Toensing talks impeachment inquiry, says basic due process is gone
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Toensing talks impeachment inquiry, says basic due process is gone

October 17, 2019

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  1. Chris Wray at FBI can't do it cuase he's a swamp creature. FBI Director should be someone who once was a field agent. Loyal to the Constitution.

  2. Like most Americans, I would appreciate an open, transparent impeachment investigation. So far the interviews have been behind closed doors, whistleblowers have been masked and the information released so far has come from heavily biased Adam Schiff, who discredited himself over the last two or three years by saying he had proof of presidential collusion, though he didn’t.It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to call for a vote in the House that would authorize an open investigation with witnesses, cross-examinations, public depositions and witness biographies. Impeachment of the president is a very serious undertaking and needs to be done in full public view. How could anyone have already decided whether the “evidence” demands impeachment or not?

  3. This IG report == RED-PILL Evidence of Dems, FBI, DOJ, IRS, et al ad nauseam and their disgusting, shocking, vile Global Deep State Luciferian Human Trafficking Child Sacrifice Empire!!

  4. This is the most corrupt and incompetent Congress in U.S history. Along with the corrupt Media, they are the enemy of the people.

  5. Democrats have literally convinced themselves that violence, double standards, dirty politics, and other illegal BS is all okay and "justified" if it's for a good cause.
    They're dangerous, delusional ignoramuses.

  6. Pelosi will fail the impeachment inquiry unless she gets a vote and allow cross examination by senate n minority. Trump will not allow subpoena even if it means he is held in contempt. The worse thing that can happen it goes to scotus

  7. Anthony Weiner's laptop contains things that will turn this world upside down. When people find out what our ruling elite are guilty of there will be an uprising. That's just what the deep state wants. Social unrest so they can bring in UN troops and open up FEMA camps to house Americans that won't co along with the Antichrist that is soon to arise. Watch Obama.

  8. Is there nothing in the constitution to prevent a political overthrow of the president? If not, during those times, when your work actually meant something, they never thought it was possible.
    Tell Trump to just give the word, we will march on Washington if they try to overthrow the president, just because there nominee lost.

  9. Does anyone really believe the swamp has nothing on Bill Barr? They got to the supreme court, ffs! You think they can't get to Barr? Does anyone think that Durham hasn't been told 'we know where your kids go to school, where your wife gets her hair done'? I believe Horrowitz was told to refer Comey for prosecution, knowing they planned all along to reject it. They did it to 'appear' as if Horowitz is legit. You only need to se ehis last report… Comey was 'insubordinate'. Lol!!! No evidence that Stroek's bias affected his decisions? HAHA. He could have said Stroek's bias was obvious and no way to tell it didn't affect his decisions. Horowitz = Whitewash merchant. Thing is … Comey and all the others KNOW they are not going to get done over this.

  10. AskJuliane Assange..why don t they just do a video link to Assange & stop wasting all this time going ‘ round & round’

  11. They took no vote. They issue illegal subpoenas. Yep they changed the rules to suit themselves. THAT MUST CHANGE. The russians hacked nothing. The damned d.n.c were in on the attempted coup to america. Fed law does NOTHING BUT GO ALONG WITH THEM.

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  13. The CIA controls the MSM narrative and the censorship in Silicon Valley and Hollywood and the Communist infiltration of our schools and local governments.

  14. The CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS, and countless other federal agencies have been weaponized by the Obunghole regime and the DNC.

  15. Serves the repubs RIGHT. They made GUTLESS baby rino RYAN SPEAKER and he did NOTHING to support the Congress/Senate investigations.. he actually hindered them DRAMATICALLY issued NO subpoenas even when asked… many times…. the repubs held BOTH houses and the white house. Demicat Dragon Pelowsky wins back the Congress and has issued MORE subpoenas than days in a month or three ?

  16. I don't know why they keep calling this impeachment – its a Coup Period !!!!!!!!!! put on by the Communist party along with Communist controlled media.

  17. Barr should be fired outright. get someone in who's going to actually do their job and respect the rule of law, and not next Christmas.

  18. If it weren't or Trump winning the election all the Dem corruption would have been buried that is why they try so hard to discredit the incredible President.

  19. Right welcome to a taste of democratic dictatorship, this would of been the beginning of the destruction of our country, and the continuation of Globalis, where Globalist with money control everything. Yes a de -constitution.

  20. Crowdstrike is a political public relations firm not an official investigative job.
    Did they pay them with own money or tax payer money ? actually the same since so much is unacounted for its probably same money rotating.
    An inquiry with no vote isnt legal its obfuscation for own criminal collusion involving those doing this inquiry or whatever.

  21. I'm Nancy (bride of Chucky) and I'm Chucky, can you come out to play? Grow up PELOSI and SCHUMER, this "he threw a fit act is getting old (like you 2!)", I told my wife exactly what would happen before it did–you DEM'S are so predictable.We need to FIRE all of you from the dem's side and a few from our side!!


