Theresa May defends Brexit deal in parliament
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Theresa May defends Brexit deal in parliament

November 27, 2019

We now come to motion number
four on Section 13 (1b) of the European Union
Withdrawal Act 2018. To move the motion, I
call the prime minister. Mr Speaker. Membership of any
union that involves the pooling of
sovereignty can only be sustained with the
consent of the people. Hear, hear. In the referendum… Hear, hear. In the referendum of 2016, the
biggest democratic exercise in our history, the British
public withdrew that consent. It is unfortunate
for government to be in contempt of parliament. Would she agree that it
is worse for parliament to be in contempt of
the British people? Which is what will happen if
we do not deliver on Brexit? Hear, hear. Well, can I… Prime minister? Can I say to my
honourable friend, I absolutely agree that
it is the duty, I believe, of this parliament, it is the
duty of us as politicians, to deliver on the result of the
vote that the British people gave in 2016 in the referendum. They voted. We gave them the choice. They voted to leave the EU. It is up to us to deliver that
leaving of the European Union in the interests of our country. Can I ask the prime minister,
obviously in terms of the views and all of that I’m quite happy
to put it to a test any time. We will happily go
to the electorate and put our views to
the people if needs be. And I’m quite certain that we
would be returned in greater numbers than we are today. So I’m quite happy to
take on the challenge that has been put down. But can I ask the
prime minister, in terms of guaranteeing
Northern Ireland’s position, she will remember
that in paragraph 50 of the joint report
that we spent four days negotiating there
were guarantees given to Northern Ireland. Never mind the words that have
been said in this house today. It was actually in the text. Why has that been deleted? Why has she not kept that
in the withdrawal agreement? Why has it not been translated? And that is what we
have a problem with. Words are good. It’s the legal text, it’s what’s
in the agreement that matters. So the backstop is not a
trick to trap us in the EU. It actually gives us
some important benefits of access to the EU’s
market without many of the obligations. And that is
something the EU will want to let happen, let alone
persist for a long time. What it would say about
the state of our democracy if the biggest
vote in our history were to be rerun because
the majority in this house didn’t like the outcome? Hear, hear. And what it would do
to that democracy, and what forces
it would unleash? This house voted to give the
decision to the British people. This house promised we
would honour their decision. If we betray that promise,
if we betray that promise, how can we expect them
to trust us again? Hear, hear. If we put aside our differences
and remember what unites us, if we broker an honourable
compromise in the interests not of ourselves but of those
we were sent here to serve, if we come together and do
our duty to our constituents, then we will pass the test that
history has set for us today. It’s not easy when the
passions run so deep. But looking around this chamber,
I know we can meet this moment. So I promise you today,
this is the very best deal for the British people. I ask you to back it in the best
interests of our constituents, and our country. And with my whole heart,
I commend this motion to the house.

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  1. it's time Theresa May to go. She is very robotic and unfortunately does not listen to criticism she had 2 years to deal with Brexit , and neglected domestic policies .

    Europe does not like her why should we.We were lied to by politicians Ie the brexiters they should go to.

    Having a no deal would cripple our country. I voted to exit however due to all the lies we should just now stay in and just limit immigration.

  2. There is no defence for what Treason May is trying to do to us. The single worst betrayal of a nation by any Western leader in history.

  3. People should have had this reaction the MINUTE she was elected. Her being PM at all was 100% proof that Brexit was being sabotaged

  4. You've got to hand it to her, literally everyone in the country and parliament hates her and her politics, has nothing good to say about her and has zero confidence in her. Yet she keeps plugging on.


  6. "In the referendum of 2016, the biggest democratic exercise in our history" Look at the smile on that witch's face. DISGUSTING!

  7. brexit this brexit that blah blah blah…im british and i am proud but this is just unexplainable btw happy christmas

  8. stuff your NWO up as far as possible treason may. out means out. we want out fully out out out out. OUT OUT OUT..

