Thriller (Bill of Rights version)

September 21, 2019

The First Amendment states the first 5 freedoms Assembly, writing. Speech, religion and petion you can do any of those things that are listed Now number 2 is all about the guns that you can bear cause they’re in there You got these rights, the bill of rights number 3 talks about quartering troops you can’t You got your rights the bill of rights It’s all about the freedoms and your rights my rights. Bill of Rights Now number 4 says no search or seizures without a warrant because its your stuff and your privacy Yes I plead the 5th amendment so I don’t have to speak Trial must be public and speedy, because you see These are your rights the bill of rights jurry must be fair and just to protect your rights you got your rights in the bill of rights Twenty $ jury’s part of the bill of rights The government says that all the fines can’t be way too high nun shall have cruel and unusual punishment because its in the bill of rights Amendment 9 gives the power to the people And we can see that there are more to be found number 10 is all about the reserved power for the states now everyone is happy because we are free Cause of the bill of rights these are the first ten and no one cares about the rest About the bill of bill of rights This concludes the song and the bill of bill of, of rights

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