Theresa May defends Brexit delay in parliament
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Theresa May defends Brexit delay in parliament

November 18, 2019

Critically, as I requested,
the Council agreed that this extension could be
terminated when the withdrawal agreement
has been ratified. So, for example, if we were
to pass a deal by 22 May we would not have to take part
in European elections and, when the EU has also
ratified, we will be able to leave at 11PM on 31 May. In short, the date of our departure
from the EU and our participation in the European parliamentary
elections remains a decision for this House. The choices we face are stark
and the timetable is clear. I believe we must now press on
at pace with our efforts to reach a consensus on a deal
that is in the national interest. I welcome the discussions
that have taken place with the opposition in recent days
and the further talks, which are resuming today. This is not the normal way
of British politics and it is uncomfortable for many
in both the government and opposition parties. Reaching an agreement will not
be easy because to be successful it will require both sides
to make compromises. But however challenging … [Background noise]
– Order! But however challenging
it may be politically, I profoundly believe that in this
unique situation, where the House is deadlocked, it is incumbent
on both front benches to seek to work together
to deliver what the British
people voted for. And I think the British people
expect their politicians to do just that.

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  1. This hideous PM has humiliated the British people. She must resign immediately.

    We need new elections to rid ourselves of this Remainer Parliament. The Conservatives will be destroyed, perhaps cease to exist.

  2. giggle immature schools girls left of screen 1:20 pathetic. Never voting labour while they have such idiots in the ranks

  3. Both the Conservatives and Labour fought the last election promising to accept the result of the referendum.

    Apart from Corbyn turns out the bulk of Labour's candidates were obviously lying through their teeth as were May and a substantial minority of Tories…

  4. "I will delay until you support my remainers deal or it will be your fault" and if you don't support it I will offer you the chance to abandon Brexit altogether or have my deal or a customs union" all remainers choices all trying to take the blame off herself, she has to go!

  5. This is a good position for U.K. a few months to oust May and get a brexiteer in to finish the job
    Reset all negotiations to a free trade only tell Eu up front it’s only a free trade or wto choice then leave it to them to decide. If no deal on free trade U.K. leaves wto in October

  6. During the general election Theresa May elbowed aside all of her cabinet and took on the canvassing role herself – disaster! During the Brexit negotiations Theresa May elbowed her negotiating team to one side and took the reins herself – disaster! What does it take for this remainer-in-chief to realise she is not wanted?


  8. May never intended delivering Brexit, she 's a liar who deliberately misleads the electorate at every opportunity. Without a doubt, the worst ever PM to reside in No10 Downing Street, the most corrupt duplicitous low life politician, she's negotiated nothing for Britain, ignored the wishes of her own people, allowed an utterly corrupt team of remain led civil servants to ride roughshod over public opinion,
    she is nothing more than an EU appeaser who wants desperately to shackle Britain to the Orwellian, fascist, Federalist, dictating,
    corrupt EU, robbing us of a great opportunity to retain British sovereignty, become a truly global player and take back control of our future. The Conservative party have committed treason against the British people, as have Labour, the Libdems, and the Green party. It's now crystal clear we can not trust any of these politicians, and they simply must be removed from office. This is now our chance to act in the interests of Britain, and the future of our children, do not vote for these treacherous self-serving liars, not at local elections, and not at the next GE if your local MP was elected on a Brexit manifesto, and has betrayed your constituency, insist they are deselected, write to them and tell them you won't be supporting them, and you expect their resignation. There is only one party, led by one man who speaks the truth about the true intentions of the EU, and liars in Westminster, vote for Nigel Farage, and Leave Means Leave, this really is last chance saloon for us all.

  9. Socializing, laughin with macron and merkel is a proof that she doesnt know what to do with UKs vote to leave EU….her office has met a deadend nowhere to go.Checkmate.

