The Truth about Glew v The Greenough Shire:  Part I
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The Truth about Glew v The Greenough Shire: Part I

October 11, 2019

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  2. They wipe their arses with our constitution. Blood and Guts will be the only way for our enemy's demise.

  3. Its about time someone got arrested! Then more people will ask questions and want to find the truth. If just one person can be charged the rest will start to watch what they do and say.

  4. Time for We the People's Courts to empeach these Frauds calling themslves Politican'$
    Corporation Goverment must be return to the Government of We the People
    Where is the Social Contract & Compact

  5. Wayne Glew …
    I would like to nominate you for Governor-General!
    How can I, We, make that happen?
    for years, Dick Smith has been a very popular candidate,
    and always bumped out at the first cut … er … because of… why?

    Many people are being paid to protect Our Constitution, … and have failed WE THE PEOPLE!

    (Both Malcolm Fraser, and Bob Hawke, said that The Australian People should never be given the chance to have a referendum on Immigration policies … because, We, The People, would give the wrong answer!
    Fraser also said that we should never have a referendum on Foreign Policy … because … We would give him the wrong answer!)

    So, we have changed from a CAN DO nation, to a CAN'T DO Nation!

    and none of it supported by a REFERENDUM!

  6. people just don't know how extensive the treason, the treachery and the fraud is.

    btw, The Interpretation Act 1889 U.K. is the Act the framers of the Constitution referred to with all the words contained in the Title, Preamble, all nine (9) clauses and the Oath section.

    The 1889 Act is written of at page 777 of the Quick and Garran Annotated version of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 – Act 63/64 of Chapter 12.

  7. Recently attended a court hearing in the uk ( council tax ) i showed the usher the court house business details and asked why the number was not registered in the uk
    ( it was Delaware ) the usher turned white and said , im not legally trained, i said but you do know what is going on tho ,don't you.. she left the court house swiftly followed by the court manager, after i asked to speak to her.. its a total disgrace i have also addressed the police, council, and Mps ,,,,, sadly all registered here

    A privately owned corporation may not be the publics' government and it has no sovereignty. Public give authority under the oaths acts and consent.

  8. Yep, this applies to us! And all crown colonies.
    Are you qualified to be defined as an American National and send a Revocation of Election to the IRS?
    If you meet the following criteria, you can truly be FREE from ALL federal income tax liability.

    Here are the criteria:
    • You must be a Citizen of the United States of America (either free-born or naturalized) or a natural-born state Citizen / American National. In other words, you are NEITHER a resident alien, with a “green card,” nor an illegal alien, without one.
    • You must RESIDE somewhere OTHER THAN in a District or Territory of the “federal” government. In other words, you do NOT reside in (or on) any federal District, Territory, Reservation, Enclave, Fort, Magazine, Arsenal, dockyard, or other needful Building, etc., which is under the jurisdiction of the Congress of the United States. (See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution of the United States of America).
    • None of your income is derived from the federal government AND coming to you directly from the Treasury of the United States. (Social Security income or benefits are NOT a factor here and are not affected in any way).
    • You have NO income connected with a trade or business UNDER the jurisdiction of the “federal” government.
    • You are NOT a direct employee of the federal government itself. Tax law applies ONLY to “federal” government employees, not to any other kind of government employee (state, county, city, local, etc.). As another example, the ONLY U.S. Postal employee who fits this criteria is the Postmaster General; all other postal employees are not employed DIRECTLY by the federal government, although some postal employees may RESIDE in a federal district or territory (like, Washington, District of Columbia), and not qualify because they are “federal” citizens by “residence.”
    • In order to be an eligible candidate for the Revocation of Election, you must:
    1. not be a federal employee/official in any capacity or be on welfare.
    2. not have a residence or domicile in the District of Columbia, or any of the U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. or be an “asylum” seeker.
    3. not have derived any income as an American National that is effectively connected with the conduct of a statutory “trade or business” (functions of a public office) within the District of Columbia or U.S. territories.
    4. have been born in one of the 50 states of the Union, or have at least one parent who was born in one of the 50 states of the Union, or have been naturalized as a citizen of the republic of the United States.
    5. have made a previous “ELECTION” (key word), meaning you filed in the past an Income Tax return (form 1040) thus “ELECTING” to be “treated like” a taxpayer.
    6. understand these ROE documents are copyrighted and not to be shared on the Internet or any other social media or distributed to your mailing list.
    7. understand that the statutes of 26 USC §6013(g)(4)(A) relate to American Nationals (Non-Resident Aliens as defined by Title 26) as one of the authorities for the effective exercise of one’s right to revoke their election and that you can never file another Federal Individual Income Tax return (1040) again.
    8. understand that the Revocation of Election removes you from the U.S. Tax System for the present tax year and ALL future years — but NOT prior tax years. ( search: brilliance in commerce.)

  9. of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company.

  10. Absolutely bloody well done again for bringing this to us guys….
    And to Wayne, you are a "Bloody True Blue Aussie Battler" for ALL Australians mate!…
    Jesus Christ was crucified because he went up against "The State", fighting for the freedom of his people!…
    I'm so very proud of everyone for the efforts you all put in!…
    And YES!…I am AWAKE!…
    Keep up the great work everyone, 'cause I'm now into researching everything from "Magna Carta" to which "Imperial Crown" we are supposed to be under, and WHY IT WAS CHANGED, along with our flag!…
    Take care, and be safe everyone….
    Love you Australia!

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