The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained
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The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained

September 26, 2019

Look. At. That.
What a waste. That queen, living it off the government in her castles with her corgis.
(and gin) Just how much does this cost to maintain?
The answer: 40 million pounds. That’s about 65 pence per person per year
of tax money going to the royal family. Sure, It’s still twenty-three pence short
of a complete shield, but it might be more than you want to pay.
Any after all, those are your coins. Why does the queen get to steal them?
Well, it’s a little complicated. The story starts with this guy: King George
the third, most well known as the monarch who lost the United States for the Empire.
Less well known – but far more interesting – is he likely suffered from a mental illness
called Porphyria which has the unusual side effect of transforming your poop from it’s
normal boring brown to a delightful shade of purple.
But I digress – back to the the reason the Royals get tax money.
King George was having trouble paying his bills and had racked up debt.
While he did own huge tracts of land, the profit from their rental was too small to
cover his expenses. He offered a deal to parliament: for the rest
of his life he would surrender the profits from the rents on his land in exchange for
getting a fixed annual salary and having his debts removed.
Parliament took him up on the deal, guessing that the profits from the rents would pay
off long-term. Just how well did parliament do? Back to the
present let’s compare their profits and losses by using a tenner to represent 10 million
pounds. The cost to maintain the royal family today
is 40 million pounds per year. But the revenue paid to the UK from the royal
lands is 200 million. 200 million in revenue subtract 40 million
in salary costs equals 160 million pounds in profit.
That’s right: The United Kingdom earns 160 million pounds in profit, every year from
the Royal Family. So stop all your moaning about the Royal family
and how much they cost and how worthless they are. The Royal Family is Great for Great Britain.
Doing the individual’s math again: 160 million pounds divided by 62 million people
is about 2 pounds and 60 pence. Because of the Royal Family, your taxes are
actually 2 pounds and 60 pence cheaper each year than they would otherwise be.
But perhaps that’s not enough for you because you’re a real greedy geezer. Why not kick
they royals out and keep 100% of the revenue. Because it’s still their land. King George
the crazy wasn’t crazy enough to give up everything, just the profits.
But it wasn’t only him: every Monarch since King George the third has voluntarilyturned
over the profits from their land to the United Kingdom. Again: Voluntarily.
If the government stopped paying the Royal Family’s living and state expenses the Royals
would be forced to take back the profits from their land. And your taxes, dear Monarchy-haters,
would go UP not DOWN. Plus 160 million is just the easily measurable
money the United Kingdom makes from the royal family.
Don’t forget their huge indirect golden goose: tourists.
Annoying though they might be to the locals by blocking the tube and refusing to stand
on the right, they dump buckets of money on the UK to see the sights, travel ludicrously
short distances by public transport, and generally act silly a long way from home.
Sure not everything they come to see is royal, but the most expensive stuff is.
And who are the biggest spenders? The Yanks. After they’ve finished buying maple syrup
& cheap, pharmaceuticals, Tijuanaian professional services & illegal pharmaceuticals, where
do they go next? The United Kingdom.
Americans fly across an ocean to see a land filled with Castles that aren’t plastic.
And why do the Americans think Frances castles are so boring and stinky and the UK’s castles
so awesome? Because real monarchs still use them.
The tower of London is so stunning to visitors because the Royal Crest on the Yeomen Warders
Uniform is real. It’s not a lame historical re-enactment or modern LARPing.
It’s the embodiment of the living, breathing queen.
Everywhere you look she’s sprinkled fairy dust on banal objects to make them magically
attractive to tourists. 12 million of whom visit every year spending
7,000 million pounds. Which suddenly makes those direct profits
look like rather small change. But perhaps you don’t care than the monarchs
are a perpetual GOLD MINE for the UK. You’re a Republican and you dislike like the royal
family because of their political power. After all, the government gets all its right to
rule through the crown, not the people. And yes, I’ll grant you that back in the
head-choppy days of yore, this was a legitimate concern, but the modern queen isn’t a dangerous
political lion but a declawed kitten. Her powers are limited to a kabuki theater
act of approving what parliament wants to do anyway.
Remove the royal family from government and fundamentally nothing would be different except
now you wouldn’t live in the magical United Kingdom but the rather dull United Republic
of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A.K.A URESWNI for short. Doesn’t quite have
the same ring to it. But, maybe I’m wrong – perhaps the queen
is a political ticking time bomb, just waiting for her chance to declare random wars and
devolve parliaments for the lulz. But until that day comes.
God save the queen.�

