Theresa May’s Brexit deal rejected by Parliament
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Theresa May’s Brexit deal rejected by Parliament

November 21, 2019

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  1. Many have compared Neville Chamberlain a weak fool…..To Ms May ,a Lying ,Globalist Traitor to the British people…Not even close….They will Never forget!.

  2. Faux News proving its as Fake as the rest..
    A Crash Out?….Please….HARD BREXIT under WTO rules the same as the rest of the Non EU world….

  3. Appears, The 'Limey's' Have Lost Their Balls…….. Maybe The French (kissin cousins) Have Influenced Their Views Too MUCH!!

  4. congrats uK!!! setting the tone forward. the EU will fail apart. worse they try and punish the uK, which would boarder on an act or war. for country and citizens!!!!

  5. Good news for all British citizens. Make your own deal. You are a strong people and cam give the EU a run for their money. Germany is your only real competition.

  6. If they hold a second Brexit vote, then there should be repeated general and by- elections until the "correct" result in Parliament is attained. (Meaning, no opponents of Brexit remain in Parliament.)

  7. Its proven we cant trust the EU. They are forcefully promoting illegal immigration for their 'replacement migration' programme. They want  to breed Europeans out so that we are weak and dont have culture or identity. Then eventually a one world government will be implemented. We are nothing more than slaves to the elite.

  8. NO Deal IS better then being stuck with EU MONEY GRABBING CABAL we voted for FREEDOM from unelected EU tossers

  9. That defeat shows who, where how & why democracy is dead.

    Logical freethinkers voted to Brexit, while remainers rather stay in an out of touch, outdated German led, elitist, self serving failed European dictatorship <<< YELLOW VEST THAT

  10. If a general election is indeed incoming, I just hope UKIP have gained enough support to get at least a couple of seats in parliament. The last thing we need is Jeremy Corbyn in at No.10, a hung parliament is probably the best we can hope for at this stage.

  11. I'm glad I dont live over there. You guys are going to become guinea pigs. Let's see what happens when the UK is cut off from trade with the EU.

  12. The UK can't/won't even stop the silent invasion of Islam. And you actually believe that they have the resolve to break the shackles of their EU masters???

  13. I'm an ignorant American with all of these processes so forgive me. Why can't Britain go back to the policies and government
    that it was before the EU? America has a Socialist wing blooming but I believe there are a lot patriots that will prevent that from
    gaining ground. Britain, we are with you in your struggle…we are struggling too. The globalists are at fault.

  14. The UK got what it deserved! The Germany-Belgium Empire lured the English People into the chain of colonies called the EU. Now it's too late to live under the grace of the once promising economic front. The world will see the surrender of a land that used to be proud of its own identity. There's a new world order in Europe that instead of running tanks and flying bombing planes is using a globalist ideology with a far stronger Fire power.
    The politicians got what they needed: a guilty head who will be blamed for the weakness that allowed the UK into the German trap.

  15. Once england gets out of the eurpean union they need to deport all the muslim and then deport the african blacks send them to south africa !

  16. Fox News, your reporter needs to do some research and try to understand that the UK is leaving Europe, it is not leaving "Exit", 1:16!

  17. A hard Brexit is too barbaric to be implemented, economic chaos, industries paralyzed, people expelled, lost of property, de facto confiscations. So the route of less resistance is "No Brexit".

  18. Greg talks like an idiot remoaner. Britain is not threatened with chaos because of rejecting May's pusillanimous deal, nor is it a 'crash' to trade with the EU on World Trade Orgainisation terms.

  19. Her Brexit deal was terrible to begin with, it was basically Brexit in name only, that's what a Remain Voter making the deal, Britain NEEDS a special election so they can vote in a actual candidate that will get the UK out of the EU.
    And the Labor Party wouldn't win it the vote, like the man, no one wants the Labor Party in charge

  20. If ever there was a time for the Queen to intervene it is NOW.. She reserves the power to dissolve any parliament and dismiss any PM throughout the commonwealth.. Will she do it? Not likely. Has she ever done it? Never… But she can and she should, because neither one of these two parties genuinely support Brexit nor the will of the people….

  21. The UK voted to stay in the EC in 1975, this was the will of the people
    and the democratic decision of the people. In teh referendum 67% of the
    population voted to stay in the EC and 33% voted to come out.
    Why has this been overturned in 2016? It is undemocratic to ignore the
    will of the people!
    If you don't agree that this is the case, you cannot object to a 3rd
    referendum in 2018, replacing the 2nd in 2016.

  22. The Brits have voted: OUT! Brexit means Exit , no deal is a good deal. BTW 52% v 48% is NOT a narrow margin!! its over a Million more votes………

  23. But…but….but the whole of Britain will turn to stone and half of Ireland will float away without the EUs…..tryranny.

  24. I am planning on my immigration to the UK.. Can you tell me what will change and would it be possible for me if theres a no deal brexit? Im from EU..

  25. Probably just as well. It was a horrible deal anyway. Theresa May has been doing her best to sabotage Brexit ever since the vote in 2016 and has been trying to keep Britain tied to the EU. She needs a no-confidence vote and should be replaced as PM. Put Nigel Farage in charge over there.

  26. British people looted, massacared the people of almost half of globe for almost 2 centuries. British government and monarchy were the biggest thief's n thugs of world in last 2 centuries yet now they are only 5th largest economy n nothing more than testicles of USA in global affairs. I wonder where all the loot disappeared?

  27. Best thing we can do is leave with no deal any form of deal is an absolute betrayal of democracy in the country that set the standard around the world for years …disgusting wto rules are not crashing out it would be good for a big part of the uk economy

  28. The populace already voted for Brexit. Clearly this government does not act as a democracy. Two and a half years to come up with a Brexit plan, and government fails, looks like they have no intention to exit EU. Replace the government!

  29. This bloke knows nothing. Not 52-48 bloke , 54-46. As any politician holding a win celebration would happily tell you : any win is a win.

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