The Virus – Animator vs. Animation Shorts – Episode 1
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The Virus – Animator vs. Animation Shorts – Episode 1

October 8, 2019

*Drawing and animating flower* (Stretching) The Second Coming: Look’s like Alan is working on an animation. (Goes in adobe animate) The Second Coming: Hey! The Second Coming: Need help? Alan: (Proceeds to go to text mode) Alan: [Y] Alan: [Yeah, can] Alan: [Yeah, can you h] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me m] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me make it] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me make it look mor] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me make it look more natural?] The Second Coming: Show me. The Second Coming: Can do. (Takes out pencil) (Proceeds to draw stick workers) The Second Coming: {Erase the flower} The Second Coming: {Erase time bros!} Erasestick: {Okay!} The Second Coming: {Next Frame!} Framestick: {Okay!} (Drawing and erasing) The Second Coming: Next frame! Framestick: Okay! The Second Coming: {Done!} TSC: {Alan it’s done!} TSC: {Bye!} The Second Coming: {Try now} Alan: Seems good! Alan: [High five!] (Computer fan whirring) TSC: It is hot here can you please turn on the AC (Touches the PC) Alan: [Ahh! It is so hot like lava] TSC: 92°C?!?! The Second Comind: It was 24°C! How in the world did it turn into 92°C? The Second Coming: Wait, What;. Alan: [ViraBot in the non-Milky Way Computer World turned it into 92°C temp] Alan: [It is an auto-downloaded virus] Alan: [Let me just end it’s task.] System: The operation could not be completed.

Access is denied. Alan: [TCS, where are you going?] Alan and TCS: [What is all of this?] ViraWeb? ViraMail? ViraStore? TSC: {ViraAntiVirus?} What about the Control Panel? You have been denied permission to access the Control Panel. Access is denied. Alan: No!! Why did it download? TCS: Well I don’t know! Yes!!! WHAT?! TSC: Draw me a hammer TCS: YOU NEED TO BE FREAKING TRASHED! No You can’t trap me!! (heheehehe) Missile Launcher Something crazy is going on out there and the animator is distracting him It is a spider but its a virus type! It cant get into a flash game! OH NO……It can…. Die bi*** Alan: NO YOU DON’T TOUCH MY STICK FIGURES You can’t stop me. We must find da wae The Second Coming: Brother! Red: The Chosen One! Blue: He’s here! Alan: He is back? Orange: Brother! I missed you TCO: {I am here to save you brother and my other cousins!} Time is here! We shall see… Indeed… (Fight starts!) To be Continued Hey guys, I finally got an Instagram account, please follow me on Instagram. It’s awesome and I also have a Facebook and Twitter those have existed for a while, but all will be there, too. They’re also awesome But yeah, I hope you enjoyed this first AvA short I will be continuing it after I make another minecraft short. So if you don’t want to miss the next one subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video

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  1. don't get me wrong these animations are freaking amazing but the same old punchy kicky sound effect can get pretty annoying.

  2. this is so amazing at making the stick figures and creating all kinds of amazing things my pesonal favoroite is the virabot vs the stick figures

  3. How did the stick figures not die of a heat stroke at 92 C?

    I don't want to misgender them so i said stick figures instead (because they are stick figures)

  4. I like your computer viruses by your time today and I will be in the morning and I will be in the future if you are not going to do a new video I will done with you about this year and I just want to be a great holiday season and I will be in the first time I think it was great day with my family and friends from that point of your video and you have any questions about this weekend
    I will send you another question about your time today but not forgotten I have a great idea to ask you about this morning

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