  9. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth should dissolve this government and immediately
    invite Jacob Rees Mogg, a genuine, the ONLY, REAL, ‘LEAVER’ to form a
    government which would deliver what 17.4 million British people VOTED FOR. To
    GET OUT OF this undemocratic ‘Commission-controlled’ (the REAL un-elected EU ‘government’)
    …  Surrender, capitulation. ‘’Peace in
    Our Time’’ Fraud … This woman, Frau Adolfine Merkel, without-a-shot-being-fired,
    has taken up, where ADOLF HITLER left-off! – Make no-mistake, what she and her
    'Commission/Parliament' gang want, (what Adolf-wanted) is to change the
    'continent' of Europe into a COUNTRY called Europe. If PM Theresa May, a
    'remainer', well-meaning/or-otherwise, sells-out to this Merkel-woman and her
    successors, I don't have to be a Nostradamus to forecast what lies-ahead.
    Within 10-15 years of an irrevocable/irreversible signing-up to what she and
    her Commission 'really-have-in-mind’, are, 1/. All 28 existing individual
    'countries' will disappear-from-maps, showing a COUNTRY called Europe. 2/. A
    single combined-military and (by whatever name civil-service), will exist. 3/.
    all gold stocks presently held by individual-nations, will, (for
    convenience'-sake!), be transferred to BERLIN, as will, 4/. the HQ of this 'new
    country', because anyone believing that little pipsqueak 'Brussels' has been
    anything-other than a smokescreen smoke-and-mirrors 'temporary-illusion' for
    their 'real-plans', needs their head testing. 5/. NATO will cease-to-exist. And
    6/. Your kids had better start LEARNING-DEUTSCH (for non-linguists 'that's'
    German). 7/. 'IF' Britain is still-attached, like an umbilical-cord to-this new
    'country', 'driving' WILL be compelled to switch to the 'RIGHT'
    side-of-the-road. To all lefty dreamers/'remainers', don't say you haven't-been/weren't-WARNED

  10. why are english ppl so stupid like you know why are we evn leaving now we wont be able to go on holidays UGH YALL STUUPPIIIDDDDDD

  11. She need putting in a home,She believes her own lies coming out if her mouth.i will never vote again ,lying scum should resign

  12. Please sign British petition against "UN Migration Compact" for Britain Google it and will show up This UN pact , decrees that unlimited mass migration to be a "human right" and criticism of it , once implimented , will be a criminal offence

  13. It's about time ALL of the media get behind voting for the best possible outcome for the UK. We do almost as much trade with the USA as we do the rest of Europe, additionally we buy a considerable amount more from Europe than they buy from us. The UK consumes as many German cars as the rest of the EU put together, never mind the other brands.
    Like the Brexit result or not – it's a vote democratic vote where more votes than any other election took place. I know they say "only 17.5million voted" (circa 52% vs 48%) , consider that there were a grand total of less than 40 million entitled to vote out of our population of 65million (population under 18 years old circa 10-11million). That vote was truly democratic, fair and simple (and that's all i asked for)… Have we ever taken to the streets when a government has been elected with a smaller majority?

  14. Brexit 2018 – European 1848 – 1918

    – Swiss General Strike, Spanish

    Flu, German Humiliation at Versailles? Is it EU “Rome” Burning?

    “You never actually own the country: You merely look after it for the next generation”.

    It's a pity the people have come to believe they are better without a "homeland" country and would rather give allegiance to an unknown, unelected autocracy.

    The Brexit situation is incompetence beyond belief but ignorance and arrogance is never the best mix of skills to deploy. It certainly was not a negotiation.

    The idea a Nation State cannot recover its sovereignty from a collective agreement with a group of other Nation States accepts the EU is, in fact, a take-over.

    This Brexit capitulation could be considered analogous to the one-sided negotiation of the Treaty of Versailles and will likely have similar ramifications to the UK competitiveness, economy and independence.

    In or out, it is the “EU State” that must be realigned with the realities of the global economy and European societal stability.

    Ask what the EU provides the nationals of each Nation State? – Success in the societal and financial security for each Nation or just a seemingly totalitarian bureaucracy serving only its own existence?

    Ask the mass of young people of the southern States of Europe who are unable to find a career if the EU has been a success. Ask if they see the legacy of the socialisation of a generation of debt caused by fictional growth, the burden of student debt, of unobtainable homes, is a success. Ask if they believe they still have the ability to change government at the 'whim' of the people; if they still have democracy. Ask if they believe the can elect intelligent, experienced, socially motivated representatives.

