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October 19, 2019

Hey friends Welcome one again to your channel Dreamshot Sometimes, I plan to make videos of certain topics but when I get messages of topic suggestions and then I feel they are actually important topics I end up doing that video I felt composition techniques are so important, because, its not only for DSLR but also equally important for mobile photography Many photos seem beautiful to us but understanding ‘why it looks so beautiful’ is very important… Once we get to know this, recreating such photos will be easy..! There are a lot of composition techniques We can use them both in portraits and landscapes In case of serious landscape photography we tend to carry tripods along with us whether it is cityscapes or sceneries , we we can actually take time, compose and create beautiful photos…. but when it comes to portrait photography couple shoot or portfolio regular photoshoot or just taking family pictures we will not have time to apply so many composition techniques So, I came up with 3 composition techniques and we need not even try to remember this only knowing this will suffice before clicking a photo..! and you portrait photography will definitely improve So which are these composition techniques? Will see that today….! Firstly, Golden composition rule Rule of thirds Many of us photographers , we know about rules of thirds but why is it there in the first place? whats the speciality? what if we do not apply rule of thirds? we will discuss in the video When you click any photo image your frame being divided into 9 equal parts and when its divided, the best place to position your main object meaning the main subject of yours needs to be in the best position which is at the intersection of these horizontal and vertical lines…. But , you dont have to follow the rule of thirds so strictly Meaning, there are many such situations where you may not want to keep your main subject at the intersection point But at least you should try to place the subject along these lines but why so?
Let me tell you that…. See, when the subject is in the centre its a natural tendency of human eye if there is an object in the centre and thats drawing our attention then we tend to focus only on that and will not see around it meaning- the connect is only between you and the object there is no story here Where is the subject whats the environment? whats the background? you will not have anything to do with that Thats the reason some intelligent people came up with the concept of Rule of thirds So basically , you are keeping your subject a little away from centre So, when you see the subject and then you also interact with its environment They say, human eyes , when it sees a photo, its naturally drawn toward intersecting points So, apart from centre, these are the 4 points where the subject will grab your attention very easily Like I told you you need not allways worry about , keeping the subject exactly at intersecting points, but at least we need to keep it along those lines… Let me share with you some samples, the photos, I clicked See.. in this picture I had not thought of rule of thirds while clicking but as a photographer , with experience you tend to understand , where to place the subject. This model is placed along the line. Not just that, the face is on the intersecting point Here, i had clicked a photo of a new born baby Even in this one, I have tried to keep its eyes along the intersecting lines Here is a Here is a picture of fitness model model is not in the centre when we click photos in weddings its difficult to follow rule of thirds difficult to compose but luckily some photos tend to come out the way we want it Here, the face of the bride in exactly in a place it needs to be a little away from the centre. Now I have shown you some samples Look at this sample now… This is a picture of a couple shoot here the subject, meaning the couple exactly are in the centre but still this is a nice picture, why..! if we look carefully, then the left and right of the subject have same elements not necessary that the left and the right are a replica but if we draw a line in the centre then we feel there is a mirror image We can keep the subject in between when there are similar elements on the left and right of the subject Let me show you some other samples I feel I tend to tale more of symmetry photos and…. if I don’t get the symmetry on location then I will create it while editing Here, whats on left we pretty much have same things on the right So, the photo looks balanced I will share another example Look at this photo Not necessary, that always the symmetry is created by the background Here the bride maids are titling left and right on wither sides And all of a sudden we don’t realise that we have 3 people on the left and 4 on the right I had to place them in away that left and the right side look balanced (left and right are equivalent) look balanced (left and right are equivalent) Here our main subject ‘bride’ she is highlighted and we have a beautiful picture If we look at this example when you usually click pictures on the corridor you can keep the subject in the middle because we find the same things usually on either sides If you remove the subject from the centre the photo will look weird Also, if your composition is not right while clicking you can anyways correct when you crop In this example obviously, like we have seen in the previous couple shoot pic, this couple is also in the centre pretty much in the similar position but sometimes , what you have in the left the right elements may not exactly be the same and you may want to fix and make it look same in photoshop So, in this photo, I have done the same The left and the right elements are made to look the same, a perfect symmetry Last but not the least Subject and space It should not look like subject is trying to look outside the frame even if the subject is showing a movement it should look as if the subject is moving in not out Say, the subject is tilted towards the left there should be no crop immediately, here we should have space here the way you crop also is very important See, if this photo was cropped this way then we would feel that she is sitting at the wrong side of the frame Also, somehow the human eye will not accept this positioning So, whatever is the positioning maintain space in front of the object The example which I gave about the bride even in that example if it was cropped here we would feel there is an issue in this we have to leave space for the subject to breathe, inside the frame another example if I had cropped immediately here it would not be good…! its not a good idea to obstruct the model So, these three composition rules they are as important as much as they are simple it’s not needed to be a great ‘photographer’ to follow these composition rules whatever mobile photography we do, we can make sure we keep in mind and click the photos… I hope, you will implement these simple composition rules in both your DSLR and mobile photography and create beautiful pictures

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  3. Very common rules of composition that we unknowingly do….. But ur video just explained them so so nicely…….. Great Sir……

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