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The Union and Devolution | Constitution Committee | House of Lords

October 28, 2019

There’s been a lot of constitutional change
recently, and normally change of that sort should take place gradually and after careful
thought, and preferably with wide consensus, there’s been a lot of piecemeal change,
and rather hasty change, so we think it’s time to step back and have a look at it more
thoroughly. With Scotland’s vote to stay in the Union we now want to focus on the Union
itself, and now make sure that the United Kingdom can be maintained on a stable basis,
and so we’re looking at this, firstly in the context of principles, what makes a nation
state? What are the underlying core issues to address there? And secondly, what practical
measures can be taken to stabilise and strengthen the United Kingdom. Well we’re hoping to hear from all the political parties, both at Westminster and around the
country, but we also want to hear from academics, from specialists in constitutional matters,
and from the public, people who have strong views and have knowledge or particular issues,
whatever their point of view we want to hear from them, we want to make a comprehensive
inquiry, and we will be taking oral evidence from some people, so that we end up with a
very wide range of opinion, and that will help us to form our report when the time comes.

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