Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone
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Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone

October 17, 2019

So I’m headed to an area called Lakemba in Sydney Australia and it’s supposed to be a very high Muslim population area, kind of like Marxloh or Molenbeek in Europe. I think that in Australia the no-go zone areas wouldn’t be as bad as Europe just because they’ve got less mass immigration, but I’ve heard some pretty, pretty bizarre stories about riots, about attacks, kind of grooming gangs in Lakemba as well. So I want to see what’s actually going on there. Is this actually a no-go zone, how- or is it integrating perfectly? The only way I get to know these things is if I go on the ground and check it out. So, let’s see what we find out in Lakemba. As soon as we arrived in Lakemba things were tense. There were heads turning, people coming out of shops to look at us and find out what we were doing. Men started yelling in Arabic across the street at us. I hadn’t even been in Lakemba ten minutes before someone had tipped off the media and they came running to combat me and tell me this was a perfectly safe area and I had nothing and no reason to be there. Almost immediately the media story was proven to be wrong. As we went to go for a walk to the local mosque, a very high ranked police officer came up to me and begged with me: do not go there. Southern? Speaking. Inspector Rick Agius from county police. Yep. I’ve been informed that you’re intending to attending the Lakemba Mosque, is that correct? I actually have no intentions of attending, I was just planning on walking through the streets and seeing how the culture was here. Yes? Yeah. Are you satisfied with that? Yep! So where do you intend on walking to now? I was just gonna walk out and check how the mosque was. Check where the mosque was? Yeah. Am I- would I not be allowed to attend if I wanted to? Well, I’ve got grave concerns that you might cause the imminent breach of the peace down there, so I’m asking you not to attend. Why would I cause a breach of the peace? Because it’s highly religious down there. So would it be me causing a breach of the peace or would it be the people there? Well your attend- your presence may cause them to be, you know, be offensive or be objected to your attending there. And so that would be them being offended by me. Please, can you turn- not interview me? The local community walk around here without any fear. I walk around here without any fear. Right, but I’m a critic of Islam. Yes. So I can’t be in this a multi culture because my culture is allowed to have free speech and criticize Islam. I understand you have your own beliefs and you’re allowed to have your own beliefs, I have no issue with that. I’m asking you not to attend down there because I have a fear that you may cause an imminent breach of the peace. In doing so, you may commit an offense. Am I allowed to walk through the area? I’m asking- no, I’m asking you not to go down to Haldon Street. You’re asking me, but do I have the legal right to walk down this area? At this point of time no. I know you’re walking away, but I would like to do some interviews. Would I be allowed to do interviews? No, you’re not welcome in there. No, I’m not welc- no, no, no, just to do interviews on the street. Am I allowed to? No. Why not? Because I’m asking you not to. I just- would I be allowed to- would I, okay, no cameras, nothing. Would I be allowed to talk to people and criticize Islam? No. No? No. Why? Because I’m telling you, no, you’re committing an offense. Why do you need to do it here? Because this is a highly Islamic area. What questions do you intend on asking? Could I not talk to people and criticize Islam? What question- why do you want to- I don’t- why do you want to criticize Islam? Like I said, if you’re inside I have fear that you’re gonna cause a breach of the peace. No, you fear people will be offended by me. No, no, no… yeah. Yes? Yes. Yes, thank you. And you’re committing a breach of the peace. I’ve given you that warning, and if you do that, you may be breaking the law. You understand that? Yep, I understand it. I perfectly understand. As far as I’m concerned, you have Sharia law here. As far as I’m concerned. Yeah, we’ll be- we’ll go to jail if we talk to people. As far as I’m concerned, they have Sharia law here. I was told if I talk to people, even if I put all my cameras away, I can’t criticise Islam to people here on a public street in Australia in Sydney. Don’t tell me you don’t have no-go zones. Don’t tell me this is a multicultural country. Lakemba is a monoculture, and it is one that does not allow critique of Islam. It is one that does not allow free speech because it is conquered land.

