Top 10 AMAZING Facts about Thailand | Thailand History | 2017 | TheCoolFactShow EP79
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Top 10 AMAZING Facts about Thailand | Thailand History | 2017 | TheCoolFactShow EP79

October 8, 2019

Thailand is in the heart of Southeast Asia and is bordered to the north by Laos Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar. It is just over twice the size of the United Kingdom and like the United Kingdom it is a Constitutional Monarchy. This is TheCoolFactShow! Subscribe for more cool facts! Do you own or run a business? You need video to tell your story and make you more money. We can help. Follow the link on your screen or the description. Fact # 1: Through diplomacy, the former Kings of Thailand managed to ensure it was the only country in Southeast Asia never to be colonized by the then superpowers of England, France and Portugal. Thailand means “Land of the Free”. Fact # 2: Thailand is a land of temples. There is a total of 40,717 Buddhist temples in Thailand, with approximately 34,000 currently in use; and nearly 95% of its population are Buddhists. In the past all Thai young men, including Kings, were expected to become Buddhist monks if only for a short period, before their 20th birthday. This is a way to gain great merit in the community, but is a less observed practice today. Fact # 3: The flag of Thailand consists of five horizontal stripes. The top and bottom are equal-sized red stripes, the middle stripe is blue which is lined above and below by equal-sized white stripes. The blue stripe is double the size of the other four. The red stripes represent the blood spilt to maintain Thailand’s independence. The white stands for purity and is the color of Buddhism which is the country’s main religion. Blue is Thailand’s national color and it represents the Thai monarchy. The blue is also used to honor Thailand’s World War I allies, Great Britain, France, United States and Russia, who all had red, white and blue flags. Fact # 4: Thailand is home to many animals: One-tenth of all animal species live in Thailand; and approximately 10% of the world’s bird species live there also, a greater proportion than in either America or Europe. The smallest mammals found here are the Etruscan shrew and the bumblebee bat. Fact # 5: Both the Hollywood movie and Broadway play, “The King and I” are banned in Thailand. Based on the Siamese ruler, King Mongkut, the movie is viewed as being insulting to the King. He was depicted as being uncultured but he is thought to have been the first Asian ruler to be able to speak, read and write English fluently. He is also known as the father of Thai scientists. Fact # 6: When visiting Thailand there are a few traditions relating to body language you need to adhere to. The head is considered sacred, so never touch a head; or pass something over anyone’s head. Thais consider feet unclean, and symbolically as well as physically the lowest part of the body You should never point your feet at anyone, use your feet to move anything or touch anyone with your feet. Don’t wave your hands around as you talk, as it gives Thai people the impression that you are angry. Fact # 7: Siamese cats are native to Thailand, and date back to the 14th century, where a book of Thai poems described 23 types of Siamese cat. Today, only 6 breeds are left. Their name in Thai is Wichen-Maat meaning “Moon Diamond,” and to give a bride a pair of Si Sawat cats (a breed of Siamese) signifies good luck in the marriage. Fact # 8: Thais love celebrating festivals. In April, they celebrate the Songkran Water Festival, which is also the Thai New Year, in one of the hottest months of the year. In November, they have a paper lantern festival known as Yi Peng, where sky lanterns adorned with good luck wishes and prayers are released into the sky. Fact # 9: The Monkey Buffet is one of the strangest festivals in the world. It is celebrated on the 25th of November every year, and includes giving fruit and vegetables to the local monkey population. Thais believe that monkeys are symbols of good fortune. Fact # 10: If you plan to visit Thailand, some of their laws may seem odd. It is a crime to step on Thai currency; and don’t forget to wear a shirt while driving a car, otherwise you could find yourself being arrested! Have you or someone you know ever been to Thailand? Tell us about it in the comments below! If you like this video, please don’t forget to press the thumbs up button. Share this video with your friends and family. New videos are posted all the time. Do you own or run a business? In the 21st century to grow your sales you need compelling video content that helps tell your story and an online strategy that capitalizes on the power of social media. We can help. See the links on your screen and the description. This is TheCoolFactShow. Subscribe for more cool facts. Have you seen our video on Canada? Explore the culture and people of this 2nd largest country in the world. Check it out!

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  1. Hi guys welcome to #TheCoolFactShow Thank you for watching! Did we miss any interesting facts about #Thailand ? Let us know!!!