  23. Yeah but even the intelligents said Russia hacking was highly likely are they were highly confident but yet had no verifiable prove it isn't it funny not one news organization ever brought 1 single professional hacker on their shows not even Fox

  24. And I don't believe Christopher Steele got it I information from any Russians either they took public situations and created a scandal around the public events like trump going to Moscow for the miss America or miss universe or whatever

  25. M Brandon and clapper and call me were running these agencies I don't believe anything that they came out with about our election listen to him now you really think that there were doing their jobs

  26. Let's just pretend that Fox didn't get rid of Lou Dobbs during the Obama administration and now Fox that has him back because Donald Trump is the president all you media think the people are so stupid then you just have lying asked manipulating smearing Megan Kelly on Tucker show how disgusting as that and you hire lying cheating Donna Brazil

  27. When the DNC, during an election decided to withhold the server from investigation by the FBI and Assange kept asserting that the Russians had nothing to do with it as well as some professionals saying that evidence shows it was impossible that it was hacked from Russia I knew immediately that something was wrong. The fact that this was at the heart of everything that is playing out even now and has still not been investigated by the FBI nor Mueller's team is probably the biggest bungle in American history. It's hard to believe that such a big error could occur. Most likely it was done for a purpose. Finding and investigating the server should be a huge concern for every American. If it's discovered that dirty business has gone on then we have 100% proof of a well planned coup that stretches across many levels of government. We must know if we have enemies in our midst and we cannot rest until we know.

  28. So far EVERYTHING they have said will happen, HAS NOT HAPPENED. No indictments. No hearings. No FISA. No DECLASS. NO NOTHING. Yawn.

  29. Chris Wray is part of the Democrat cabal… the deep state swamp. He is nearly as bad as James Comey. He too should be fired over his corrupt stall and delay tactics in not coming forth with information requested by congressional committees time and again. Where are Hillary's emails, and server? Where is Weinner's lap top? Where are the 302s that have been requested over and over again?

  30. Schiff is a fraud and a liar he's dishonest and the most bias politician ever. Everything the democrats are doing is unethical dishonest and in many cases illegal. Vote all democrats out of office.

  31. Real journalism is almost having to go underground to avoid the censorship, even rage, of the MSM (Mob Scene Media) and Global Tech giants.

  32. Time for accountability for DEMOCRATS Politicial criminal activities and all politicians dragging their feet on arresting criminals , LINDSEY'S NOT DOING HIS JOB,HES TOOK OF FOR JOHN McCain as a TRADER

  33. When trump calls in military and arrests all democrat leader's and some republicans and hold military Tribunal's without delay they will have no due process they will end up like the rest executed . The corrupt politicians have earned this they also fall under the Rico act and have no rights what so ever. No one not even congress has immunity for justice the people will make sure of that under the second ammendment under the constitution under constitutional law.

  34. The House impeachment process is not a criminal proceeding, so "due process" in that context does not apply. "Due process" is for the House to bring articles of impeachment and for the Senate to determine if they are legit. The "trial" is in the Senate not the House. djt, GOP politicians and the deplorable would complain about "fairness" even if Jesus was leading the process.

  35. Fate whispered to President Trump…."You cannot withstand the storm".

    President Trump whispered back…"I AM…. the storm".

  36. So what? These liberals can do what they want. No matter what they do, it’s irrelevant and Trump isn’t going anywhere. Without proper process, nothing they do matters

  37. Dear William Barr please stop sucking your thumb!! How is it there is quick action over the "Ukranian Campiagn funders by the DOJ but zip on all the criminal activity of the DEEP STATE.. Pigs like Pelosi sure think they are in control and not worried at all about anyone investigating them for corruption just by examining their AntiCOnsitutional chicanery ?? COME ON Barr , Stop sucking your thumb!! Arrest them!

  38. “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.” Benjamin Franklin”

  39. Also, I am very worried The Deep State are going to try and forcibly remove Trump before Thanksgiving and very worried about his Dallas appearance tponight .. Biden even slipped up on what sounded like an assassination attempt they are planning on TRUMP!! Anyone at the Dallas Rally please BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!

  40. Any holdovers from the Obama administration need to be removed. They cannot be trusted. Wrey and Horowitz are obstructing the full truth of what the criminals of the DNC, Hillary, CIA, DOJ, FBI and the State Dept have done against our duly elected president and the citizens of our Republic. Remove them today and let the truth come forward. TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  41. For the people who see it as “ Why shouldn’t we rob the store” and their counterparts “Why don’t we get rich, we’re in the Government” are all LOWLIFES And care nothing about the SOCIETY WE HAVE and that is the soup we live in. All strata of life have them and when there are more of them than honorable people you have a Society of Lawlessness that we have.

  42. Watch Glenn Beck’s podcast on Ukraine and how Obama admin and DNC and MS CHALUPA ddId with Ukraine to interfere and commit treason!
    The truth is coming. That is why democrats like Pelosi are freaking out! The server did not show Russian hack. It was hacked by Pakistan and probably china and others, HRC made it easy,

  43. the perfect socialists, more equal than you, due process is what I say it is, guilty until proven innocent, on, and on. hearsay evidence is the tool of tyrants, check history…..

  44. No due process? Then it's time for the republicans to hold secret meetings to convict these traitors on Conspiracy to commit treason! That's a two way STREET! They must be stopped!

  45. When Barr gets all the evidence all the guilty better serve time in prison or we will still never have a justice system. WE DON"T WANT DOUBLE STANDARDS

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