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  1. I lean to have more progressive views, more liberal views on things, hence I have no religion whatsoever and I don't care about religious dogmas, but at the same time it doesn't bother me if someone practice their religion whenever and wherever. That being said, in what kind of free country you can tell someone NOT to go to a public area and not try to talk to people because you will cause a disturbance? That is so wrong in so many ways. I disagree with her views and how she goes about provoking people, BUT she has the right to do so. People are only responsible for what they do not by how others will react.

  2. Sorry fuckhead but you can’t arrest someone who hasn’t committed a crime. Sorry 😐 their presence alone isn’t a crime. Your country is fucked if this kind of an attitude remains prevalent in your government.

  3. When an Islamophobe that lies about Muslims and Islam, walks in a Muslim area, you expect smiles? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    If a bearded Muslim or any non-white person walks down an ol-hickery inbred town in the south (or any rural inbred area in America/Europe), he wont' be welcome and he doesn't even have to lie about racist white people 😂😂

  4. THIS IS FAKE. That was footage from Pauline Hanson's visit with the A Current Affair show. The guy in the uniform must just be a clickbait actor

  5. WOW a cop lives in fear & stops a women to have her free right to walk down the walk away as she should be able todo so it's her right to talk freely to any one she wants on the side walk as for the cop he has became the thing he fears a mid east guy he's treating the girl just like the mid east men do I would say you have the right to walk down the street then I would say if they start shit with you hold strong & get back in their face it's your god damn right todo so don't take any shit but I am from usa.

  6. When did it become illegal in Australia for a white woman to walk down an Australian street? And when did it become illegal in Australia to criticise any religion, never mind one that regularly produces extremists & terrorists?

  7. This is how it is/will be EVERYWHERE there are Muzlm communities, including America. The open border Globalists pushing Forced Migration (Soros' term for mass Migration to conquer countries) is part of an even bigger plan by the Left, to cause Civil War that justifies UN Control and disarmament. Once all the countries are at the same point, a worldwide, communist dictatorship, called The New World Order, will be announced and implemented.
    [The Forced Migration was allowed because countries foolishly signed The UN Migration Pact.]

    The UN Migration Pact is what's destroying countries in Europe and the world. It basically says that, the signers agree to relinquish all their countries Migration matters to the UN. And it was "bait and switch" scam, that resulted in Forced Migration. (Soros' term, and method for destroying countries) Obama had approved for the U.S., and Hillary was to sign. That's what the Leftist/Dem/Soros funded "caravans" were for, and it's why the Dems hate Pres. Trump SO bad and want (need) him out!

    Our caravans are from South America. Many caravans in Europe are from the Middle East (where the Qoran teaches them to invade and conquer), and they're absolutely destroying the countries. My friend from France wrote me that their once beautiful, tourist areas, once filled with shops, famous bakeries, and galleries (famous for their street artists) are now dirty, crime ridden, middleeastern marketplaces. (she wrote "a sea of black and white robes, as far as the eye can see.") She said that the tourists are gone, the shops closed, and the women are afraid to leave their homes (or allow their little girls outside) because the middleeastern men believe that they have must rape and impregnate as many non-Muslim women and girls, as possible, to water down the race and make Muslim babies. And, if you were wondering, people there ARE fighting back (civil wars are erupting- "The Yellow Vests" are the citizens fighting in France, England, Germany, Turkey, Poland, even Canada now. However, they gave up their right to bear arms, so their own government is fighting, harming, and killing them. This is why we must protect our 2nd Amendment!)

    The idea behind the invasions (Forced Migration) is to weaken the culture, race, traditions, values, ethics, and religions of a country, and cause civil unrest that warrants the UN and EU Armies to take control (which would be justifiable/allowable under the UNM Pact). Once under UN control, the Leftist polititions, elites (Soros') and bankers, can initiate a solution, that they'll claim is the best solution for all – one worldwide government (one govt/currency/culture/race/religion/language) called The New World Order.

