This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Constitutional Crisis
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This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Constitutional Crisis

August 26, 2019

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  1. Anyone else feeling like you are being forced to sit still whilst a 5 year old child plays with a machine gun? I don't even live in the US and I feel like Im being held hostage by 40% of your ill-informed countrymen

  2. So now we let the criminal see the evidence that they have on him before he's even interviewed.  We never let the criminal see that first.

  3. Hey America,
    Wow, what nice friends you have. I hope you feel good at work when you think about all those tax dollars going to support insane child murders in a fascist shit hole. you're so bereft of morals and integrity.

  4. ha ha .. this whole topic has become a joke .. i hope the investigation stays its course and does not get derailed due to these unbelievable reactions from the White House

  5. Drag that SOB and ALL his MF'n Treasoners out of our "the people's" WHITE HOUSE!!!! ENOUGH IS A MF'N-NOUGH!!!

  6. dialogs from a better future:
    "mommy, why is our president the 51st, but had only 49 predecessors?"
    "because there never was a 45th president, darling, there never was…"

  7. Nixon stepped down when he knew the scandal was so big and the mounting pressure was so great that avoiding impeachment and embarrassment would be impossible. What exactly is Donnie waiting for?

  8. Even when he does something wrong, it is MORE WRONG than anyone else. Boy, this guy loves himself. Still, it reminds me of the saying, Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks your a twat.

  9. Hey FBI, go investigate yourself. In turn, you can leave the investigation of myself to be handled by myself. OK? Do we have a deal?

  10. Please wake up America and realise this man is taking your country down into the sewer. He might be happy there but are you?

  11. If only we could cover trump's face all the time…and his mouth… And send him into the volcano in Hawaii.

  12. Yeah, "NO DEMOCRATS ALLOWED" and if possible no girls either. sign on the door of that meeting, even though it affected the Democrats, but nope, no RSVP for them.

  13. Yep, the constitution is being systematically dismantled – but let's be honest here. It started with Reagan, continued with Bush Sr. AND Clinton AND Bush Jr. AND Obama. Like Jimmy Dore always says – Trump just puts the ugly face on things that have been happening for a LONG time.

  14. I Love The Late Show w/Stephen Colbert!!! It's My "Tonight Show", which I Grew Up To!!! Stephen makes Me Laugh at the Serious Shit that Trump's Doing To Our American Way!!!

  15. Creepy cobert…… He must want to suck TRUMP off, cause that is all he talks about….Instead of doing his comedy show…Sick of hearing him cry like a the bitch he is…

  16. TPOTUS has ordered to investigate his investigation about him, there is the loophole, The People has no really control over their own employee: The US Gov. that's should be fixed, stablish a mechanism that when The People asks for investigation, the US Gov will have NO POWER OVER IT, when The People mandates or makes a requirement is the Gov to assess the situation and report back to their Boss, The People and The People will give the GO, if and only if it sees it as good, The Military The Police, The US Gov is there to administrate not to rule/reign as a monarchy over The People, but the opposite

  17. The republicans are cowards like their boss. Abuse of power is their favourite bullying method right now but threat, bribes and corruption in general are always used by them. A New York crime family is the rulers of the USA and the republicans acting as their street thugs. Now they are all scrambling to save their ass from being prosecuted. All thank's to their very brave and stable genius draft dodger boss. They obey the orange slime in the White House. Not the constitution and the law of the USA. The truth and nothing but the truth a line that has been totally soiled by the Orange slime and his helpers. No man is above the law except the Godfather of the republicans. Shame on the Republicans! VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!

  18. Late night shows were for entertainment, now its communist propaganda. Sad so many Americans are too dumb to understand. Dems started this fake investigation to hide their crimes.

  19. The Republicans will still win in the mid terms because Democrats are too lazy to get out and vote. I'm amazed how stupid Democratic voters are, they have two choices. Either a centre right but sensible party (Democrats) or a hard right christian fundamentalist white supremacist party. Democrat voters thinks: Hmm. It's a really tough choice. Hmm. I'll stay at home. It makes no difference.

  20. Our poor country. How can this keep happening? Republican leaders and a dirty White House, plus Faux news and sycophants. That POS needs to be tried for treason and hung.

  21. When are they going to get it! You cannot reason with someone who is delusional, He psychotic!. I am psych professional.

  22. Where are the Phantom Thieves when you need them?  If anyone could use a change of heart and a shiny new conscience, it's this guy.

  23. Wasn't this Papadapalous a low level person in the campaign? They said so!
    Which means they only asked the coffee boy. Or… It couldn't… Did the LIE TO THE PUBLIC? NO!

  24. He tried so hard to wear the hat that said "Asshole," but it just wasn't what he could do, because he's much worse than that! 🤢

  25. And this what our clown has to say after evidence of an act against Trump much worse than watergate breaks.

    Just coming here to watch Colbert polish that turd. He can't because he's part of the turd.

  26. It's finally happened folks!!! "I have the hugest scandal ever in American history! It's so huge it can't even fit in my huge Mar a Lago palace. Mar a Lago is huge, but my scandal is ten times huger! ENJOY!"

  27. DONALD TRUMP get it straight, YOU ARE "THE BIGGEST DISGRACE", YOU are the one that has committed acts that are "VERY ILLEGAL". Is there NO LENGTHS THAT TRUMP WON'T GO TO IN ORDER TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE!!!!!

