Tom Fitton: Justice Department is still defending Hillary Clinton
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Tom Fitton: Justice Department is still defending Hillary Clinton

February 26, 2020

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  1. I'm beginning to think that Stone was prosecuted for disagreeing with "Russia hacking DNC" narrative, which is clearly a deep state misdirection.

  2. The next Dem president will pardon Weinstein
    And we’ll find out 20 years from now Weinstein funneled 30 million to the campaign

  3. Sotomayor is no more American than Putin..Bin Laden ….Macron …or Obama….They All would tear down America if they could…

  4. All this mess is because America has been asleep at the wheel…Better wake the hell up soon…If ya gotta sleep …Do it with one eye open and focus on our Enemies..the Democrats…

  5. On a cargo container ship sailing around the Pacific Ocean, inside a container is home of bill and Hillary Clinton! 😂 🤣 😂

  6. The crooked justice department is being black mailed by cold blooded murderer hilary they all need to be FIRED ARRESTED AND THROWN IN PRISON IF NOT HANGED WITH hilary WHICH she NEEDS TO BE HANGED she's PURE EVILNESS PERIOD

  7. WHO the Hell in the DOJ is protecting Hillary. WE WANT NAMES. SOTOMAYOR is bias AGAINST Trump she needs to be OUT ON ALL trump decisions

  8. Far too many videos—like this one—announce In their headline a specific topic they will allegedly address. But then, they don’t get to it until the end of the video. This is dishonest and annoying and deserves my thumbs down.

  9. The DOJ needs to be cleaned out, just like the swamp. Get rid of the garbage and cut the size of the DOJ by 50%. Hillary needs to go to jail for all of her corrupt ways and good riddens.

  10. When are the old school Democrats going to realize that the Democratic Party isn’t what it used to be back in the 70’S and 80’S back when the Democratic Party was nicknamed the Party of the People.
    Can you even imagine what President Kennedy would think about the Democratic Party of today if he came back to life ?
    I mean the crooked Democrats any of them it doesn’t matter will turn our country into another
    Third World Country like Venezuela or even worse like the slums of Mexico or Somalia Somewhere

  11. VIVA LE IMMIGRANTE… LMAO… she's Hispanic… it's going to hurt HER PEOPLE… this has been the Immigration and Naturalization LAW going back to the early 1900's… you needed a U.S. Sponsor to support you for your first year while you found work… and we do need major immigration reform so we don't bring in 10's of thousands of under educated person who won't have much of a chance to elevate themselves in our Culture… we want people to be successful…

  12. Justice department like the steel dossier is bought and payed for by Hillary Clinton.
    Only if there drained will justice be alive again .

  13. PLEASE Donate to Judicial Watch with your best tax deductible gift. Every $ you donate is another $ NOT used by the shallow state.

  14. These people have no idea what the Constitution or the Bill of Rights are. This is a burden to the American people. There are more illegals on welfare than American citizens and many never come off of it, even when they become citizens. How did we get here? I blame the democrats but also the republicans who sat by and allowed things to get to this point. This judge, like many on the left have it backwards. She is supposed to be basing her decisions on the Constitution and defending Americans' God given rights not illegal immigrant's or green card holder's entitlements. Roger Stone and of course General Flynn's cases should be immediately thrown out since it was based on the deep state Russia hoax. It's time to hold the real criminals accountable.

  15. If they are defending h.c. then its not JUSTICE!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LADY WITH THE SCALES AND THE. BLINDFOLD? 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👦‍👦👭👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👧💑👫👬FOR ALL ,!!!

  16. The Justice Department has been takin over by those who want the country to go the path of communist Marxist/socialist ideology .

  17. Uranium one is pay to play politics the Clinton's get gross 140 million on deal what about no one is above the law ?unless your clinton biden ,comie why is the only trump supporters found guilty and general Flynn,stone and not one dem o rat is not indicted clinton broke the law when she destroyed evidence. Had top secret documents on her home server 3800 times Leavenworth prison has inmates that did less.

  18. Judge Amy Jackson is "over-the-moon against Stone"?? She has resisted three or four opertunities to put him behind bars! She also gave him half of the minimum sentance the DOJ recommended, bogus Barr interference notwithstanding.
    Crawl out of the Foxhole… The truth shall set us free!

  19. The whole problem is a form of extortion if they don't she can just put up her hand and say "I'm guilty" and everyone involved with her would be screwed!


  21. There is one rule that every defense lawyer prosecutor or anyone involved in law enforcement will tell you and that is NEVER TALK TO LAW ENFORCEMENT.

  22. The Motive To Do It For AMERICANS not Illegals through the barn door. They're country cast me out when I was classified as a illegal with a looked expired visa..

  23. actually, the Justice Department is afraid their treasonous, clandestine, co-working with the dems will come to the surface.

  24. WHY??…..Why Would the Justice Department Still Defend a LOSER???…..Because, IF Anything Gets OUT, The Justice Department IS Also Going DOWN!!!!

  25. WHO in the DOJ has the cajones to continue defending the indefensible Hillary? Obviously. those people need to be investigated as insurgents to our constitutional laws. Prosecute that horrible excuse for a (human being)… Hillary needs to be severely punished for all her crimes of sedition and treason…she is the epitome of the classic TRAITOR!!!

  26. I don't believe HRC ever apologized for her server (or for anything). She HAS defended her use of a private server/email. She claims other agencies knew or gave the okay, etc.

  27. Sotomior is a liberal of course she would vote against Trump……cant be impartial she was appointed by hussein what do you expect from a marxist

  28. Hillary Clinton is nothing but a lying dirtbag who acts like she is still relevant ha ha total loser and I'm glad the real Americans see right thru her pathetic rhetoric

  29. The wheels came off of this dung wagon a long time ago, thing is it's just now being exposed to many as a few try to stop it from rolling over the cliff. Honor and thanks to those few. Our system of self government is the best in this fallen world but is run by people demonically inspired.
    Can a few good people turn it around? I pray to God it is his will.

  30. My daughter is in Australia. You think it's hard to get into America. Try Australia. Just to get a work visa. You have to pay ten grand plus prove you don't need help. She was 21 when she did it

  31. She should be removed from office immediately she does not deserve to be sitting there I will be so glad when she is removed along with her political view how dare you

  32. Fire the justice department Hillary Clinton is the biggest criminal this country's ever seen. Clinton still walks around free after committing treasonous acts and dozens of felonies but mostly endangered our national security through her incompetence.

  33. Reptillary ~ a scaley, cold blooded, forked tongued, venomous predator nearing extinction, worshipped by SJW & MSM zombies, wears Frazzle Drip face while spirit cooking her victims

  34. Switzerland has the same policy. No one raised any objection. This woman should resign from her post . She is too biased. why are all the Obama's appointed lawyers and judges such unprofessional bitches driven by pure hatred? Obama was a nasty fake president running a criminal syndicate. Those he appointed are of the same mould. All these Democrats should be removed from power. They are anti Americans.

  35. The Justice department is just another useless arm of our government.
    Its sole purpose in reality is just another tool that is used to control us.
    I truly believe that there is no such thing as justice. There is only money to be made!
    If today all of the Lawyers, Judges and politicians were to disappear from the face of the Earth!
    Tomorrow and all of the days that followed would be better for the rest of us!

  36. There's a good case for using AI, or artificial ideology, without fragile humans and their diminishing reputations. To make justice blind, prosecute crimes, don't target individuials then LOOK FOR CRIME.

  37. The explanation is painfully obvious: Bill Barr has NO BALLS! I'm sick to the back teeth of hearing "these things take time!"

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