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  1. To Americans I say, welcome to the parliamentary system. This is what you get when the executive and legislative branches are NOT separated.

    Also, does anyone remember when Jon Stewart said "England is awesome?" Because this is what he was referring to.

  2. I’m thinking there must be some Republicans wishing they
    could simply change the head of their party and by extension change the
    Presidency…the U.K. may someday show us how…

  3. It's amusing that our congress is actually more civil then British. There are outbursts but nothing like this. Mostly opposition just listens silently.

  4. I envy the way they do politics in Britain. It actually seems fun to watch. We need more engagement between Republicans and Democrats in this way.
    I'd LOVE to see Nancy Pelosi and Trump go at it like that (coming from a liberal). It's unfortunate that as Americans our President gets to hide in the Oval Office the entire time they're in office.

  5. That's the way to go after him, Theresa. You gave it hell and those snakes know full well how they sabotaged you. I wish you well in your future endeavors, and you're one hell of a fighter. It's too bad these backstabbers can't be honest with themselves that it isn't about the UK people. They are in it for themselves and their interests.

  6. Theresay fail: ''Party politics much?''
    Me: ''Didn't your Party elect new PM by not letting PEOPLE choose? Cough, Cough HYPOCRITE!''

  7. I’ve heard some comments from over the pond saying this is different and entertaining, but don’t forget, politics is a serious matter and only relevant if it makes everyone’s lives better like a 4 day a week, 32 hours 👍

  8. It’s funny as I’m a British person and this is like a rap battle compared to America’s politics


  10. The US should definitely adopt a parliamentary government it would be great to see pelosi vs trump every week like this 😄

  11. I worked tirelessly for a deal .. Bitch you dint work hard enough ..Dont let the door hit you on the head while you leave !!

  12. Ahh yes Theresa May who’s resigning in shame tells Jeremy Corbyn who performed well in the last general election to resign as party leader.

  13. The right honourable gentleman, o come on Theresa it’s you’re last day just call him a twat and have done with it.

  14. Criminals long fed by Communists in the House of Commons, and supported by the Communist media worldwide: We will hunt you.
    Rape yourself.

  15. Savaged? Are we sure? To me Corbyn did this one very well. Fought back to a largely vacuous attack. Disappointed and surprised at CNN for this take on this. I’d expect it from Fox News.

  16. Theresa May is a conservative and FAILED! The new conservative leader will also fail. This is what conservatives do. They screw things up and leave it to others to fix.

  17. I must be missing something as an American observer–it appears to me that Corbyn was the more successful in winning the argument. In my country that would mean he "savaged" Theresa May.

  18. Omg savages!!!! Stfu u click bait maker. Not sure who this dude is but this back and fourth is halarious.

  19. You should see what Johnson did to Corbyn…
    Oh, and what mandate did Gordon Brown have? Wilson only had one majority election victory.
    I'm sick and tired of this peevish thick dithery old Trot "St Jeremy" routine. He wants a snap election? Fine – he'll lose.

  20. Only in the UK will someone insult you while constantly referring to you as the Right Honorable Gentleman/Lady.

  21. White old men still even around the world have little time on there side yet even in there old age seems to think they will live forever and the harm that they leave behind in there wake will destroy the fabric of the not yet born generations!

  22. "The loneliness of leadership can be stark" -Ian Blackford sounded like he intended that to be a compliment to Theresa May, yet hoards of laughter erupted! Just before that, May dished out the just desserts with that juicy little bit of information about Davis (of Whales) past with a Hollywood movie star! That was rich!

  23. I wish the US government behaved this way. Yes they are loud and disrespectful at times but they are Real. Our government is "proper" and "cordial" which makes some vulnerable to people like Mitch the bitch McConnell. Vote out that BJ. That bawbag stealing wholoping limey bastard.

  24. Heads up, nobody likes either of these people so it's fitting that CNN would choose to share this info. As if Theresa is "clapping back" at opposition, meanwhile she's literally been removed from her position for failing to leave the union without a deal, when it was unanimously agreed on by everyone that "no deal is better than a bad deal."

  25. I love watching the uk fall to pieces. Right wing always destroy everything. She’s a fucking witch and gas failed in everything she’s done.

    Stupid brexit people.

  26. so pretty much the UK parliament is just politicians dissing each other?
    No wonder Brexit is still a dream after 3 years XD

  27. I love the Brits & how they argue with alot of decency. This parliament is like high school debates🔥

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