  28. I think Trump will win a second term. He comes across as an idiot but there is some deep seated criminal genius to what he is doing. He is a gangster in the land of what used to be gentlemanly disagreement. All of the republicans suck his cock now. "Little Marco", licks the jizz off his chin in hopes of votes from the most vile people in America. At least Paul Ryan was brave enough to just be a coward and run away. Trump may well do away with term limits. Any election he loses will be fake. He said that before he won the last one. America as it was known in the past is dead. America has no allies. No one respects it anymore. So sad.

  29. Trump (and his flock of idiotic followers) are draggong America's name right thro the mud. Its SAD to watch from the outside and us the rest of the world are wondering, what the hell are you waiting for to grab that ugly man-child and throw him out of your white house?

  30. Trump, you’re the biggest disgrace to this country, and one of the biggest insults to democracy the world has ever seen.

  31. Colbert isn't the funny one- his fans are! Look how totally delusional and brainwashed they are! LOL! Hillary is criminal white trash, people! I know that y'all are slow and everything, so maybe if you watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and "Banished" posted by Danney Williams, both on YouTube, it'll help you a bit. You're pathetic. You eat up any garbage and call it truth. Wake up and grow up. You've been duped.

  32. Can Not Stop Laughing at Rudy's Seeing the Truth for the First Time Face. ROFL #ClassicColbert

  33. Stephen Colbert, Michelle Wolf, Seth Meyers- they all have the dumbest fan base on the planet. Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and "Banished," posted by Danney Williams, both on YouTube. You all are so dumb that it's halfway into 2018 and you still can't figure out the real reasons why millions of people refused to vote for Clinton. Wake up.

  34. One week later, the FBI was lauded for doing their job by ultra-conservative GOP Trey Gowdy – whom Rudy G. dutifully said "drank the Kool Aid" (as he wiped some red fluid from his lips).

  35. Apparently 32% of Americans have no brains in their head, because 32% of Americans still support Trump. Sad!

  36. I like trump's idea of pardons b4 trial instead of plea bargain that would great for poor and brown people just have to make sure it is aplied evenly

  37. if you think that drumpf started dealing with russians just for the "dirt on Hillary", you are sooo innocent and uninformed that it's cute : D

  38. don't you think you guys are overreacting just a little bit. the time we get on this earth is so short its worthless to harbour so much hatred for another human being and the last time i checked every single human life is considered sacred. i sincerely believe there is a goodness in all people. it might not be what you consider good but it is a good nonetheless. it is the hardest thing to love an enemy.

  39. Not to mention didn't trump himself say, and I quote "spying on your political rivals was done all the time, and totally not in anyway illegal?" Everyone else not stupid enough to actually fanatically believe everything out of his mouth remembers when he said that regarding the collusion allegations about the trump tower meeting with russion oligarchs to discuss getting dirt on hillary that he did not even confirm existed right?

  40. To paraphrase a quote one of the greatest saturday morning cartoon villains of all time that isn't our cartoonishly tyrannical president Galvatron, and I paraphrase this quote thusly, "trump as president?! Really trump?!" "This is bad comedy!!" Picture Galvatron saying that with good ol Leanord Nimoy's voice. Our fore fathers would be rolling in their graves if they could see us now.

  41. nazis killed millions of jews and took the guns. We want you to buy guns and didnt kill anyone. Your ignorant nazi comment show's how much you dont know and shows you have no respect for the millions of jews who were killed. Tell a polish ild man or women what you say here. They will either cry or attack you. Your comment also shows you never researched JFK , secret societies, Soros , agenda 21, the banks of the world 30,000 guiltiens , or 6 man caskets, Everyone acts like jfk is a liar and cant see Trump fixing what jfk wanted to before he was shot. Do you know they projected america to not have any poor by 1990. Ya your leftist evil dems have stilen all that extra money and after that enslaved the poor and blacks again. While you sit here and try to defend them, they are raping and drinking children's blood. How does it feel to help know child abusers , rapist, and just plain evil. Look up that stuff and stop being brainwashed.

  42. feel free to denigrate trump, if it makes you feel better. but think a minute- he got to be president, with no more than the usual smoke and mirrors. when you play by the rules, and get this result- isn't it time to change the rules? the constitution was written to empower the rich, and that is what it does, since 1787. trump is rich, so he is entitled to throw his weight around, it's legal. i recommend democracy: find out what it is, and get it, if you can.

  43. If there are no spies that were implanted during his 2016 campaign for President then pretty much he would be a great disgrace to the country and the investigation into the Russian collusion should continue. 😋😋

  44. the people of the usa tolerate rule by politician, instead of democracy. the politician caste is as crooked and useless as the nobles of louis 16, the people of usa alienated, cynical and profoundly ignorant. and what passes for political discussion happens on stage with a comedian.
    do you wonder why china makes fools of you?

  45. to anyone else watching this in the UK, can we agree that that suit and tie combo makes stephen look like he works for transpennine express lmao

  46. Any idiot lawyer would be able to change the "of those present" to view/tamper with the evidence, to the president, the majority and minority leaders from both the house and senate. This makes as much sense as R. Kelly, sitting as judge at his own trial and only him and his 16yo girlfriend are permitted to watch the tape of him peeing on an underaged girl.
    Is America great again? I can't tell. It looks a lot like a bag of hypocrisy slathered in corruption.

  47. If you have never pulled and 18 wheeler over on a lonely road in Kansas and puked in the grass, you have not lived. And that is just one of those awkward admissions.

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