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  1. justifying 40 million because they could oppress more… sure thing. either you give me a fifth of your income free or ill take all of it by force. thats how mafia do, right? because we all know monarchy deserves it for… being cool? traveling a lot? being alive? f*ck the starving plebs you could feed with only half of that money and please forget all the tax money the queen did get even from european aids meant to support the economy.
    news for you dude: rome and paris are the most frequented us tourist destinations and you know what they did with their kings? dispossess the land they stole from the people by military force in ancient times because of this new inconvenient attitude called democracy.

    you are allowed to be hard for inbred idiots, just dont turn retarded about them and accept reality.

  2. The whole argument of why the queen is profitable is because of the revenue of the royal family lands, forgeting that the reason they own this lands is BECAUSE they are the royal family. If there were no queen, that would be state land and the profit would go to the state anyway

  3. But the fact that they can hold hostage lands that their ancestors seized in a manner that today would be considered unlawful should render their claim to these Crown Estates moot. We should be able to keep the tax money AND the Crown Estates, as they own enough private property to sustain themselves a couple hundred times over and the Estates belonged to the King as government not King as individual – the current government should therefore inherit the land, not the figurehead representing the ancien régime

  4. The Revenue actually changes every year because it's technically a business called "The Crown Estate" and like all businesses the revenue and profits fluctuate but stay basically in the same very high range. The revenues generated for 2018-19 are £343.5m and the total capital value and property value are £14.3bn and £13.5bn respectively. That yearly generated revenue goes directly to the treasury and the "Crown" receives a percentage of that, not tax money. The properties and portfolio are owned by the institution of the "Crown" or current monarch, but are not their's or any other member of the family private property to be sold off, they receive the cut by virtue of being the monarch and that's it. The other income sources are the Duchy of Lancaster and the monarchs own private estates, businesses and assets; like Balmoral and Sandringham, the royal art collection, horses and horse races, the royal farms and dairies, etc. which all provide profits to the monarch. The Prince of Wales in a similar way receives income from the Duchy of Cornwall and his own private estates, businesses and assets.

  5. Kid 1: I wanna go to the UAE someday!
    Kid 2: I wanna go to the USA someday!
    Kid 3: Well i wanna go to the URESWNI!
    Other kids: What?
    Kid 3: nvm ill just go to Italy

  6. Porphyria is not a mental illness. It refers to a group of disorders that result from a buildup of natural chemicals that produce porphyrin in your body. Porphyrins are essential for the function of hemoglobin — a protein in your red blood cells that links to porphyrin, binds iron, and carries oxygen to your organs and tissues. High levels of porphyrins can cause significant problems it can cause significant anxiety, depression and dementia like symptoms.

  7. the government of the uk does not pocket £160m from the crown, it takes it from the tenants of the royal land.

    the government of the uk doesnt profit from tourism, the business owners do. those owners will only pay a fraction of that profit in tax. if they even bother to pay thier taxes at all. hardly any of that money will go back into the enconomy either. wealthy people just dont spend thier money.

    as for royal power, just because they cant get away with using the powers they technically have, they are still highly influencial in british politics. the royals are known to have regular correspondences with members of the cabinet pushing policy one way or another. theres also the royal personality cult and just straight up hard cash to factor in

    you can be monarchist, but dont pretend like having a monarch is just fiscally responsible and civically no big deal

  8. This reasoning seems still poor to me. If things are somehow good with monarchs around, it doesn't meen they can't be better without.

