Thomas Jefferson’s Solution to Abuses of Constitutional Power
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Thomas Jefferson’s Solution to Abuses of Constitutional Power

August 25, 2019

Thomas Jefferson gave us the solution to abuses
of Constitutional power. He said: “I know no safe depositary of the
ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we
think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a
wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to
inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses
of constitutional power.” –Letter from Thomas Jefferson to William Thomas
Jarvis, September 28, 1820. I’m Dave Kluge, author of The People’s
Guide to the United States Constitution. The news today
is filled with arguments over the Constitution and alleged
abuses of Constitutional power. Yet today, surveys
show the majority of Americans have not read the Constitution,
even though it’s only about 7,000 words or 25 pages
long. In researching my book, I went out on the
streets and asked all sorts of people, “What would it
be like to live in a country where everyone you met had read
and understood the Constitution?” People of all ages and groups said there would
be more respect and cooperation, the government
would not violate people’s rights and people could
work together to make that country better. I’d
like that. The Constitution and the human rights it protects
provide a common ground we can all share. The power
to protect and preserve our freedoms begins when
“We the people” become familiar with our own Constitution. In 1787, when our Constitution was being debated
by the states, before it was approved, newspapers at
the time printed the entire text of the Constitution, with arguments for it and against it. People
read it, discussed it, and had strong opinions about
it. I’d like to see that level of understanding of our
Constitution approached again today. So, how can it be that so few people have
read the Constitution today? It was written in what
is now over two century-old language, with lots of unusual
words. The average person simply can’t get through
it today. The solution is simple because of the way
I have structured and written my book. All unusual words are defined, with simple
examples of what these documents are talking about, so
people can read straight on through with understanding. I give just enough background for people to
understand who came to America to settle hundreds of
years ago; what they believed in; and what our War
of Independence was all about. All so people
can read with understanding the Declaration of Independence.
In my mind the Declaration of Independence is one
of the most beautiful and aesthetic documents ever written! Then, why was the Constitutional Convention
called and what happened at it; and then the actual
text of the Constitution. The average person can read
my book in just a few hours and walk away with his
or her own understanding of what these documents say,
as I let the Declaration of Independence and Constitution
speak for themselves. All with “no-spin.” I’m on a personal mission to help get the
majority of Americans to simply read and understand
the Constitution for themselves. If generations of Americans were well-versed
in our Constitution when we started and continued
on our way to becoming the greatest country on Earth,
then it certainly makes sense that today’s generations
should be well versed in our Constitution. I urge you to encourage people to simply read
and understand our Constitution, and by this education,
“We the People” will know how to correct abuses
of Constitutional power. Thank you.

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  1. This is a terrific video and Mr. Kluge has an important point. We all need to read and understand our constitution. I've read his book and it really is easy to understand and contains no slant. I do love our country and reading this book reminded why.

  2. Good work Dave! Relative to our Declaration of Independence I took the liberty to prove Jefferson’s “self-evident” claim that our Unalienable Rights are part of the Laws of Nature. See my channel video for the proof.

  3. I have read this book and I must say it is very easy to read and understand even at grade school level. The words are defined and examples given to promote understanding. If you know your rights you can do something about the abuses. This is a must read for everyone. Good job Dave.

  4. Well I read your book and I have to say it did exactly what you said it would do and enabled me to fully understand the US Constitution with very little effort on my part. Brilliantly written and very well presented. Thank you for your excellent work!

  5. The one thing I heard recently from our elected officials that I could agree with is that we are responsible for hiring them into office. We should know and understand our constitution as well or BETTER than candidates running for office if we are going to elect people who will work for us. This book enables us to do this. Thanks, Dave!

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