Top 5 Constitutional Carry Myths DEBUNKED!
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Top 5 Constitutional Carry Myths DEBUNKED!

October 8, 2019

What are the top five myths about
Constitutional Carry? That’s today’s topic. I’m Greg Pruett with the 2nd Amendment Activist Channel. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m the founder and President of the Idaho Second
Amendment Alliance. And I am also the Political Director for the Wisconsin Firearms
Coalition. In both of those states Constitutional Carry has been the top
issue. We passed it in 2016 in the state of Idaho and we are working hard to pass
it in the state of Wisconsin this year. However, in each of these states, and in
each of the states that has passed Constitutional Carry, or is trying to pass
Constitutional Carry, there are five big myths Dog 1: Guys, it’s only a myth!
Dog 2: A myth that’s true! So the first myth, and probably one
of the biggest and most atrocious ones, is that Constitutional Carry will turn
your state into the “Wild Wild West.” Buckshot Roberts: Let’s Dance!
*Gun Fire That’s right folks, there’s gonna be
duels in the street. Shootouts at Walmart. Shootouts at your local grocery store.
Citizens who do not have a magical card in their wallet from their government,
will just start shooting people to settle their differences. Now none of
this is true. None of this is accurate. These were the same types of Chicken
Little “sky is falling” lies that they came up with when Concealed Carry was
sweeping the nation back in the 90’s. It’s not true about Constitutional Carry
either. There are now 13 states with Constitutional Carry and none of those
predictions have come true. In fact in the state of Vermont you have never had
to have a permit. And if these duels in the street “wild wild west” predictions
were true, everybody in Vermont would be dead, and there would be a lot more killings
in the other 12 Constitutional Carry states. But it’s just not happening folks.
It is a myth. Myth number two. If you pass Constitutional Carry then the criminals,
they will be carrying their guns too. The criminals are already carrying their
firearm. That’s why they’re criminals. They don’t care about the law. The only
people who are paying taxes on their god-given right to keep and bear arms,
are law-abiding citizens. The fact remains that whether there’s Constitutional
Carry or not, criminals are going to carry their firearms. What Constitutional
Carry does, is level the playing field. and so criminals now have to take an
even bigger gamble if they’re going to try and rob you, or kill you, or rape you,
that you might actually be carrying now because there is nothing stopping you
from doing so. Dirty Harry: Go ahead make my day. Myth number three. If you pass Constitutional
Carry it will put our law enforcement in jeopardy. Now I know most gun owners are
really big fans of our men and women in blue and they don’t want to put them in
jeopardy. But the arguments that some of the gun grabbers try to make are that if
we pass Constitutional Carry then law enforcement won’t know who is and who is
not armed and they’re gonna have to treat everybody as if they’re armed. But
folks that’s what they’re already trained to do. When a law enforcement
officer pulls you over, whether you have a permit or not, they just assume that
you are already armed they are already armed. They are already at a heightened sense of security every
time they pull somebody over, because it’s a dangerous world out there. There
are a lot of bad criminals who want to harm police officers. The fact is that
Constitutional Carry does not really change anything for law enforcement.
They already treat everybody as if they are armed. And we have not seen any
evidence in any of the 13 states that have Constitutional Carry that has shown
that, post the law getting passed, that anything changed in regards to their
safety. Myth number four. If you pass Constitutional Carry no one will ever do
training with a firearm again. Now this particular myth is not only pushed by
Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action, it’s also pushed by people who should be
on our side and passing Constitutional Carry. And I’m talking mostly to firearms
instructors. Instructor Ken: Tap it and rack it. Tap it and rack it.
Tap it… And I get where they’re coming from. Right? These guys go out, they teach
firearms courses, they see some of the people who come through their classes
and they think there is no way I want that person to be able to carry a
firearm around. They should not have a permit. But the fact remains folks that
even after Constitutional Carry passes, people are still going out and doing
training. The permits in Idaho and Wyoming are going up. The permits in
Arizona I think dipped for the first year, and the subsequent years after that
they are still going up. People are still being responsible with their firearms. So
this absurd notion that gun owners aren’t going to go out and do training
just because they don’t have a card in their wallet from the government, is
absolutely absurd. Most gun owners I know who carry on a consistent basis, do far
more training than those permits ever require. Myth number five. If you pass
Constitutional Carry you’re completely dismantling the permit system that we
have worked so hard to build. Never mind the fact that gun grabbers
didn’t want you to have Concealed Carry in the first place, now they’re trying to
protect the permit system? Come on. Let’s be honest here. The permit system has
remained in place in every single state that has passed Constitutional Carry.
Keep in mind that Vermont never had a permit system so they didn’t get rid of
any system they just never had it in the first place. All the other states have
kept the permit system in place because number one you’re gonna need it for
reciprocity, and number two a lot of people like to skip the background
checks when they go to an FFL dealer, and in some states that permit allows you to
skip that background check. So the permit system isn’t going anywhere folks. Would I
like to get to a point someday where the Second Amendment is your permit?
Absolutely, but for now this remains a myth. Fletcher Reede: And the truth shall set you free! You have a right to keep and bear arms
and that cannot be infringed. Alright? Those words actually mean something. The
Founders didn’t say you have a right to open carry only or you have a right to
conceal carry only. That option is left entirely up to you as the gun owner, as
the individual. You get to decide how you want to carry your firearm. Either way it
cannot be infringed. But forcing citizens to pay taxes, forcing them to go through
government mandated red tape before they can exercise their god-given right? No!
That’s not how this works. You have a right to keep them bear arms
that shall not be infringed. Thank you guys for tuning in. Please make sure to
Subscribe to our channel. Leave a comment below on which state you live in.
Do you have Constitutional Carry? Is your state fighting for Constitutional Carry?
Please make sure to share this video so that we can stop the perpetuation of
these myths that keep spreading across the country as Constitutional Carry
continues to pass in state after state I’m Greg Pruett with the Second Amendment
Activist Channel. Take care.