  9. Besides Americans nobody even cares about the castles of the UK. To everyone else it's just London they want to see. Just like it is with Paris. And even when Americans think of a castle they don't imagine Buckingham palace. They imagine Schloss Neuschwanstein. You know the one the Disney Logo is based on, which majestically sits on top of a mountain with towers as high as 50 meters overlooking a valley with a village and some smaller seas. Not the one that is just some cube, sitting in the middle of a city.

  10. And Megan Markle bought a baby shower for half a million pounds.It is nice when you get it for free.Oh Yes those awfull duties you have to perform to keep jo public happy.

  11. What will future British monarchs do? In 1953 the disparity wasn’t so great I’m sure. Since then the royal train, royal yacht, and queens flight have been eliminated or reduced moreover the British public is generally ignorant of getting a head of state(who never gets to retire ) who isn’t a politician and kicks back millions to the treasury to boot. I suspect the next monarch will say “no thanks, I got it covered”

  12. total bs the queen has so much power she is like a god, nazi bitch, line em all up against a wall, and tell them off,,never STOP loving,xxbobbleflobblewobblelob,xxx

  13. Ppssshhh, just say thank you and put on some ointment. Cause clearly you are suffering from butt hurt.
    Also, you're welcome.

  14. 2:50 wait… The first one that was depicted as a “stinky French” castle is a UK castle (probably) and the second one which is depicted as the wonderful “English” castle is Le Mont-Saint-Michel located in Normandy, France? What’s going on?

  15. 0:27 I'm a simple woman

    I hear King George III

    My mind says "kinky Daddy George III"

    Don't judge me, hamilton fan

  16. Really disappointed in you that you're keeping this video up without even adding annotations or anything to all the disingenuous and wrong arguments that have long been pointed out to you.

    I really expected better from you man. I really did.

  17. She has more real power than people think. Her power is just hidden so that people think she doesn't.

  18. "The UK warns £160 million in profit every year from the Royal Family"
    "If the government stopped paying the Royal Family's living and state expenses, the Royals *would be forced to take back the profits from their land* and your taxes would go up"

    what a bunch of bullshit lmao

  19. Moral of the story is
    That royal families are
    Greedy/selfish $$$$$$$$
    For example prince harry
    And Meghan markle
    From the taxpayers to
    Replenish their new
    House..what DAFUQ??!

  20. Two issues: 1, their land? Surely the land belongs to the people, not to whomever had the biggest sword 1,000 years ago. 2, US Tourists come to the UK because we speak the same language. Not necessarily because of the Queen – there is a Queen in Denmark, don't seem them flooding over there.

  21. The Queen has died?. Long live the King. As long as it costs less to keep them than what they attract I see no problem. Ideological discussion is another issue. Probably nothing will happen in our lifetimes. They are just too popular for most people. Including people not even in the UK

  22. So what you're saying is, I have to continue being a subject of a family that has lived here for over a 1000 years because another country likes to come here and spend money. Your simplistic argument implies that after removing the royals, our republic would have a similar structure and system to a monarchy. The whole point of changing the system is so they do not have an unfair financial advantage over the rest of the country.

  23. Since you seem to be so pro monarch you should become groom of the stool, that what you can literally kiss the royal ass too!

  24. Uk profits from the land the Royal Family gave it … the land … which was of the Royal Family … because ? What a stupid logic. The land belongs to the State and its citizens (or to a private owner) and the is no reason why the people must bear the cost of a bunch of millionaires who have lived of the back of the British for generations

  25. DEBUNKED – just saw the video Shaun made. You really made no effort here. I was on the fence, but he’s proved how wrong you are, and made you look lazy.

  26. If we opened up Buckingham Palace to tourists, instead of just some old lady, we'd have far more tourism, and far more revenue. Like France does with the Palace of Versailles. More democracy with all the tourism. Best of both


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