Thomas Jefferson: “The Foundation of the Constitution”
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Thomas Jefferson: “The Foundation of the Constitution”

October 11, 2019

Thomas Jefferson saw the Tenth Amendment
as the foundation of the Constitution. In a 1791 opinion against the
constitutionality of a National Bank, he wrote: “I consider the foundation of the
Constitution as laid on this ground that all powers not delegated to the United
States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states are
reserved to the States or to the people”

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  2. I always thought that the Tenth Amendment should have been made the First Amendment. It would have raised the level of its importance. I assume the enumeration of the Bill of Rights was debated by the federalists and anti federalists but I never researched it.

  3. Yours is the single most underrated channel on YouTube. You should publish short, sweet videos like this every day, and put them on Facebook, where most people now get their news. The Statists are winning the social media game, and we need to catch up.

  4. Maybe the 10th should have been the LAST amendment? The last 5 have been bad for Democracy and Freedom I'd say. The President/Vice president were the top 2 vote getters the Party system is now firmly in control.

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