The Words That Built America – The Amendments (HBO Documentary Films)
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The Words That Built America – The Amendments (HBO Documentary Films)

October 28, 2019

INSTRUMENTAL PLAYING) ♪ NARRATOR:Since 1795,the United States Constitution
has been amended 17 more times.
The Eleventh Amendment gives
states immunity from lawsuits from out-of-state citizens
and foreigners. The Twelfth Amendment revised the presidential election
procedures. The Thirteenth Amendment
abolished slavery and involuntary servitude. The Fourteenth Amendment defines
what it means to be a U.S. citizen,
and ensures each citizen the right to due process and the equal protection
of the law. The Fifteenth Amendment
gave all men the right to vote, regardless of their race
or color, or whether they had been slaves. The Sixteenth Amendment
gave the federal government the power to collect
income tax. The Seventeenth Amendment
established the direct election of United States senators
by popular vote. The Eighteenth Amendment
made it illegal to make or sell alcohol. The Nineteenth Amendment gave
women the right to vote. The Twentieth Amendment changed
the date on the terms of office for president, vice president,
and Congress. The Twenty-first Amendment
repealed prohibition, making it legal
to sell alcohol again. The Twenty-second Amendment
limited the number of times that a person can be
elected president. Now a president can only serve
two terms or ten years. The Twenty-third Amendment
granted the District of Columbia electors in
the Electoral College, giving the citizens
of Washington D.C. permission to vote
for the president, even though they are not
officially a state. The Twenty-fourth Amendment
said that people don’t have to pay a tax in order to vote. The Twenty-fifth Amendment
addresses succession to the presidency. If something should happen
to the president, the vice president
is first in line. The Twenty-sixth Amendment set
the national voting age at 18. The Twenty-seventh Amendment
delays congressional salary changes
until the beginning of the next session of Congress.

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