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  1. Do not go into the penned in area. Remember Charlottesville where police coralled the protestors forcing confrontation with Antifa and did nothing? Do not let the police herd you in any particular direction. Be careful of police snipers in high rises and parking garages. Remember the police shooting Lavoy Finicum? Remember poluce shooting and killing the bikers at Twin Peaks in Waco TX. Be careful everyone. Situational awareness. Watch your surroundings. Video record everything.

  2. Wow, Blackface Northam is really scared of the citizens of his state. Almost like he's violating the US and VA Constitutions, knows it, and is hiding behind a fortress like a dictator……. you're not going to win in VA little guy.

  3. I would not want to be a cop on that day.
    Someone will violate the gun ban.
    Someone will have to confront them.
    At an event protesting Government over reach.
    Ruby Ridge and Waco led to Oklahoma City.
    Cops should just stay home that day.

  4. Just like Orwell's "1984"… a Fascist Democratic Party government using its law enforcement as a militant arm. Look at what the F.B.I. stated just a couple/few days ago… that they had "arrested three "white supremacists"" in Virginia. The F.B.I. is fully corrupt just like much of local law enforcement across the United States (at least in Democratic/Fascist Party controlled states). Fascism is real and present danger folks… and the Democratic Party is its cover name.

  5. Our government will not tread on our right to bear arms and protect ourselves against tyranny,or any other threat to our well being.

  6. There's a lesson here throuh out our history. Democrats and Liberals WILL strip us of our rights yet we refused to acknowledge and understand this simple yet dangerous concept and ideology.

  7. Cant bring a helmet?? Shield? Thats kinda overboard with the "no-can-do's". Thats so when their Antifa Army (lol) shows up you cant defend against billy clubs, and bike locks.

  8. I guess walls only work for Chicken Shit Democrats. Doesn’t anyone understand that this is how we will be governed and treated if this Aristocracy is aloud to win. I assure everyone it will be much worse than you can imagine. This is why our founding fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment, so that we don’t become servants to these dirtbags. Our gun rights are the only thing keeping us from being slaves to the government. It won’t matter your color or ethnic background, when this happens. As these dirtbags protect themselves by special emergency laws and walls, we won’t have this same luxury. Can you imagine the double standard that they set for you and I because we may be common men and women without any political clout? Can you not see or remember history? They want our guns so they don’t have to be scared of the people anymore, and they won’t have to be held accountable. It’s right in front of your eyes! Look at all the security and fences or walls! Look at all the measures and weapons protecting them you or us! The capital of Richmond belongs to the people of Virginia, not these tyrannical bottom feeders! Don’t you see? It’s already happening! They are taking what belongs to the people and they are protecting themselves from the people. How can we not see this right before our eyes? God Bless You America! I hope your people still have the intestinal fortitude to save you!


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