  10. You are playing with us you are a remainer and weak you taking your time for second referendum or rubbish deal who will see us permanently stuck to EU , we want farage as PM now , resign now old witch and yes I voted brexit I'm one of 17.4 millions

  11. Britain must make an unconditional written public apology on bended knees to the EU for delaying Brexit and causing a huge loss to it in terms of time energy and money. Britain must pay reparations for the delay. On top of the 39 billion divorce bill must be added another 30 billion delay bill and for every day after 29th March 2019 another 1 million must be charged. This must be subtracted from British MPs salaries every month. Only then will they get down to serious business. The PM Theresa May, instead of going on holiday junkets to Paris, Berlin and Brussels must beg on bended knees in three European languages for mercy from the EU via video confrencing. Also, where is the need for a female PM to kiss a dozen old men in Brussels as a necessary part of friendly talks? Just how friendly should talks get between a man and a woman? It would be far more dignified for Theresa May to wear a Hijab and full-length black burqua with black sunglasses when she meets strange old men in Brussels. Also, she should meet them only where at least 4 other women are present and a fully armed male member of the Sharia moral police from Saudi Arabia.

  12. How can the British people expect a barren woman who hasn't ever conceived to deliver the Brexit baby? She says she had a long pregnancy, a very long pregnancy of over 3 years and then she complained of Labour pains and began screaming. She was rushed to hospital in Brussels but each and every time it turned out to be a false alarm. There was no baby on the way leave alone a Boy or a Girl or a Transgender Person. She had a pseudo-pregnancy followed by pseudo-Labour pains. When she was in Labour she told Dr Corbyn that she could feel their son kicking inside her stomach like a football hooligan! It wasn't as if she was fibbing and faking it, it is just that the baby has a mind of its own and doesn't want to shift house. Where else can you get free boarding and lodging with central heating and running hot and cold water and room service which includes gourmet meals at any time of the day or night? Where else can you get 247 electricity and power except in a Conservative mothers womb? One can understand the Brexit baby's reluctance to Leave

  13. to all union members who voted to leave the EU Can I suggest that as part of our protest against the way MP's are blocking our leaving the EU. that all trade union members, who voted leave, with- hold their union dues. This should focus the union leaders into lobbying those MP's whose party benefits from Union money into doing their duty and obeying the legally binding result of the EU referendum.

  14. we voted to leave EU but remain in the free trade market. May's deal honours this but parliament are blocking it. Give her a bit of a break, she is trying. I am a remainer btw before you lefties start giving it all that.

  15. FFS the whole country needs to bang on the gates of Buckingham Palace and DEMAND our freedom that will do it, the royals thinking there cushy free life will be at risk. 3 Lions Roar rise up.

  16. I bet we are still a member of the EU on the 1st of November, in fact i'm going to the bookies shortly to put money on it.

  17. They know Brexit will be bad for the country…. Do you English people know what you will be up for?

    And don't say it's gonna be ok because you are lying to yourself and have been misled

    Remember what Farage said that thr 350 billion pounds is going to the NHS? Well you still have to wait a week or 2 for that apointment to your GP.

  18. Brexit is the most stupidest thing ever and whoever came up with it is a walking fire dumpster also she is the most most annoying thing ever the Brexit term is a combination of Britain and X it I can’t because I can’t take it because I don’t hate it I hate it

  19. The delusion of our PM, is quite beyond belief….. has she no understanding of the outcome of a democratic vote that mandated her Gov to leave the EU.. Thank goodness we have MP's who do, and who do still believe in democracy… as for PM May, she has brought our Parliament down to a level, of a 3rd form debating class… its embarrassing in the extreme, for all of us, and our lovely Country…She does indeed shame her office and shame our Country..

  20. if the UK left the EU it would not interfere with tourism due to the fact that a lot of EU countries need tourism to survive that is plus the revenue that is gained from it. that's a fact and secondly the EU needs our contribution every year otherwise the EU would have a massive hole in their budget do you want to sleep think the other 26 EU countries would be able to meet the extra costs

  21. "British people voted for", well as far as I know majority of people didnt have a slightest idea on what they are voting for 😀

  22. Stop telling me what i really voted for, I voted out, no dodgy deals with crooks in the E.U no 39 billion,.

  23. As a student from Europe myself, this country confuses me so much. A week ago millions march in London against Brexit, now people are talking about national/nationalistic revolutions, others claim that 1/5's vote of the population is total democracy. The saga continues….

  24. Right wing voters should switch to UKIP or Farage's Brexit party. Voting Tory will only continue this misery for everyone. neither Corbyn or may want Brexit, they're both remainers hence he's lending her a hand.

    What a joke the two of them are.

  25. My goodness, I'm sure if you get someone randomly from the street he would lead this issue better than May.

  26. The UK Government Would Support a Corrupt and A Criminal organisation The EU. 29th March 2019 was a Betrayal To the British People, And the UK Politicans Have Their Hanging Ropes Ready.

