Titanium bicycles ” how it’s made”- Titanium Bicycle Frame manufacturer – How we make a Nevi
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Titanium bicycles ” how it’s made”- Titanium Bicycle Frame manufacturer – How we make a Nevi

August 23, 2019

Nowadays when you talk about bikes you always think about carbon fiber components but there are companies as Nevi that from the beginning the purpose was to stand out from other bicycle frame brands this just choosing to work a noble material such a s titanium. thanks to the determination of Finazzi Sergio, in 1992 founded the company. All these years of study and research, Nevi provides customers with reliability, safety, excellence and above all the certainty of the ” Made in Italy ” In these twenty years history a lot of innovation has been made. The year 2000 brought, for example, one of the surface finishing that until now no one has managed to recreate, the gold etching another innovation is the Spinas frame that has the rigidity of a carbon frame but more performance to power. The only one in the world market with a three faced downtube with a thickness of 0,5mm. The last innovation, in 2013, the black titanium finishing, not painted but natural titanium. The building process starts with a drawing where customer’s geometry are reported It is important to know what we have to realise and with a computerized design we can obtain perfection and quality Titanium tubes are choosen based on diameter and thickness to realise the custom frame. First the cut of the tubes and put in the mask following the customer geometry and grades of the customer drawing Tubes are mitered, seatstays bended as desire and for more rigidity the toptube is ovalized with a CNC machine the serial number and the customer name is marked under the bottom bracket On the headtube is marked the MADE IN ITALY The dropouts are cutted by the waterjet cutting system with a pressure of 3800psi everything is realized inside the company By hand the dropouts are cleaned from the smear. After the dropouts are marked by NEVI On the dropouts are welded the little parts that are inserted in the seatstays and chainstays Tubes are filed for a better welding and polished with a sander and cleaned with a special liquid for 15 minutes. Every operation is made by hand. before welding the tubes are well dried. Now we are ready to assembly tubes ina the mask Every tube is welded one by one and it is a very delicate operation Little tubes where gas argon pass through, are fixed on the frame and weld up with little pointings The gas argon is fundamental to avoid the pollution of the welds. Now the frame is ready to be welded The best way is inside a high vacuum chamber and in a controlled atmosphere This process allows to obtain the perfection and the frame must not be straightened In this chamber the vacuum is made till a pressure of 78 millibars The pieces are as a fusion to give the best resistance to the frame. A certified welder follows all the process. At the end of the welding process the frame is left in the chamber for two hours when the temperature is lower the frame is checked to avoid imperfections. Next is the wheels check control The frame is fixed in a vise and with the use of a caliber the rear wheel is perfect centered Now the bottom bracket tube is bored out and milled end The milling end of the bottom bracket tube after the welding process is the best solution to have the frame triangle 90° with the bottom bracket tube The welds are polished and the frame has a total satin matt finishing An aluminium insert is pressed inside the seattube Then the frame must rest for 24 hours At the end the boring out of the seattube The gold and grey etching are a chemical process no one has recreate till now The model name and the type of titanium alloy is on the frame a titanium headbadge on the headtube the bearing sits inside the headtube and pressed the cups then the headtube with the cups is milled An italian flag is put on the toptube to remember the real Made in Italy Now the frame is ready to be delivered Nevi excellence and quality integrety, professionalism and tradition

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  1. Very enjoyable behind the scenes video to watch. Surprised by the use of a break press to force on the red anodized tube cap.

  2. No doubt Nevi titanium frames are of the best quality. Can you sell your frames directly to Korean customers? The retail prices the Korean dealer offers are way too high, especially considering that the FTA between the two countries has taken effect.

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