    The EU bureaucracy must be culled to a minimum for an exchange for innovation, knowledge transfer and collaboration in trade and social stability. No European Flag of State. No pictures of the unelected governors.

    It must act under the Nation States for the people of each European Country; people who remain Nationals of their founding homeland; these are not European citizens but the peoples of Europe.

    Great Britain must play its leading part in this realignment: If not we risk a return to the unrest of 1848 and 1918.

    Moreover, is this the centenary of European salvation remembered?

    On the 11/11th did the world need to listen to the improper use of a day of reverence of two world wars, the affront by a globalist corporate stooge who has usurped a once proud French Nation?

    Nationalism, the EU cabal say, is the enemy of patriotism; an odd view of an antonym?

    Not so long ago, in the fields, in the towns, the clouds, and on the beaches, the intelligence of young blood flowed.

    Why sacrifice the culture of a thousand years, of innovation, of societal stability, of wealth, the future generation, only to surrender to a corporatocracy takeover.

    The corporate cause of steel and wheat has become the Nations’ defeat. What Frankenstein did the Nations States’ create?

    An “EU State”; with its pictures of flag and emperor, EU run military and rule of law supreme?

    Suffrage is lost under such yoke: no longer the freedom of dissent, no more freedom to vote, no more the whim of the people to decide their fate.

    When did we desire to surrender to this unelected autocracy?

    No, this Brexit has not been a negotiation. It's a capitulation designed to forever stymie the UK competitiveness, personal freedoms, and a centre for future foreign direct investment in business and innovation.

    The issue here is not about "Frictionless borders" (logistics happens worldwide). It is not about

    trade. It is about sovereignty. It is about having control of the UK competitiveness and societal wellbeing.

    Of course, pooling of international negotiating power and trade exchange outside Europe and enabling effective trade within close European trading partners would enhance each country's jobs, GDP and balance. However, the EU State is not such a body. It is using this trading responsibility vested by each Nation State, to concentrate its power over the sovereignty of its "members".

    It is political, it is monopolistic, and it is not about fair trade exchange.

    Moreover, what is not being provided by the EU "Negotiating" team (i.e. the UK Government) is the

    projection of how the UK would perform if it was still in the EU? i.e. if Brexit had not been raised.

    The EU State has not delivered wealth across Europe.

    It has not delivered growth and stability for each member.

    It has not been able to negotiate effectively with the international trading nations (e.g. taking years to

    conclude poor agreements, finally being forced into a deal by a more pragmatic USA President): Although, it has indeed led the UK by the nose into a capitulation.

    No, it is more focused on changing the demographics of EU culture than trade, societal stability, and shared wealth creation.

    The UK is being hoodwinked into subjugation:

    The fact that even the UK cannot leave this "Club" nor change its objective is the real issue here.

    The UK now has only a choice of a straightjacket vassal of the EU State or re-voting to remain in the EU.

    Either way, Ms. May's unique mix of ignorance and arrogance, and the self-serving connivance of 'professional" politicians will result in the UK having even less ability to affect the changes needed in the EU structure; in or out of the EU.

    An EU with a clear agenda to serve itself not the people of Europe: An EU soon to have control over the armies of Europe, its demographics, money, and a protectionist policy. It is more on a course to be the cause of conflict than in any time since the end of the World Wars. This is indeed more worrying.

    The UK need not be seeking to leave Europe. It should be seeking to energise other Nation members to refocus the EU apparatus to serve the people of Europe; to enable stability and wealth.

    The UK collaborates with many countries outside the EU State on all aspects of innovation, R&D,

    international projects etc.

    The issue is that the EU State objective and non-performing Bureaucracy must be changed.

    The objective of the EU is the creation of a Supra-State; an autocracy in which once a signed-over there is no way to leave. This is why the EU has sought to entwine its control in every aspect of governance and collaborative projects between formerly free Nation States.

    The idea that competitive collaboration on trade and other areas of mutual National interests means each

    Nation State must subjugate its sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, corporate autocracy is the concern.

