Thuli Madonsela Slams EFF Land Occupation
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Thuli Madonsela Slams EFF Land Occupation

August 24, 2019

Former public protector, Professor Thuli Madonsela,
has slammed the EFF for endorsing land occupations, saying the party was promoting illegality
in the country. Speaking on Thursday 12 July 2018, at the
local government seminar organised by Salga in Johannesburg, Professor Madonsela said
that the EFF’s call for people to take land was in violation of the Constitution which
its leaders made an oath to uphold when they were sworn in as parliamentarians. “What they don’t realise is that they
are telling people that the law does not matter. Beyond taking the land, many people may start
to ignore the law,” Professor Madonsela said. Her remarks come as the debate on the land
question is raging throughout the country, and with parliamentary public hearings on
whether to amend section 25 of the Constitution to enable expropriation of land without compensation. EFF leader, Julius Malema, is currently being
charged criminally with incitement after he called for people to occupy land. Professor Madonsela said while the debate
on land reform was necessary for the country’s transformation, the EFF was dividing the country,
and encouraging people to “spit” on the country’s supreme law. “I think the land must be shared by all
and the process of land redistribution, restitution and tenure reform must be expedited. However that should not be done in defiance
of the Constitution. Our leaders are asking people to spit on the
Constitution we will come to regret it.” She said by telling people to be illegal,
the red berets did not realise that their call for illegality would soon move beyond
land occupations. “That message is not only sent to those
who want to take the land, but others to say protect yourselves illegally as well. So you are creating a lawless society unintentionally,
and also dividing the people, but for what? For votes?” Professor Madonsela asked. The EFF’s approach was running the risk
of dividing the country. EFF spokesperson had not responded yet. Thanks for watching. Please comment, like, share and subscribe.

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  1. It is because of the delay that was made by ANC on land issue that caused frustrations, after all we need the land and we are prepared to fight for it enough is enough.Its even better because we are even prepared to share unlike those nincompoop whites that are not prepared to share.If you are a white person and you are prepared to share you will feel offended by choice

  2. I have no problem with sharing the land. But I do have a problem with the promises these dictators make to the followers. When they change the contstitution you wont own anything as all land will belong to the state and that will open the gate for an even worse situation. The chief will be allowed to chase you of that land if he does not like the way you smile.

  3. I don't have problem with this issue but I see problem when we occupy land illigal that everyone including people coming from other countries, who are not entitled to have land they now have stand while some of us do not have stands and struggle to get RDP houses in the name of "You do not qualify for RDP"
    Another problem will be when they starts to complain for service delivery. I thinkIt will be best if it monitored through housing department or even after the occupation is recognised, legality of the person is checked.
    Yes we needs our own places to live but we need to do it in the right manner

  4. That so-called professor doesn't understand that if maximum pressure is not exerted on the ANC, they would do nothing. Occupying land should be an option if the ANC fails to do what they should have done long ago. When the ANC is busy doing corruption instead of taking care of people, the professor doesn't speak up. Corruption is also against the constitution, I never heard the professor say anything about Zuma and the corrupt ANC. Occupying land should be an option on the table. Malema is right in this regard. By the way, land was not occupied in a legal manner. Professor, I am sorry, if the ANC doesn't speed up the process, we will have no choice but to go to anarchy.

  5. Afrikaners are a failed people defeated by Africans, and they have only been losing ground and power sins 1960

    First the portegese were kicked out of Africa,

    1960 the ANC starts the war against the terrorist regime, 1975 afrikaners invade Angola from namibia, later this year they are defeated in the battle of cuito cuanavale, by cubans, and many Africans like the MPLA the Afrikaners had better artillerie, but their air Force was(french mirrages) weaker compared to the Russian migs and hinds, and on the ground they had their trustworthy and fearsome elefant tanks they were big but slow that's where the Cuban and angolan tanks came in they were faster,smaller and had almost the same fire power. after this they the MPLA defeated UNITA an army of angolese used by the SADF. After this the SADF didn't want to let any more of there white soldiers fight and were forced back to Namibia and there the black people that they wanted to use as cannonfodder turned against them and they lost battles against swapo and later they fled with there tails between there leg back to South Africa where the ANC finishes them of during the same period zanu pf of Zimbabwe defeats the rhodesian millitary and England and the us betrays them, on top of this the SADF conducted raids in Mozambique and Botswana, this shows that you people made an enemy of all your neighbors and you lost, so fleeing to them is no option because they all have grudges.
    In Zimbabwe you people were even hunted and no one cared and they didn't help any of them.
    and the us and Europe betrayed you for good reason,
    And now you guys are getting defeated on your own strongholds the farms! And now you guys are fleeing to other racist countries because you lost the battle against the africans!

    You people have no allies if you want to fight then you will get slaughterd and no one would care look at the AWB they tried the same ting and we're fucked so go ahead try and attack Africans again and play the victim card no one will help you this time.

    You have lost either you move to australia or another country in the legal way no special visas or you ask for forgiveness and try to live togheter with the Africans that you hate so much.

  6. Hahaha it doesn't matter who say what against land to return to the black people it will return!we'll claim it back it belongs to us it is not a crime why must we pay for something that was stolen from us does it make sense our ancestors were killed for their own land we don't kill anyone we'll just beat them with books it may take time but it will be done we have education and power to get that back EFF don't joke ask duduzane's father he will tell you!

  7. Madonsela knows nothing abt Land. She should jst sit down and enjoy all her benefit frm being public protector. Or maybe she just want to be recognized by media again like MzansiCASTER did already. It's so simple to be recognized by white media, you just side with white people by fighting against your follow black people, u will get recognized so fast.

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