism! Do we detect a hint of reporter envy, Ms. Phillips? Sorry, you'll never be as good as Rachel, but you should at least try a bit harder to be better!

  44. Iranian military shelled training camps in Yemen: 60 killed

    Congress, along with Nancy Pelosi, again sat in a puddle.

  45. Trump and the GOP are the most corrupt bunch of bad apples ever in the whitehouse in american history!! The bidens arent on trial for Impeachment and have zero to do with the Impeachment. Who should testify>Trump>Rudy>Parnas>Nunes>Bolten. Moscow Mitch should be Removed Hes in the trump cult thats killing America!!!!

  46. If they loved this country, as we do, then getting to the truth is not a red or blue thing! It's a constitutional thing. In 2008, Democratic loved this country and people enough to risk everything to bring the ACA to America's most needy. The GOP seems to be unwilling to do the same, so they do not represent the people of this country. The most unpatriotic people that are walking this earth.

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