  2. Mens are still expected to become Buddhist monks however, they can do it even after 20 years of age. It is a very important event and I have to travel back every time my guy cousins become a monk.

  3. Let me tell u a fact those temples are mostly from the Cambodian empire but some thief just came to stole our temple/lands and claimed that they built it

  4. Such a great video! Keep doing!
    Thailand is very awesome country to me, but I ashamed of some Thai people those always have a controversy everywhere, including to comment sections on Youtube 🙁

    Ps. I'm from Thailand, but I prefer to speak English more. However, I still have a terrible grammar lol

  5. I'm thai people your vdo is so good but some thing is not 100%clear and true so I hope you read this 🙂

  6. Fact#10 we don't have law about step on our currency. We don't step on currency because its have our king's picture on its
    (sorry for my bad english)

  7. Fact #11 There are many corruptions in Thailand.
    Fact #12 We don't ride elephants for transportation anymore.
    Fact #13 Thailand is not Taiwan. They are different.

  8. ขอบคุณที่ทำคลิปนำเสนอดีๆแบบนี้ครับ ขอบคุณที่ให้ความสำคัญกับประเทศเราและนำเสนอสื่อในสิ่งดีๆ
    thanks for making this amazing video, and presenting a positive things of my country. ☺

  9. รู้ไหมว่า อีกอันดับ คือ ไร คือคนไทย ชอบพูดคำหยาบ 555+

  10. <—watch this, thailand is my own town that full of temple and smile but now i'm so sad about this เศร้า

  11. Im from thailand imfrom thailand ?อยู่นั่นเเหละ บางคนเเม่งพิมก็ผิดกูอายเค้ามันเหมือนพวกอะไรไม่รู้ มาคอมเม้นเเต่อันเดิมๆ

  12. มึงจะป่าวประกาศทำไมว่เป็นคนไทย มึงดูวีดีโอหรือยัง กูว่าพวกมึงแปลไม่ออกหรอกเพราะไทยเป็นประเทศด้อยการศึกษา IQ ยังชนะเขมรแค่ประเทศเดียว

  13. Another Fact:
    Thailand,Laos,Myanmar and Cambodia have some identical culture they are called National Culture(kinda). But, Cambodia still want THOSE culture to be theirs.
    Not to offend anyone. I just hope that we can still protect some cultures not destroying them with just “who did it first” have a nice day!

  14. Red = Nationals
    Because Thailand have no only Thai. There also have Chinese, Muslim, Christian move into Thailand.
    White = Religions
    Same the red. Some Thai people wasn't Buddhist. Thailand have too many religions. such Muslim, Christian, Hindu.
    Blue = The kings
    The king of Thailand is very kindness and helpful. For save Thailand from some country will seize the colony and land.

    King Rama V : He help Thailand is be freedom.
    King Rama IX : He help peoples in Thailand. He go anywhere in Thailand that have poor people. Even rich people, he can help.

  15. Fact #11 Even though majority of Thai people openly admit that they're Buddhists but most of their beliefs are contradict Buddhism and heavily lean toward Brahmanism influent.
    Fact #12 Declared itself as a democracy state but in practical way there is still social classes and inequality toward dignity among people, and the worst part is some elites and elders still prefer military dictatorship due to strong belief that democracy lead to corruption.
    Fact #13 Holding the world record of 19 times coup d'etats.
    Fact #14 Citizen ID card is a Smart Card that suppose to offer comfortable businesses but in practical way of use, people still print out its copies through copier.
    Fact #15 Money > Law
    Fact #16 There still many more AMAZING Facts than I can show you. I'd like to say just live in Thailand for at least 5 years and find it out yourself.

  16. Fact #11 Thai is สะเหล่อ to talk that they're มาจากประเทศไทย… So who cares? Why you do this? มาบอกทำไมอะ สะเหล่อจัง. I seen แล้วกุมขมับเลย

    me / เบะปากแบบพี่กิ๊ก สุวัจนี

  17. fact #6 and #8 is also applied here in Laos:)

    Laos really loves festivals and loves to party too lol

    And yes, me and my family have been to Thailand lol. I was born there (Udon Thani)

  18. I want you guys to know that in the past Thailand that were called Siam was a very big country. It was touched the south of China in the north and Vietnam in the east. But France and England get some of our country to make a new country which are Loas, Cambodia and some part of Myanmar and Malaysia.