    If you're skeptical about The New World Order, watch JFK, Reagan, Bush Sr., Obama, Hillary, Soros, Merkel, and other world leaders. (even the Pope recently spoke of the need for a one world government, and called for South Americansto storm the borders of the U.S.) speak about the NWO as the future government of the world. JFK said that he would be exposing the NWO plan and the truth behind "Secret Societies." (Freemasons, Skull and Bones) He was assassinated 2 weeks later.

    Thank God for Pres. Trump! He is literally savingthe United States country from the horrors of another world war, and the end of our Constitutional republic. And, he absolutely MUST win the election next year, or the Leftist Dems will undo his good work, and put us back on the NWO path. The threat is still VERY real, and half of our country is unknowingly supporting it! [Thanks to the Dem owned and controlled mainstream media, twisting the truth and lying, pushing anti-Trump, and anti- Republican/Conservative rhetoric, and inciting the Leftist bullying and intimidation tactics to silence us. It's very much a communist propaganda machine, and people in our country don't want to believe they're corrupt and being manipulated. This is serious, and very scary.]

  8. How can that cop live with himself. ? Thank god for American soil. And to all of you idiots hating on America wile still living here…. Fuck you. Leave.

  9. It's not because it's a No Go Zone but because the officer knows WHO SHE IS AND THAT SHE WILL START SHIT …. HE EVEN SAID ITS PEACEFUL THERE BUT WOULDNT BE FOR HER… ITS NOT BECAUSE OF ISLAMIC PEOPLE BUT BECAUSE OF HER HATE AND STIRING THE POT … would she be okay with me going to a church and badgering and criticizing Christians?? I'm willing to guess she wouldn't be okay with me doing that…. So why does she think doing the same to Muslims is okay and them getting pissed off means it's a no go zone?…. Simply because they don't want her there being a racist Barbie and PROMOTING hate

  10. Your Title is VERY MISLEADING… YOU were kicked out for the reason they know you are a total twat waffle full of hate …. Not because it's a No Go Zone… The officer actually said it's peaceful but not for you … That doesn't equate to a no go zone … It equates to saying you're a cunt and get a fucking life, Fascist Barbie, they don't want you stiring up up hate in a peaceful area…. FULL STOP

  11. Europe (except the East) and Australia are already dead. Any civilisation that allows islam in is a dead civilisation within decades.

  12. Lauren should have said to the cop, "well we wouldn't want to have a breach of the peace now would we? Why don't all the native Australians just
    pack up and leave the continent just so the muslims can take over!" Wonder how Crocodile Dundee and the aborigines view all of this?

  13. So she travels the world just to criticise Islam?😭 what an absolute joker. Going out and spreading hate, how is Lakemba even “conquered land”?

  14. First they come to your country crying that they need shelter
    Than they take benefits from govt
    Than they start producing like rabbits
    Than they become majority
    Than they say we dont like ur govt
    Than they impose sharia law
    Than australia becomes califate
    Welcome to australistaan

  15. I love the way that Lauren would "cause" them to offend, WTF??This cop is doing a shit job and I am ashamed of him as a fellow Australian and he has no legal right to put such limitations on Lauren. When he asked you not to, that was fine, but when he denied you "legally", he was speaking shit. Keep your double-standards Lakemba, I wouldn't visit if I had to, but then again, I probably wouldn't be welcome, would I?

  16. That's not true, do the same with everybody and there religion, how will that coward act when white christian people get violent when somebody attend there church of another religion? will you arrest the attendee for so-called breaking the peace? or will you call them the christian church a hateful Right-Winger group i wonder, why are the Muslims allowed to be separately? that's APARTHEID! ! ! ! who is pushing this INTERNATIONAL CRIME!!??