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  1. Sadly, I live in the Liberal S**thole of California. I'm looking forward to the day I can retire and move out of this looney toon state. One of the first things I plan to do when I move to a free Conservative State is to get a CCW.

  2. Good job talking about Myth#4. Go to AZ, the trainers do not seem to be hurting for business. Here is a similar video I did but with National Reciprocity. I mention constitutional carry as well have a look

  3. There have been attempts to get constitutional carry in SC. I don't think it will ever happen. The state is getting $50 dollars revenue off each license. The only good thing is, that when I hit a vehicle checkpoint, handing the officer my driver's license and CWP it lets him know I'm packing and that I have been vetted by the South Carolina Law Enforcement. Division. As for number 4, it is frightening to me, That so many permit holders do not train. Some go through the class and never practice. Some will go "shoot at beer cans" every couple of months, and think they are proficient enough to compete in an event that has no second place winner. We not only practice EVERY weekend, we record all training. There are only 5 people in our "hunt club", but, God forbid, if anyone has to defend themselves, we can demonstrate in court the level of proficiency we have worked for.

  4. My permit was issued in 1791. My state doesn't have Constitutional carry but that doesn't stop me. I open carry and conceal carry it just depends on what I feel like doing that day. If I'm going to a gun free zone, guess what I'm not gun free. I have it concealed. I carry everyday and everywhere I go.

  5. I always hear the argument of training from libtards, the training class in Oklahoma where I reside is a JOKE. its good judgement along with morals, that will keep people safe when carrying.

  6. A year and a half ago I escaped from Maryland, where I had almost zero chance of even getting a permit, much less Constitutional Carry. Looking forward to working towards seeing Constitutional Carry come into being in my new Texas home.

  7. And so ALL generals in charge of military installations don't have a constitutional carry base. Even though each base is on the individual base commander's discretion.
    Any idea as to why?

  8. You can add one more state to the list of freedom. Oklahoma just passed constitutional carry yeasterday. Such a great day for oklahoma and the usa. Now to break the shakles of the rest of the country

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