  19. Fact#13 In Thailand if you see a small house on the road you have to respect it. Because ghost there had taught to Ghost the people who not respect them ( Some of these would kill you if you not respect them. Some of foreigner die their and be a ghost because they can't talk to the hell keeper.). These are true!

  20. After watching this i want to go to Thailand. And i also knew that in Thai have a biggest respect on females. I'm a Filipino (Philippines). Hello there!👋

  21. Well People in My country (Thailand of course) Like my brother was a budha after marriage if you are Thai and if your married then you might be Budha before

  22. your facts are not all correct.

    New Zealand was formally requested to provide military aid and did(as well as those,and other,countries named)

    Thailand does not mean land of the free.

    Mueng Thai or politely Prathet Thai means "Land Thai", nothing more,nothing less

  23. Ok so I’m Thai and I speak English fluently and have been in Thailand. So in America I notice that we can talk whatever we want to people about the president and just get comments that disagree or agree and no one would do anything to you.. but in Thailand if you talk bad about the king.. like for example “ The king sucks “ and everything then there is a chance you could get arrested. That’s one of the rules you have to respect. Plus, the king is shown every where in Thailand. Also… you’ll never ever see a part of Thailand without a 7/11 lol.

  24. Quick question, If Thailand has never been colonized, why is half its name in English? And it’s flag is the same colors as England and USA?

  25. I'm from Thailand but I'm Burma. I speak Karen buttttttt don't speak Thai. I think Burma is in Thailand butttttt I might be wrong.

  26. No . They put the name Thailand cause that land they has stolen from the Khmer so they lied that this land is belong to them

  27. Fact #1

    Tai does not mean people, Tai is a reference of where you live or where you are from, The term is still used today in Laos, if you are from Loungprabang, you are Tai Loungprabang, meaning you are from Loungprabang, if you live in Chiangmai, your are Tai Chiangmai, meaning you are from Chiangmai, so on and so fourth, the word Tai doesn’t mean a group of people, it simply refers to a place or location, Chinese manuscripts prove this point

    The usage of the term may have changed over time, but the orginal usage of the word Tai is for this purpose

    The original name of all the Tai groups is Lao, again, ancient Chinese manuscripts prove this, there are No mentions of a Tai people living in southern China, the Chinese simply called these groups as Lao people

    Even in the ancient Tai Chronicles, the Tai Dam chronicles, specifically named locations where their group came across, these locations called “Lao Phan and Lao Cai” which translates into, where the “Lao people passed through and where the Lao people passed over” they themselves named who the people are, and it is Lao.

    just as in the Tai Dam, or Black Tai got their name Bc they lived along the black river in northern Vietnam, but again, the misinterpretation is Tai meaning people, it simply refers to their location along the black river. Their ancient manuscripts called themselves Lao.

    Again, proven by Chinese Manuscripts that mention these people as Lao and not Tai.

    The fact of the matter is All Tai groups came from Lao

    Siamese or Thai tried to change the meaning of the word to mean people, Nationalist propaganda, but funny how the Chinese records and manuscripts have proven this false

  28. ใจเย็นๆกันหน่อยครับ คนประเทศเดียวกันแท้ๆ

  29. I'm half Thai and my mother likes cats a lot more than dogs and she doesn't want me or my brothers to get married with out at least one of our cats

  30. Not real. Thai ask Khmer to give some place to them to live. Thai come from China just like vietnam. And they both enemy thief of Khmer

  31. The Thai people we met were incredibly kind to us. Very friendly, helpful and polite. They were super hard working and went the extra mile for us always.

  32. 00:34 Yet the then 'super power' England got its butt kicked by the Dutch for about a century. You need to get your facts complete here. 😉

  33. ใครที่มันเนียนมาพิมพ์เป็นคนไทยแล่วด่าว่าชาติไทยกูขอให้มึงเกิดเป็นขี้ข้าคนไทยทุกชาติไปแล้วขอให้ประเทศมึงลมจ่มให้ที่ทำมาหากินยังเนรคุณมึงคงจะรุ้นะว่าหมายถึงใคร

  34. I'm Thai and didn't know waving hands makes Thai people think your angry. Now when my friends do it I can act like I know there angry lol

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