  17. Her logic is so silly…Leave people to practice their faith in peace. The officer was very professional.

  18. they didn't let her go there because they knew she would likely be maimed by the imams bodyguards who handle security at the lakemba hardcore grooming centre

  19. he cant tell u just dont go there bcoz u will be killed or u will be harmed … they will dismiss him for being racist lol
    … listen girl i have been here in Saudi Arabia my hole life the capital of islam i have the citizen ship and i talk there language also my name is Arabian btw lol … it's so complicated to explain but listen … the Islamic faith here in saudi consider as not being too faithful now … most of the ( Muslims immigrants ) – not all of them – in Australia r coming from a poor uneducated Countries that even here the saudi nation dont accept them as a citizen no matter what they do even while they r Muslims … even if they worked in saudi for 50 years … why ???
    no jokes these Muslims r will known for being extremely aggressive and usually they r uneducated and actually they see u as an animal or pig that deserve to die … they call u infidel which means u dont deserve to live
    i'm not gonna name any of these countries that have these weird thoughts … to not to be a racist … but why ? they are in Australia bcoz the capital of Islam the saudi arabia rejected them all 🙂 hope u got the point
    the last thing that i want to say is some of these thoughts are also exist here in saudi but not that much as before 20 years ago … most of these ppl are gone becoz they went to fight with isis and hopefully they all are dead in Iraq or Syria.
    dont fuck with these ppl for ur own safety …
    btw going near any mosques with out burqa is consider as an insult for them 🙂

  20. Ooooo this got under my skin…. 1. Laurens like a foot taller than the cop and yet he fears for her safety? Hahaha i have authority issues already and automatically have distrust for law enforcement because of my own experiences and dealings with them. Long story short, i was a child and sexually abused by an entire PD but regardless of that, im just so sick of cops breaking laws as they see fit. Its infuriating.

  21. This disgusting shit here happens where ever Muslims are allowed to invade. This is without fail, every single time. Vast areas in France are completely off limits to non muslims and they will kill you if you go there. The police aren't even allowed into these areas. This is how it works people so wake the hell up.

  22. Islam and other all religions are stupid fairytale bullshit. Citizens all over the world should to wake up and close their borders for multiculturalism 🤔🤬😡😠

  23. It's quiet interesting to learn what is happening between these non native entities in this stolen country!.

  24. So the cop is saying “ those people are animals, they will act like animals and we will blame you for it”.

  25. Even if I were a muslim Arab critic of Christianity, I wouldn't go to a church in the deep south/Bible belt of the USA to criticize Christianity. That's just disrespectful to the PEOPLE who live there.

    Lakemba (where you shot the video) is a predominantly arab/Muslim community in Australia, and half its youth are tattoo riddled gang members who aren't even remotely religious. They'd bash your head in because of their pride, not because of religion or "sharia law".

    Sharia law.. Looool what a stupid girl. Wish that cop wasn't there to save your ass.

  26. In Canada it's already written INTO LAW that you cannot criticize Islam. Canada is becoming the newest Islamic country. In Quebec, they are trying to ban religious symbols from certain public jobs and the media is calling it "anti-Muslim". No regard whatsoever for Christians or anyone else, it's only about how it affects Muslims. The Muslims are now fighting it in court (by way of a extremely powerful lobby group) and I know they will win. They always win.

    It's sad and pathetic that we're allowing this to happen here. We have a government that is trying to call us the problem when we question the addition of this element into our society… a group of people that ruin nations and create turmoil everywhere they go. We're told that we're the bad guys for not accepting a collection of people that do not integrate into society, they take it over. They want to wipe us all out.

  27. Praise to the officer. A decent gentleman. This woman acts like a slut. She is rude to the officer.
    Women are respected in Islam. If this woman would act decently she would have been more than welcome in Muslim or any neighborhood. Let's be honest there are more rape and child molestation in so-called civilized nonmuslim world!. What about all those priests that have abused children?

  28. Internationally famous for being a provocateur, it’s not even remotely comparable to someone else walking there. Doesn’t look dangerous at all. Bullshit propagandist garbage.

