Time-Lapse Photography In A Single Frame | Pelle Cass’s “Selected People”
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Time-Lapse Photography In A Single Frame | Pelle Cass’s “Selected People”

October 23, 2019

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  1. This is “Sequence photography", it’s used in action sports like skateboarding to show the flow & movements of tricks, however his use is more abstract & non-linear.

    The story of the picture is not necessarily the people-but their interactions within the setting, so he could use a more interesting setting to tell a better story:

    Tension between in-mates in a jail.
    Modesty at a nudist beach.
    Nervousness of people waiting for a job interview.
    Impatience waiting for the next hole at a golf course.

  2. Hmm, I really like that technique – it's kind of a novel idea. I'm definitely going to have to try this out and see if I can recreate this effect in some of my local neighborhoods.

  3. Agreed 🙂 Their parent channel – namely VICE – has nearly 3.5-million subs, so I guess there's that. As an aside, and speaking of VICE, it seems like not all that long ago that Vice (co-?)founder Shane Smith did his whole "YouTube video where Shane gets naked at VICE HQ for one-million subs. I'd say, optimistically I admit, that nearing 350,000 for The Creators Project ain't too shabby.

  4. Would love love love to know what this layering technique is called, if it's not plain simple 'layering'. Anyone? And what decent program can be used to achieving same technique. Thank you 🙂

  5. The layering is done via masks, and it can be done in photoshop, and I believe it can be done in gimp too. You basically create a mask, which is a black and white image and the whites are the visible, and the blacks are hidden. I might have changed up the black and white tho, so dont blame me for that.

  6. merci je vais travailler pour mettre en évidence des chemins d'usage à travers un champ de foire 17400 saint-jean-d'angély France

  7. This is like the opposite of the new #autoawesome #eraser , very cool & interesting photos. Instead of allowing technology to clear the human haze and focus on the landscape, it takes an artist (with the help of technology) hours to emphasize the humanity & social patterns we create within our landscapes.

    ps. Loving the new @YouTube comments integration.

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