The U.S.-India Comparative Constitutional Debate | Highlights
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The U.S.-India Comparative Constitutional Debate | Highlights

October 13, 2019

Here we are at the National University
of Advanced Legal Studies in Kochi. This is a comparative constitutional debate
between the U.S. and Indian Constitutions. Seeing so many young people
from throughout South India come here to compete in
this competition in Kerala. We went through three rounds of debates. We have a population of over 147,000 people. Certain set of principles and beliefs
and values on them There were about 60 students who
competed and finally at the end of the day we announced the top four winners. I got engaged with a lot of issues in constitutional law, moral puzzles so to
say and it was exhilarating. Very much excited and fingers crossed. This is the first of four debates.
We started here in Kochi next week we’ll be going to Bengaluru. For those small changes are
the stepping stones… Why this is important is that,
that’s a way of regulating speed… But certainly deemed to protect individuals
from some choices as well. The right to practice any religion… That within that religious space
everyone’s important rights equally. Creed, race, or anything…
should be abolished in our country. I very much look forward to the final
rounds of this competition in Chennai. I hope for an enriching experience, some scintillating debates and hopefully at the end the best could take… What I look forward to is a good condensed debate on the intricacies of the Indian
Constitution and the U.S. Constitution The judges are one of the high-profile
judges I’ve seen. Interaction with them is something I
clearly enjoyed and I look forward to meeting similar personalities in Chennai. We don’t have to romanticize all these things. It is not doing any benefit to the society. First of all, truth of any news is a
defense in absolute case A practical matters of economic
and political empowerment I am extremely thrilled about this
and I can’t wait to go there on September 14th and hopefully do better than I did here. This is a project of the
U.S. Consulate General in Chennai for South India. We’re focusing on Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Social media should not be held liable
for hate speech and defamation. I outright reject the idea. Either you amend that it away… For an amendment, it is a tedious process and this is completely unjustified. It feels great to have made it to the top
four out of the 140 participants. I expect that all the other participants
from the other cities are going to bring the top game and I look forward to it. The finals, the best students are going to bring their “A” game, so it’s going to
be very competitive so in a word, definitely amazing! I thought that the students were incredibly well informed. They are asking questions that really touched upon some very
complex issues and I think and I’m really looking forward to the debate tomorrow. The students of law, who are the lawmakers of tomorrow should give effect to the principle enshrined in our Constitution. Uphold secular
values of the Constitution. We the Consulate, have been really excited to sponsor this program over the past couple of months bringing together so many of the best students
from across South India to talk about these important shared issues, shared
values. I am so grateful and happy that I was
declared the winner and I think it just motivated me to pursue my interest in
Constitutional law and do more with the knowledge that I’ve gotten from this debate. I’m very happy and very thankful. These people are the next generation of
leaders in India and I think that the future of India is in good hands with
such intelligent and active citizens in the world’s largest democracy.

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