This Man Keeps Parliament In ‘Order’ Amidst Brexit Chaos | All In | MSNBC
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This Man Keeps Parliament In ‘Order’ Amidst Brexit Chaos | All In | MSNBC

November 30, 2019

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  1. The headlights on automobiles they build now are way too bright. It's like the "brights" are on. It's an epidemic. Also the color white is too bright for on coming traffic, It also drowns out color and they pose health risk to eyes. If it was then Airports would use that color but they don't. The Aviation industry uses yellowish lights for many reasons.

  2. Exhibit A: —> Now the US intelligence community is using propaganda to influence allies Brexit decisions. Plus this speaker sounds like the guy who had a little too much to drink.

  3. Speaker #Bercow 'could be denied peerage'
    @BBCNews 🐦 🇬🇧
    @GlobalNewsTH 🐦

  4. The multiparty parliamentary system is a superior form of government; glad we have it here in Canada and in most European countries. Americans should take note.

  5. How cool. I thought I was the only one becoming a total fanboy of John Berko's through watching the Guardian's stream of the House of Commons during all this Brexit mess. I love Britain and the British and while it genuinely pains me to see the UK going through this, as an American living through 3 years during which the word "unprecedented" has lost any real meaning through repetition yet is still used 1000 times a day on TV to correctly describe whatever's going on, I gotta admit it feels nice in a way to know that our oldest friends are also in the soup.

  6. Berkow has not kept order. He's abused his office, and rendered himself useless in any capacity whatsoever towards actually finding a solution. The Speaker is supposed to be impartial, in order that he/she can bring various parties together. It's like two sides of a dispute going to arbitration, only to find the Arbitrator has already committed to support one side over the other.

  7. One reason Brits want to leave the EU is standardised regulations for everything, which they find annoying. Seems they could use some for letterboxes. 🙂

  8. British parliament is crazy. Their debates are unbelievable. But at least they have debates. Can you imagine McConnell trying to keep order like that?

  9. He almost got the boot for "bullying" , I think it was a secretary in public last year. He survived it. My favorite Brexit information website has been starting with his shouts for over two years now. 🙂

  10. This was just jaw dropping!!! Wow! I would love to see this happen in the white house for once. Might be able to open the government if anyone challenged mitch mcturtlehead like this guy!!!

  11. Brexit why can't they do it between 10 and 2 and call it brunch?
    "Iron American Dream" on YouTube
    A song about Harley Davidsons and American cultural heritage.
    Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms,
    That and lies is what makes a nation great. Scones or crumpets?

  12. Ever been a letter carrier? If you were, you wouldn't smirk about letterboxes being too low. Just try to deliver letters in six hundred of them in four hours time.

  13. THIS was the best you could do on Bercow?

    You are out.Of.ORRRRDERRRR!

    I banish the profucers of this poor excuse for 3rd grade reporting, to the Tower for two weeks, post haste, where you will think about your comes and be ready with an apology on your release.

    On pain of morning tea for a year, instead of coffee.

    There. That ought to motivate you a little. Now DO BETTER!

  14. It's beautiful isn't it. The mother of parliaments. The mother of modern day democracy. A multi party constitutional monarchy. Where peoples voices are heard through elected representatives. All issues are heard, debated, voted on and adhered to, because they are held accountable under supervision of Her gracious and charitable Majesty the Queen and her people. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  15. Firstly, it's not always like that. PMQ's tends to be a bit of pantomime.

    Secondly, if you think he's interesting, you should have seen Betty Boothroyd … She defined the word 'savage'. Sadly there's not a lot of her on YouTube. Sometimes she wouldn't even tell the house to calm down and would instead, tell the MP to talk louder.

  16. His burns are Legendary. His English beautifully arcane, influenced by Jane Austin, I fancy. But his knowledge of procedure, his commitment to democracy, his quick-wittedness makes him truly exceptional.

  17. Typical superficial fluff from MSNBC. Bercow is the most bias speaker in the history of the UK. It's a totally different role than the Speaker of the House in America. In the UK, the Speaker doesn't belong to a party. They are supposed to be totally impartial. He did everything he could to stop Brexit, including citing ancient precedent from the pre-Tudor era to prevent a vote from even taking place on Theresa May's EU withdrawal agreement.

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