  29. WTF this is Australia not the fucken middle east, fuck this makes me so angry 😠 Australia wake up before its to late, Australia is losing it's identity fuck Islam, Islam is a religion of hate 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  30. This religion pacifies people by killing them if they criticize their ideology, that is the peaceful religion Islam. I feel sorry for the naive Australians who allow the Muslims into their country.

  31. Looks Like a Job for Ruby!
    This is World Wide, No Go Zones in All Countries Now.

  32. Hahaha Most stupid video I've never seen! This girl is focusing on the muslim population and during this time Chinese are buying Australia 😂

  33. You’re such an brave women. You have blood on your vines, but this is very dangerous for you. You all ready know , the government is against us and protect Muslims. The elites in this dirty staff is the media , government , Soros and bankers. Alex John end in bad news but still free. Be careful Lauren. God bless you!

  34. They have a Lauren "lispy magoo" southern NO GO zones because you're a useless hate mongering bitch. If you had muslims doing the same thing, in say a conservative christian neighborhood and people got pissed off at the interviewer would you call that a "No Go zone?" Another useless blonde bimbo without a life trying to be her idol Taylor.

  35. Everybody knows on some level that unlike most of humanity can be responsible for impulsive violent reactions and any evolutionary scientist knows this control of impulses is what separates us from Animals but expecting Muslims like other animals to regulate their behavior is just simply unrealistic. So the law in practice must be Non Muslims are held accountable for their actions and Non Muslims are responsible for provoking Muslims who lack control over their animal impulses.

  36. Can no one here see why she was warned not to go there? Why there where other Camera-Teams coming to film? Because Lauren is a f***ng nazi(-sympathizer) and she doesn't want to learn anything, just provoke. The police believes she will provoke the people living there in peace. And they are probably right.. I am white and I can go anywhere.. what is your point? This has nothing to do with a no-go-zone.. How can you not see this?

  37. It is getting really bad out there for all of us. Time is short. Fight hard and long for the freedom of all. You have to ask, "What happened?", "Have we no say anymore?"

  38. You reach to them with a camera in their faces and with an intention to ridicule them and you too provoke them. You do offensive things there and when someone stops you from doing it ya all call it hate. let them live in their communities and live yours.

  39. Unfortunately, seems the final comment in this clip sums it up! It would also seem this misinformed policeman is unwittingly admitting that free speech has been forfeited in this suburb of Australia –
    this should not be. OK, I can accept that he may have been 'protecting' the video crew but even that should not be necessary if the suburb is part of a 'multicultural' area in this great 'free' land. Correct me if I'm wrong but Isn't something wrong out there if we cant talk and debate anymore?

  40. You should have been allowed to talk to people and they should be able to respond in a civilized way. It would have been interesting to see what the police would do if you continued, you should have asked a lawyer to accompany you.

  41. Excuse Me???!!!!! This is not acceptable!!! Australia is supposed to be a free country. This things are not acceptable in a free country. How on earth the police would prohibit Lauren from going around asking questions because it might be a "breach of peace"?

  42. This New York Times article explains how and why Islam is taking over the world.

  43. What a very worrying state of affairs. The police appear to be absolute cowards and not doing their job. For a Senior office, he’s an idiot.

  44. As if people cant tell how lauren staged, all she does is go around and say she wants evidence and facts yet she cant seem to show us these people 'yelling in arabic across the street' or all these people coming out of the shops to see her, she is the one who called police and the media in order to make this video

  45. She was told she may be violating the law which is police speak for there is no statute your breaking but we don't want to take a chance. Had she simply asked for the verbatim statue she would be in violation of he would have had to admit none.

  46. these bootlickers are defending foreign muslims over their own people…what the hell have anglo people in their brains??pro abortion feminists and the sociaties that support em are just sick

  47. Australia has fallen. The old "Breach of the Peace" thing when OTHER PEOPLE are the ones attacking someone for no good reason is the red line. Its not a good reason, an acceptable reason, to bar people from walking through the streets because they are of a different culture or belief. I fear for my fellow Australians. These people are malevolent and violent and do not belong in our country.

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