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Themed English Composition Courses

October 9, 2019

[ music ] Writing skills can make a difference in how you come across in the workplace. With the need to communicate well in writing
more important than ever, give yourself an edge in preparing for your career. Register for an English Composition 101, 102,
or 106 course tailored to your pathway. These special course sections, called “themed”
or “contextualized” courses, are geared toward using reading and writing assignments related
to your intended career goals. Because the assignments are focused on your
career field, you’ll have the chance to be more engaged and more successful in the class. My English Comp course was oriented toward
STEM. If it wasn’t for this course, I doubt I would’ve continued on the path toward being a medical researcher. It taught me to be a better critical thinker
and helped me explore my interest in science without feeling overwhelmed. Contextualized courses work because the instruction
and the content are inherently tied together, meaning you always see why you are learning
what you are learning and how it will help you in your field. Material that may have felt distant or foreign
is suddenly real and relatable. It helped me learn and write things from the
perspective of the criminal justice system. The best part was that the professor used
real-life examples throughout the class. I could actually apply what I was learning and
see the importance of writing and grammar in my field. Writing is a huge component of my professional
field. Professionals rely on other professionals’
reports, such as police reports, search warrants, forensic evaluations, court petitions, pre-sentencing
reports. Not only learning composition and grammar, but
helping students really see its relevance to practice in their field is why I advocated
for themed English classes for my majors. Information on how to register for Themed
English Composition courses in your pathway can be located under the Pathways link on
Blackboard, or by contacting your department coordinator or an academic advisor. Themed courses are also identified in the
Class Schedule Listings when you begin your registration process. Look for a note in the class listing that
says “Reading and writing assignments for this course are designed for students interested
in exploring careers in….” If you then see a career field that matches
yours, you know you have the right class. Take a step toward giving yourself an edge, and register for a Themed English Composition 101, 102, or 106 course.

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