Top 5 MTB Tips & Tricks (EWS Approved!)

September 25, 2019

What’s up guys I’m Jeff the founder
of worldwide Cyclery and a little while back I asked one of our sponsored
downhill racers Max Morgan to write a blog for us on the 5 coolest little pro
tips that he has and if you’re wondering who max Morgan, is check out this
clip of him at a World Cup. You should probably watch that a couple more times oh and also check out this picture of him Needless to say Max knows how to take
a fall but he also knows how to race a bike and it’s put in some amazing
results and is a super fast racer, but he filled me in on some of the awesome
things that he sees out there that all the other mountain bike professionals
are doing on the enduro scene and the downhill scene and this is some things
you might already know but some stuff you probably don’t know. So we’re gonna
get into sort of the five tips that he wrote down blog post below if you want
to see them in text rather than watch a video but to start out one of the things
that’s most common that all of these mountain bike pros are doing is grip
tape on brake levers. So this grip tape I think this was six bucks at Home Depot
you can also probably buy a skateboard grip tape very simple and you only need
about this much to cover to brake levers the idea behind that a lot of
professional mountain bikers are racing and they don’t get to race on sunny days
all the time. A lot of times it’s raining and muddy. and that is precisely where
having grip tape on your brake levers and then on your shift lever on either
your shift levers or your dropper post lever can really come in handy because
if your gloves are wet or you’re not using gloves and you just have wet
fingers the grip tape is awesome to keep your fingers planted on those brake
levers and also have helped you just get traction if you’re shifting or hitting
that drop or postal lever so that is an amazing tip that you see out there and
again really common for wet riding so if you’ve ever had that problem where your
fingers are slippery grip tape on those levers is a really good thing to do
and like I said this is six bucks cut a couple pieces out, boom them slap it on
there easy. The next one is 3m rubber mastic tape. So you can buy this stuff I
think it’s ten bucks on Amazon and I’m not exactly sure what it’s for probably
some air conditioning stuff but what it does this was a lot more commonly used
when bikes didn’t come with really cool sort of molded chain stay and seat stay
protectors but it’s still really useful for a lot of places on the bike so Yeti
for example like a lot of other brands these days has built in from the factory
really well done molded rubber pieces to just cut down on the noise of chain slap
but they don’t always get every spot. Yeti does a pretty good job
some do worse some don’t even come with it and that’s where the 3m rubber mastic
tape comes in handy. You can put that on little places like this or under here or
anywhere where you think your chain might be hitting and making noise or
direct contact with the frame so this stuff is kind of a thick and spongy tape
and it really cuts down on the noise and is pretty much if you don’t have a chain
stay protector this is the way to go if you do have one and there’s a couple
more spots where you want it some coverage this is the stuff a ton of pros
use this and again you can buy it on Amazon for ten bucks and Home Depot
sells it as well when you go into Home Depot good luck finding it it’s probably
in the you know HVAC area but it’s really it’s a nightmare finding the
stuff so probably buy it on Amazon Next up, Maxima SC One so this stuff has
been sort of iconic and the most popular polish in the motorcycle world and the
motocross world for ages and maxima has been breaking in the mountain bike scene
a little bit these days but this polish it actually has a really good scent to
it like almost all maxima products which is pretty cool and it’s an incredible
high gloss coating slash polish and obviously you don’t want to get this
stuff near your brakes or your chain or cassette or anything like that but on
your frame on your stanchions on your rims, this stuff is amazing not
only does it work as a polish but it works as a coating which sort of helps
mud not want to stick to it and dust not want to stick to it so, a phenomenal
product you can buy this anywhere on the
internet and it’s not too expensive and it lasts a long time and it is aerosol
so be careful when you’re spraying it to not get any on your rotors or your brake
pads because you don’t want to contaminate those so because it’s
aerosol watch out for that. Next up moto foam. This is basically just foam you can
buy this at a craft store or you might have some laying around sometimes it’s
in just you know packaging when you open a box and you just bought a camera or
something and you might not need it but this foam you can again this is sort of
a muddy tip because you can stuff this foam and things like the spindle of your
crank you can put it inside of your steer tube there’s a lot of different
places where you can stuff this foam and what it does is it just prevents mud and
dust and dirt from collecting in those areas so especially if you’re riding in
muddy terrain if you have this stuffed in your spindle or in the steer tube of
your fork it’s going to prevent all that mud from getting stuck in there and you
can just pull it out and shake it off and put it back in. A really cool little
thing to have on your bike and again really helps out when you’re in muddy
conditions it also probably helps do some sound deadening as well but it’s
really just more for keeping mud out of those spots. The last thing which if you
guys pay attention to any of the Enduro World Series racing that’s really common
is one of these straps. So there’s a company called backcountry research that
makes them a whole bunch of other companies that make them. Race Face has a
really cool one as well you can honestly just get like velcro straps if you want
to kind of jerry-rigged it. These ones are sort of purpose-built and they’re
pretty big and they have grippy rubber in the middle really strong velcro but
you can see on this bike right here this right here is going to sort of allow you
to not use a hydration pack we also have a video is using a hydration pack lame?
Where we talked about the pros and cons of hydration packs and these straps but
if you have one of these straps like you can see on this bike right here, there’s
a tube in there, there’s a co2 head there’s two co2 s, a tire lever, and on
the other side there’s a multi-tool so all of that stuff that is essential to
have with you during a ride you can strap right on your bike and a ton of
pros are doing this that are racing enduro very convenient way to go because
if you have all of your Central’s right here and you’ve got a water bottle on
your bike you don’t pack and you can still fix a flat and if
anything else breaks you got your multi-tool etc pretty cool little thing
to do and not have to worry about having a hydration pack with you so that’s
another thing pros are doing that you could possibly adopt to your bike if
you’re not doing it yet. So let us know if you guys have any
other pro mountain biker tips you think or if we miss something hit that
subscribe button and we’ll see you guys in the next one

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