They admit the truth, Our 1901 Constitution Stands + they are Liars, Wayne Glew
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They admit the truth, Our 1901 Constitution Stands + they are Liars, Wayne Glew

November 7, 2019

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  1. Greetings from Great Tartaria Wayne, some of us do know what is going on, the others are asleep or just don't give a dam Cheers

  2. Thankyou for your valuable work Wayne.
    Very very interesting and informative video.
    I am sharing this to FB and friends.
    We know our government is corrupt and treasonous. We know the parliamentarians are just puppets and follow orders.
    Somehow we must eradicate this government and begin afresh.
    You're a great man, thanks again for fighting for us.

  3. Top stuff Wayne…
    Keep up the good work mate…
    I messaged GAP the other day asking whether we could chat with GAP Queensland reps…
    We're looking to put a delegation together here for Cairns and the top end…
    I'll keep an eye out for their response…
    Thanks again mate…
    Take care and be safe.

  4. Wayne people are waking up everywhere I cannot see the powers that shouldn’t be getting away with this scam for much longer. Thank you.

  5. Since Wayne seized the lawful tiers of parliament, I’ve wondered, does that make him now able to go ahead and set up a lawful parliament of the Commonwealth therefore bypassing the corporate entities in Canberra?

  6. It's hard to believe that Morrison revealed his ancestors were first-fleeters, "brought to Australia undet the most dire of circumstances", as in the case of other pollies. My mind boggles over them herding humans around in the same way their ancestors were. Talk about the abused becoming the abusers

  7. no need to explain yourself or your wife mate….these maggots have no spine & cant stand on their own, but we can & will….always here to help, good job

  8. what is the big brown book wayne? looks like a dictionary….trying to find our which dictionary is good (been told blacks law dictionary 4th edition is the one to go for, just dont know why) great work as always mate

  9. Wayne you don't need to defend your honour against the dishonourable, you stand leaps and bounds apart from the parasites. If they looked up integrity in the dictionary they would find a picture of you Wayne.

  10. I'm looking to buy a house in NSW(sic) or Queensland. Is there any way to avoid the computerized Titles. It sounds a nasty future surprise for the unprepared.

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