    In just one of the many areas of scientific collaboration as an example, the UK is a leading contributor to the Galileo Satellite Project; in expertise, R&D and £2bn+.

    Yet the "EU" dictates that the UK shall not have the same participation because we leave its autocratic rule. Nor, they say, can the UK recover normal compensation for this forced expulsion. Who gains? The European partners in this project?

    This is not normal practice in business. In fact, it is unlikely that the terms placed on the UK in Ms. May's

    "deal" – her instruction from the EU – would not be accepted in a court of law.

    No, these exit demands are purely political; the UK punishment for disturbing the EU State objective.

    The fact that the EU State dictators (unelected officials) display such disdain for the elected Heads of

    State and dictate terms on member States that no free corporation would except shows us all its transformation is long overdue.

    The EU is not providing the people of Europe wealth, security, and societal stability. Look around in Paris, in Barcelona, in Greece, in Italy… The EU is burning – Rome??

    Of course, the objective for the foundation of the EU project has always been to consolidate power and subvert the sovereignty of the National States of Europe.

    While the UK has never shared this objective the UK's former strength had provided a counterweight to the

    overt power of the key countries that drive the EU agenda.

    Ms. May's capitulation from ignorance and arrogance places the UK in a straightjacket of a vassal with no

    influence or ability to freely compete: Perhaps, exactly where Germany and perhaps the Goldman Sachs France would prefer the UK to be bottled up.

    The UK leaving the EU must be a catalyst to reform the EU bureaucracy, transform its bloated cost structure and self-serving objective. It cannot be reformed from within.

    So, we see yet again the EU manipulating government to send their people to “Think again so they get it


    This "People's Tour" by Ms May and her cabal of Cabinet Ministers who have "taken the shilling" (or in the case of the connivance of Gove, who is culpable for May being PM and is just staying as a "Minister" so he is placed to run for PM when May is finally ousted), is the Plan B; to force no choice but to have another referendum once she has convinced the people to either overrule the government and accept this capitulation to the EU or to demand to stay in the EU.

    Either way, the EU wins and real democracy will have been usurped; worn down by tedium, lies, and confusion of threats of complexity…

  15. she is basically asking the house to back her in her treason…. hope they don't…. but I have no confidence that they won't as their appears to be very few MPs with a moral backbone…

  16. This women has made a deal with a bunch of unelected bankers, which will put the British people in Debt for years to come and she is going to disappear at the next election and take a full pension for her screw up

  17. Love her or loathe her , she's doing the job of six men. I think she's looking quite tired. Any weaker politician would have jacked in by now.

    I’m so angry 😤
    We need to take back our country from the global Zionist banking gangsters.

  19. No deal is what the people wanted, anything less will be a betrayal. The people of this country will rage if May submits to these EU bullies

  20. wow some real anger here. If they keep us in the EU it makes the vote pointless. If we can change our mind or visit the vote to be in or out again it belittles the first vote. Its not great at the moment but we need to see it through and honour the vote. Agreed some bits may be a bit off but how do you make a pie with too many ingredients? …maybe better to deal with 1 thing at a time? I honestly do not know but it must be bloody hard to please the UK and the EU ….too many cooks?

  21. We asked for Brexit and she, someone who didn't want Brexit in the beginning, is going to sell us down the river.
    We'll still be tied to Europe with her trade deal and we will not have the rights to trade with who or where we want without EU sayso. And not being "in" the EU, we won't have a say in it either. So we'll be worse off than if we'd stayed in the EU.
    In other words, we're basically fucked!!
    We spend over 3 times more on EU products, than they do with the UK. So shouldn't they be begging us for a good trade deal?

  22. Why hasn’t she been forced to resign ? – learn what’s really happening here Britain and stand up for yourselves before it’s too late.
    Ignorance of the truth is no excuse, don’t be an ostrich. I cannot stress enough the damage a wrong decision at this point will cause.
    No deals, no agendas , no Globalisation. Wake up people you owe it to your families to learn the truth. Not BBC lies.

