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September 16, 2019

Hello everyone Welcome to another Gunpla Review of Dadee’s Corner And today I’m going to take a look at Metal Build: Gundam Astray Blue Frame This review is sponsored by the awesome people at the Titan Gunpla Shop If you want to buy one for your own, then check out the link under the desciption To start the review, I’m going to unbox it first So those are the boxes of the red and the blue frame And the blue one is the same brand as the red one, they’re not Bandai The box looks very simple with a the blue and the red frame printed on a black background I don’t know what the English word for this printing method, but it shines brightly And gives you a feeling of a good product inside Let’s put this aside, ’cause I’ve already reviewed it (link under the description) Now, I’m gonna take a look at this boi As you can see, there are a lots of things for you to play around with Those parts really suprised me when I pulled it out of the box If you compare this with the red frame, this one completely blow it out of the water It’s name is Astray Blue Frame Full Weapon Set, and it really amazed me Now let’s put it aside, we’ll look at it later This is the instruction you go there This section must be the base. Correct. This section must be the Astray Blue Frame Ughh, such beautiful, and the unbox section is finished, now let’s get to the review Firstly, as the aesthetic, the blue frame and red frame are completely the same The only difference is the color If you are the person who likes many shades of color on a kit this blue frame is surely for you There are total of 4 different blue colors throughout the kit It combines with the white armors which make the kit outstanding Actually, the white on the armor is some kind of bluish white But in general, the armor is very pleased to look at because of its level details As you can see, there are a lot of diffrent colors on the leg For example this grey part It’s kind of purple for me Next to it is the bluish white and some bege markings In addition, the decals on the kit are very good too It looks nice and makes you feel “this is not a 3rd-party toy” And one thing I really love about this kit is his face The paint is very sharp I did spend a little time observing it to find out whether any nubmarks or not And I saw nothing So the final product of the kit is really impressive, Muscle Bear has handled it pretty well Moving on to the articulation, I will skip this part because it used the same frame as the Red one You can watch it at the link under the description Now there’s a much interesting part of the kit, which is the accessories As you can see, this baby is packed Firstly, you have total of 8 hands Because the main weapons of the blue frame are guns, so it doesn’t need the hands for holding the katana Next is the backpack, to attach it, I will take this part out to make things easier First, you attach this part into this small hole Then slide it down Push this part into the square hole Close it There’s one thing I like about is when you move the body, the pegs inside also move along with it Next, you have one shield. As far as I know, some kits have this connection part, some kits don’t I think you can blame the Quality Control for not checking it thoroughly But then I think, who needs shield when you have 2 guns. Just take them out, shoot people up then you don’t need to shield from everyone Next you have this part, this can be devided in to 4 sections As you can see, there are 2 holes on the sides of the leg, We will use it to attach this part in Then close them up with this part, remember to point the top down Finally this part is to the front Next, you have 4 missle launchers, including two big and two small I wil put this away, talk about it later As for the small missile launcher, you can see there are a lot of good details on it Orange, white, blue and two shades of black: matte black and metallic black. It catches the light perfectly you use the small missile launcher, pop it onto the side of the leg like this As for the big one, the color separation on this is really nice I highly appreciate this one because of its details the color, the decals, the molds everything is so well-done eventhough this is just a 3rd-party toy, This part is the handle of the gun, and it can be popped out Next, you have two bazookas this one is also pretty nice due to its details As you can see, the body of the gun is molded really well and the color is delicate There are total of 3 metallic colors at the top of the gun As for the cartridge, you can see each of the bullet inside thanks to its wonderful color separation It can be poped out but you can see a nubmark I’m ok with that, noone gonna see it anyway Because you put them in like this the gun’s handle can move to front and back some little details inside The sensor can move side to side and the little one moves indipendently At the back of the gun, you can see some rails, it’s used to mount it to the 2nd backpack This is your 2nd backpack All of these joints are ball joints so you can move around freely For me, it looks like a scorpion First, you can move this part like this to hold the beam gun Just move the handle away, then pop it in like so As for these nippers, it can be used to hold the beam bazookas You just pop it into the rails like this Moreover, you can pop it out Then use this one so it can be used to hold the bigger missile launcher you can use both of the holes as your preference As you can see, there are many varations of this backpack you can use it like this like this or like this, whatever you like to attach it onto the backpack, pop the 1st backpack out, then move it down I usually take it out to make things easier Then connect the 2nd backpack into the hole, simple like this It is a plus from me because it has no weight issue when you mount all the weapon onto the back Due to its metal frame, this kit stands firmly I think it’s even more stable due to the weight is well-distributed really awesome And when everything comes together, I present you the Awesome Astray Blue Frame Full Weapon Set gg ez cheeky breeky Finally, you have one big stand I don’t review it at the red frame so I will talk about it this time There are 3 locks, one right here, here and here If you want to move it around, you must unlock it first move it to the range you want, lock it, then it will stay still So this base is very good because it’s not only strong but also very stable That is it for the review This kit is such an amazing one which you can have it really does the justice for the blue frame Excellent color separation, high details, and especially the wonderfull weapon set Honestly, I can pose and play with it a whole day and still have fun with it I can totally say Muscle Bear has brought to us a very good product for a reasonable price If I rate the Bandai 10, this must be 8 as least really good And that’s my opinion, what about yours? Comment to let me know. And if you want to buy one for your own, you can buy it with the best price at Titan Gunpla Shop link under description I’m Dadee, and once again thank you very much for watching leave a like if you do, and don’t forget to come back for more gunpla reviews See you next time!

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