  27. The mind lived in the world of duplicity. It was dishonest, fraudulent, disloyal and above all deceptive the ultimate ‘illusionist’ trying by all accounts to prevent morality being present within us. Living in a world not bound by moral boundaries, but bound by duplicity and all that prevails from this syndrome, this illness; an intricate disorder that ruled our lives and those of others around us. In essence a sickness of the mind that revolved simply around greed and selfishness. The needs of the one wade off against the needs of the many. Only ever concerned with what it could gain and not what it could give….did you feel that? The heart does not lie.

  28. One of the easiest ways to convince someone that something is true is to keep telling them it is true. For example keep driving home that the EU has the power to destroy England and people will believe it. Unbeknown to most people you are complying with their programming, in simplistic terms doing their job for them. For example; if you continually tell people they must call a salt pot a pepper pot and you rely on the fear you hold over them, in the end they comply and call it a pepper pot, even though in reality they know it is a salt pot and always will be a salt pot. Fear eradicates freewill and common sense and engages control; your power to control the way they think, done enough and they will believe anything you tell them without question, however ridiculous it may seem.
    I wonder how many people are actually in control within the EU. Let’s say for arguments sake there are 400,000. Now let’s take how many people make up the member states, England included, it must be, again for arguments sake, at least 400 million. So how does a mere fraction of the gross number of people control the rest of the people? FEAR.
    So now let’s reverse this; let’s say for arguments sake each member state, if not now under community law, but certainly under their original laws had trial by jury. This almost proves without doubt, even if not named or worded in their law that Magna Carta exists within their law, for Magna Carta gave the world trial by jury. Every nation could invoke article 61 and enter into lawful rebellion removing their allegiance and their obedience to the governing body. Excusing them from the Laws, Taxes, and any other form of control the EU has over them and allows them to rely on the original law of their individual countries. As most of us are aware the law in the EU is Corpus Juris, whereas Magna Carta gave us Habeas Corpus and in fact is Habeas Corpus on its own.
    My point is this; who would they govern and control then? The only people left to govern and control under their system, would be themselves?
    What we have all forgotten is the power in any country resides with the people and no one else. Look back through the history of any country and you will see that when the people unite, governments change; the fear reverses. Those who once applied the fear become the ones that fear. Why? Because the control has been removed and the power they thought they had no longer exists. Why? Because the people do not fear any more, they have negated it and seen it for what it really is and they always out number those who think they have control. The only reason they have control now is because the people have given them control by surrendering to their fear.
    So why do I not fear these people?
    I realised a short while ago, a matter of just one year, that this was their controlling factor over everyone, the use of fear. I also realised that if you do not fear them they are powerless. Take for an extreme example Voodoo; with the fear induced use of so called magic, when in reality again, it is just another form of fear, but it only works if you believe in it, but what do you believe in? You believe in the fear that someone could do that to you and assert a controlling aspect on the whole of your life. Simply in reality if you do not believe in it, it cannot work.
    This principle applies to all that assert that they have control over you, for the only control they have is what you allow them to have in the first place, if you simply do not comply, the power they think they have is diminished.


  30. I was told by a Brexiteer on Youtube that there would be riots if Brexit didn't happen on the 29th of March. Was looking forward to watching Brexiteers failing to riot but that doesn't seem to have happened. Where are the Brexit riots? Is the Extinction Rebellion secretly a Brexit riot? Is there a shortage of yellow vests?

  31. The total delucion she shows is just Beyond Comprihension..The 2 party Tory and Labour system is {IMO} finished,along with the house of lords and 80% of the gutter UK Media, in the real world they wont't even get ''a game of Jacks'' with their Orwelian, Deep State, Globalist agenda, Vote BREXIT Party, and drain the swamp.

  32. Do you believe in a Brexit-Deal? After the Chaos, riots, and disasters in the British Disaster Parliament and House of Chaos, there is no hope that the UK can survive the next 6 months. Britain will collapse, the British people are broken. No country can survive this chaos. And who has to pay the price? The British people – what else! It is time to start a new Britain with a new democracy, with a new strong parliament and with peace. All that Britain needs today is peace. NO riots! We – 🐶🦁🐱🐨🐼🐰🐯🦓🐸🐷🐮 – would even stop the British atom industry and atomic weapons because nuke weapons are useless and are dangerous and cost so much money for nothing!

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