  23. The have to honour brexit the vote of the people by British law of the land they can not use the maritime law they control us with that is why they are like headless chickens BREXIT HAS TO BE HONORED OR THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE HELD IN CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT THEY ARE NOT IN CONTROL and cannot force a bad deal may is already in contempt of parliament for trying to hide it the people voted out however they try and spin it:-)WHICH IS WHY CURRUPT MAY KEEPS SAYING WE HAVE TO BREXIT BECAUSE SHE HAS TO NOT BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO IT LAW OF THE LAND

  24. She don’t have any option really – but my complaint is that she kept things under the carpet for so long and this has literally left the British public high and dry.

  25. Breakfast means breakfast. Strong and stable diet. Sausage, bacon, fried bread n beans. Black pudding n tomatoes, mushrooms n hash browns. All washed down with a sweet cup o tea.

  26. MAY U need to go prison for being a traitor to the British People and the crimes against humanity in which you have been complicit in we know your a Rothchild puppet and you and the British DEEPSTATE will go down GOD BLESS TRUMP

  27. I have never trusted the Tories from the start! I don't know why sane people vote for them. They have hurt a lot of people financially, mentally and physically. Blood is on the Tories hand's also those that support them. Theresa May wanted to REMAIN and yet, the referendum was to LEAVE! If the remainer's did not keep worrying about how they are not going to get their cheap flights anymore, then everything would be OK. It is mainly the middle class and the wealthy whom are more worried about leaving. They may have to pay the correct tax… About time.

  28. Dear English, I am an Italian. You are making a serious mistake with Brexit, your beautiful country is banging against a wall. I feel like crying at the thought that you leave Europe … Europe is part of our millenary culture..Brexit will be an economic and social disaster for the Britain people…

  29. This blogger is hoping for a revote referendum, for the UK
    to ‘remain’ in the EU, the stakes are just too high if she votes to leave,
    since Labor, or anyone else for that matter, has failed to come up with a reasonable,
    make that, better alternative.  

    If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, it will
    weaken it, other states may choose to follow, will then lead to armed borders
    once again, trespassers may be shot, leading to another European war, much like
    the two before.

  30. Just clicked on a video to have an ad paid for by the lying tories to tell your local mp to back brexit. Disgusting and desperate.

  31. Let's consider Ms Mays view; she is delivering a political brexit to a divided country. The brexit is intended to recognise that half the country want in and half want out. The only thing both sides agree is that Ms Mays deal is bad for the UK and BREXIT is a mess. Whatever happens now we face at least a decade of austerity and BREXIT fiasco. Ms Mays deal is not sovereignty.

    People have given the government a good kick in the teeth, but no one wants a decade more of austerity and brexit coverage. Enough is enough. More of this BREXIT mess is the only thing on the cards if we continue down this road of promises which simply will never be delivered. I think the people have shown the government their teeth, but it is time now to get back to normality, more brexit mess is just too much. If another vote will do that, fine, but I can't take any more of this mess and threats of no deal economic damage. We have jobs and lives outside of the parliamentary drama of BREXIT.

  32. Why do we allow this woman to do a man's job didn't we learn from maggy fatcher it's like we have her all over again but worse we need to vote her down from parliament fast it's clear that the people hate her with a passion

  33. My fellow Britain's please do not vote for anything any more as they will not have there get out of jail free cards at our expense anymore

  34. The intelligent people of the UK do not want to leave the European Union it's only the thick racists, those on benefits who seem to think the UK will be a better place millions of jobs loads of benefits for them to have when the try to kick out the immigrants, well wrong totally wrong there will be massive unemployment no money for benefits and one thing I no about the government is there control freaks and love making new laws to control people that's why the British are know as a nation of thick people. Oh I should know I'm white British.

  35. OOH THAT WOMAN SPOILING OUR BREXIT!!! It was meant to be our special thing and she's getting in the way! Wah wha wah!!!

  36. Why doesnt she just get a life and admit to the fact we are leaving the Eu and however much they want another vote people will still want to leave because of the mess she has made of it so far

  37. Theresa May is the sexiest female leader of any country in the world. She even won Scotland back?. Proof long slim legs talk as well as walk!

  38. Tell her to shove on a mini skirt and she'll win any General Election. She's sexier than Nicola Sturgeon, so Scotlands won. Never under estimate the power of sex!.

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